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I do own a ps3, but i like my 360 better. Now I'm thinking is going to be the other way around
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Does anybody still play this game online?

Does anyone know if there is going to be a game for the 3DS?

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it's not that huge, I pretty much only bought the exclusives I don't care, I'll keep em
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yep, it's not 10/10, but a friend of mine told me, that the demo is like an unpolished version of the game, missing textures and stuff. So yeah chances are high that the game will be better. what I really liked is that if you're spotted by the zombies you can still manage to survive the attack, so it's not all stealth like other games
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I really liked the demo, I'm good with the 10/10
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Wanna see some great games I would like to buy
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Huge, but I mean HUGE backlog Still, If I see a good game I would like to play, I'll probably get it
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I stop trusting reviews a long time ago, they all seem influenced in some way. Let's face it, they are based on someones opinion; and opinion is always subjective. I played the demo and I kinda liked it, so I'll probably get it.  I should probably add that I'm very hard to please

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I still have them, I'm a mess but they did the best they could, and I got great life lessons from them; although they should've taught me more stuff. I don't blame any of my problems on them, they are my problems and I gotta find a way to fix them. That's just "LIFE" right there

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I was thinking about geting this game just for the online feature, I've played the tag force games on my psp and I was wondering if the online is still active.

I'm considering this because I don't see a yu gi oh game for the 3ds or psvita coming out anytime soon.  So yeah, is there still people playing online?