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I want to know your opinion about...

Hey dudes,i want to know your opinion about Final Fantasy XIII. In my opinion, the game is too linear, because you can't walk in cities or talk to npc's. This is a little bit strange, cuz this is the first linear ff(i think).But the battle system is awesome, because combines action and strategy. It's not like FFXII, you can't move your character, but the paradigms system is a lot cooler than that And you,what you think about FFXIII? (I know nobody comments on my posts, but will be cool if anyone posts)

I had an idea...

Hey microsoft, i have an idea: Why you don't exchange the achivement points for microsoft points? it will be a great thing, since some people have 1k in achievments lol.

ps:i only have 6450 :cry: .

and dont forget my twitter: @Arup03

LMAO im back

LMAO i spent one year inactive... In this time i bought a Xbox360, and lotsa games.

Add on twitter twitter.com/arup03

i will try to get back on action :D


sorry guys, i suddenly stop posting because i was playing Persona 4.Man this game is SOOOOOO good, i love it 10/10, next week, the school begins, so i will give a break from the internet world.Buuuuut i promise start posting again next month.:)

Now i really hate my pc

I was playing World of Goo in a super difficult level,only one goo to complete the level,when suddenly my pc turn off :evil:!! CRAP man i dont deserve this.In 2009 i want to buy a Xbox360 and stop playing games on my pc :).

2009 is coming

2009 is coming, man.I hope 2009 will be much better than 2008 :). My plains are:Buy a Xbox 360,Upgrade my PC to a decent one8),i think is only this. :D. And you, what are your plains for 2009?

Perfect World

I will say the perfect world for me,For you, for all of us.Imagine a world, where Sony and Microsoft Live in peace, A world where you can play ANY video game you want,Choose between Xbox360, PS3,Nintendo Wii,PSP,Nintendo DS,PS2,etc.In a world that you can play every game you want. You say:I want to play GTA4 on the Ps3, and you wish will come true.You say:I want to play LitlleBigPlanet on the Xbox360 (Yes this is possible :D).You say:I want to play MGS4 on the Wii with the same graphics of the PS3,you can do this. This world don´t exist, but dreaming is good, no :question: ;)

I hate my PC

Crap, my pc sucks :(. I can run even GTA:SA!! i don´t will say my pc configuration because is a shame:cry:. Just one thing: Less than 1GB ram, Graphic card worst than Geforce1,Because of this i can´t run games Hwo need pixel shader, because my graphic card SUCKS BIG TIME. The perfect pc (for me) 4Gb ram DDR3 Geforce 9800gt Intel Core i7 965 EXTREME the new Asus P6T6 ws Revolution. I can stop dreaming now 8)

EDIT: i TRIED to play Baja 1000,Horrile,my pc almost blow.Man, i hate my pc :evil:

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