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a very funny but cheesy movie i saw today

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i was bored at home and decided to see what was on tv. I picked Army of darkness , i had heard of these movies and games but never seen or played them. The minute it started i was laughing my head off. The movie is a combination of blood and laughs. The movie starts of with a bang but the middle is a little slow. You dont have to have seen the other 2 m,ovies as there is a nice recap at the beging. The movie is full of cheesy oneliners and lots of skelitin combait. Some times the parts that are supposed to be funny get old as they some times drag on for 4 or 5 minutes of him getting pocked in the eye, punched in the face, and repeating it several times. But this movie is fun to rent or if you love the series a buy i give it

8 out of 10 " hail to the king baby":lol: