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My First FarCry 2 Map - Tower Construct

EDIT: Uploaded videos on youtube account here: Also on youtube is a video of my second map Cargo.

So I started and finished my first FarCry 2 map today, its called Tower Construct. Its essentially a tower on a small island with scaffolding around it. It supports all gamemodes, so If you're interested don't hesitate to search the Ubi usermap server for it and download it.

Let me know what you think of it if you try it out, It'd be greatly appreciated :)

Tower Construct screenshots..

I need a new hobby.

This evening after finishing work and arriving home I instantly headed for my PC for some WarCraft Source (a CSS mod for those unaware) on one Australian server in particular that I've been playing on pretty much non stop for the last month or so. The owner of this one particular server I assume has managed to make a nice small amount of money by selling admin to anyone who wants it. But in particular little whiny Australian kids. Anyway, constantly killing any of these 1337 cry baby kid admin players on the server (there's quite a lot of them actually) results in being kicked multiple times and as I discovered tonight, being permanently banned from the server.

I would call playing it a hobby, but I'm in no mood for CSS anymore, this may mark the start of me abandoning it completely. (for the rest of the year at least maybe) Besides, I need to spend more time working on my design portfolio for Uni next year. Not leveling up characters. I've also got a new project from a friend, designing a logo and artwork for a game he is currently working on.

All I can say it has something to do with outer space.

Keep an eye out for it.

The next 2 weeks in gaming.

What an awesome time for gaming these next two weeks will be, first this friday when the MGO beta re-opens for the world, that'll tie me over for Sunday and monday morning (working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday) Then on tuesday with the GTA4 release. I have high hopes for both games, my PS3 will finally get a good workout for once (GT5P didn't do it justice :P). I'll be pre-ordering GTA4 pretty soon, after watching the short trailers I've pretty much been sold.

Has PS3

So I got a PS3 the other day, its pretty good. I don't own any games for it yet, but my local blockbuster has special half price tuesdays where PS3 games only cost $2.50 to rent! So I think I'll just keep renting them untill GT5, MGS4 and Soul Calibur 4 are released.

Post Christmas Wii Sale

EDIT: I got a Wii lol. I'm going to go look for another controller bundled with WiiPlay tomorrow, they didnt have any at the store today and I had to work this afternoon till evening so I didn't have time to go look at other stores.

A local store here is having 20% off all Wii hardware and 30% off all Wii software on boxing day, I'm thinking about going along and picking up a Wii and either Mario Galaxy or another Wii controller bundled with Wiiplay.

Not sure which to get though gr! I HOPE they have Wii consoles in stock, I'm pretty sure Wii sales have died down in NZ now so there is a good chance I'll be able to pick one up. I'll be so mad if they don't have any :P this is like the deal of the century.

[DESGIN] - A Future Elsewhere

Last night I finished my latest design piece, its called A Future Elsewhere. Enjoy, feedback welcome!

Today I also had my last exam, meaning I've now officially finished High School!

News +[Design]

I haven't really posted much in terms of blogs on GS, but I feel like posting one for once.

First off, there are only 2 days of school left before I finish high school, its quite sad, but also exciting. My end of year design portfolio has pretty much taken over my life, its due in on monday. I'll be staying up late tomorrow and on the weekend trying to get it finished. Hopefully it'll be all done on sunday though. Anyway, here are a few samples if you want to see some of my work. Feedback welcome!

Also, I've been playing the Crysis demo heaps, it runs great on my PC. I'll be pre-ordering it sometime soon :)

Anyway, I need to get stuck into my design portfolio.


Wicked Sick!

Finally made it to level 30!

On another note, I just had my mock exam for Stats yesterday, which should at least give me a pass :P and now I'm on study leave for 2 weeks! Hurrah

Bioshock Collectors Edition


I just pre ordered a copy of the Bioshock Collectors Edition this afternoon. The release date is so close! Only 36 days to go! I really can't wait for Bioshock, I'm a huge fan of System Shock 2 and other Looking Glass Studio games. This is one of the few games I definately don't need to read a review for before buying.

I'll take pics when it arrives on the 24th :)

On another note: My design project is due in tomorrow, so I'll need to work hard to get it finished off tonight.