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Just an update of my games I've been playing.

What I've been playing


+ Love the AI and fire fights are always amazing.
+ Physics system is one of the best I've seen as well as the graphics.
- Essentially fight the same enemies' whole way through.
- Game play doesn't change at all through out game.

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic

+ Love the graphics and physics.
+ Dig the overall ****and feel of game play.
- Story is very forgettable
- Characters are forgettable

Far Cry

+ Love the freedom to approach each zone.
+ Just plain fun.
- Brutal difficulty even when playing on normal.
- Story is pretty bad.

Fallout 2

+ Love the whole end of the world 50's theme.
+ Characters are wacky and weird.
- Very difficult.
- Turn Based game play is a drag.

Currently Listening to

Front Street-Gutter Twins
Mudvayne - Happy, Forget to remember, Not Falling.
Vanna - I am the Wind, you are the feather.

Just a quick update not much besides me being insanely busy. I did how ever get accepted into the Blood Bowl and Battlefield Heroes betas, and am enjoying Heroes but not so much Blood Bowl.