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first mod + level down (update: FIRST 3...)

After a few days of returning here, I promised to be more active. And boy I think I overdid it. I went straight to OT, clicked the last 5000+ pages and posted on a bunch o' year old topics. Listen to this: I didn't receive any percentage + that day. The warning message said that no points were lost . But now, I'm back to level 11. What bummer. I'm not even sure why I did it though.. Must be subconscious at that time..??? Ahh... I think I'll take a short break...

So many anticipated games; so limited time (and cash too)

I'm finally back!! I'll be more active here once again!! I'm glad to see lots o' new games 'specially for my preferred platform (PC).

I'm really looking forward to Diablo 3, Spore and Fallout 3 but I still haven't even got my hands on Mass Effect or DMC 4.

Not only these titles enticed me to skip studyin, but the other ones within the top ten list as well. With the comeback of precious games like Doom and Wolfenstein, Far Cry, STALKER,etc.. and some new looking-promising games, we will surely enjoy this year of gaming!!

Did I miss some other great titles? If so, feel free to add it in your comment.


Schoolwork finally entangles me too.

Alas!! Here and there, everywhere!! There's always one downed fellow posting on his blog saying that they'll be temporarily be inactive here because of school. And the problem of the minority, it finally reaches me too. Prison awaits me tomorrow and there's no telling how much I'm going to be stockpiled with schoolwork. I'll try to continue to poke around here from time to time, checking out news and some updates so wish me luck!! ( I guess I won't have much time left for E3:( too!!)

To my fellow brothers and sisters who have been growing weary and meek with this nightmare, to arms!! We will survive this horrendous conspiracy together!!

That.:o Is. :x All. :cry:

Jeez, this level 7 is taking kinda too long now.

Ever since joining here, I usually post a few messages on OT, rate and tag some games, read some news and other player reviews, but I never expected level 7 to be THIS slow. I only advance about 8-10% each day. Do I really have to do some adrenaline rush posting or something to gain a lot of %s??? Cause the way people say it, level 20 is the cursed level thing; I'm only level 7 and it's taking too long. Hmm... maybe I'm just rushing things a bit? But still...:(

Missed ye olden days... :(

Ever since my I broke down my PS1, I never had the chance to play them again. I will never forget these good' ol games of mine!!

PS1 Games I would like to Replay:

1) Legend of Dragoon (All time fave)
2) Parasite Eve 2 ( I missed shooting those NMCs)
3) Suikoden 2 ( Recruiting chars. are fun)
4) Vanguard Bandits ( I fancy turn based bots in action)
5) Silent Hill (First horror game I played that spooked me out)
6) Tekken 3 ( Looking forward in playing tekken force/tekken ball again)
7 ) Vandal Hearts 2 ( Awesome storyline; brutal game difficulty)
8.) Relic Hunter ( Not sure about the title. It's not even found here in GS.)
9) Final Fantasy 9 ( Another beloved rpg)
10) Medal of Honor (Remember the groin shot?:twisted: )

I'll tell you why school is a prison!!!

Everyday, the same thing. Forced studying, (Sorry nerdies) forced discipline, forced singing of National Anthem, etcetera. I'm sick of it. Know why?? Because school is prison mate!!! It really is. Don't believe me?? Think that education is really important?? Well it is. :P. But when you are forced to do it, its a whole different perspective.
They say that discipline is taught in schools; just like in prisons. With usually only 2 days of free time, you need to organize your precious leisure time wisely. Would it hurt to make it 3 days a week? Of course not. Cut the riff raff rules.
These are a few more comparisons: Friends= fellow inmates, Teachers=security personnels, Principal/ whatever head= warden, Study= punishment, years of schooling since you're a little squirt till you grow bearded= lifetime imprisonment, Janitors and the like= err.. never mind...LOL.
Now back to the forced stuffs. Forced studying.... I think most of us already thought/ asked questions like these already. What's the use of that in reality? Is that formula necessary for me to live? You don't need all those in real life. You can't even remember all those. I heard that you only remember what you studied in 1 school year 30-40% only or someting close to that percentage.
Forced discipline.... Here where I live, students are disciplined and obedient in elementary and highschool. Woot!! Congrats. When they enter College, drugs, fraternities, fights, perverts, unexcused absences from school, pregnant teenagers... Who are they?? The Students from private schools or even Catholic schools. Wow, call that discipline.
Forced singing of the National Anthem.... Be loyal to your country!! Preserve our culture!!------ To %&*! with this!! All we do here in our country is study nursing or something,then go work abroad. As for our culture, well, we don't even like our own products cause we are crab mentalitists.
Well, hope I proved my point. Forced things are a no-no because those things won't work as smoothly as you think it would be.

Oh and don't forget to check my email address. :D:D