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Sudden Death Tournament


This Saturday night I will be hosting a Team Fortress 2 for the Xbox 360 tournament at 10pm (Eastern Time). There are only 16 spots available so register quickly and if you win you get a Blog on my page dedicated to you, including an interview.

Steps to Register: Please don't register unless you're really going to show up

1: Leave a comment below saying you'd like to register

2: Send me a friend request over xbox live

3: No camping

4: Have fun and best of luck

My XbL Experience+games im playing+reviews


So I've had xbox live for almost a year now and it finally 100% works. Yes I had been able to go onto the marketplace and download things and play GOW and Cod4 online but that was it. It's the stringiest thing I wasn't able to get a connection for any other games besides the two. So I was bored one day and popped in the halo 3 bonus disk and watched the home network set up bit and it said that you should move the phone away from the router. I thought what the hell IV done every thing else it said to do and it dint work so what the h3ll. Believe it or not it worked! I was so F42king happy that I spent a good 2 hour playing multiplayer games I could, for example halo3 (eh not feeling it), Team fortress 2(amazing) and Rainbow six las Vegas 2(also great). If any buddy wants to play anything with me send a request my way.


Smash T.V- Click here

Assault Heroes-Click here

28 days later 8/10 rent

Revolver 7.5/10 pass/rent

note: Guy Richie realy cant make good movies any more =(

Recently I've been playing around 3 or 4 shooters at the same time. The problem is that they all have different controls and this makes it difficult to truly become great at any of them. What I wish Microsoft would do Is let you make a controller scheme and save it to you're profile so that way you can use it for any game you want. Plus games these days have percent control schemes and you can't make your own which doesn't make much sense.

That's all for now ill be picking GTA 4 up in the morning and hope to really enjoy it, I'm also going to see Iron Man so Expect a review for it, pce.

Song listening to-Kick, push by Lupe Fiasco

Condemned 2 Blood shot review on site

Condemned 2 Blood shot takes place several months after the first condemned game. In the first game you take the role of Ethan Thomas a S.C.U investigator (FBI). Ethan's gives into the bottle and now questions what is real and what's in his head. But when a friend from the first game goes missing he's reluctantly thrust back into S.C.U. The story starts out as a true sequel to the first game but the story slowly goes into a disappointing direction that leaves you asking by the end of the game what the **** is this! The antagonist in the game is boring and the ending boss is a joke.

When first starting Bloodshot you have access to single player and multiplayer. But the farther you get in the single player you unlock the fight club mode and more stages for fight club. So fight club is just what it sounds like, you are through into a small area were you have access to some weapons and a horde of bums come and you fight them. This is a novelty that you play once or twice and then never play again. There is one stage were you can set how many guys you want to fight, what type of weapons and how many guys at a time. This is only good for people looking for achievements and nothing else.

The game play feels very similar to the first game but that's a good thing. There are about 20 new weapons for you to swing and throw at enemies. But this time around Ethan can throw punches and block. The fist fighting is actually Farley deep in the sense that you can pull off combos as well as getting damage boosters for them. The biggest game play flaw is that, sense Ethan is a drunk when he has fire arms if you haven't found a bottle of booze and drunken it his hands get shaky and it's almost impossible to hit you're target. This is annoying when theirs no booze in site and you only have a few shots, this is an interesting idea in theory but it's executed very poorly. Another new addition is environmental kills, when you beat an enemy enough he/she will get on their knees and you can grab them in a head lock and either throw them over a ledge, smash their head into a TV etc. These never get old and aren't frequent enough to get dull.

One of the biggest complaints from the first game was that their wasn't enough freedom in the "CSI" segments. This time the game has given you limitless amount of freedom so now you have to find clues you're self. This makes the segment a lot more fun to carry out because now you feel like you've actually accomplished something. At the end of each mission you are rewarded with a grade ranging from poor to perfect and based on all of your rating from that level you are awarded with an upgrade for you character. Upgrades include gun holsters, steel toe boots and a taser.

Graphically Condemned 2 looks great…that is when theirs light. Most environments are insanely dark and the question has to be asked why the **** don't I have a flashlight? But enemies look crazed and environments look destroyed.

One of the best parts of the Condemned games has to be the sounds. You can usually hear the enemies before you see them but it's still creepy to hear a crack head rambling and not knowing wear he is. The weapon effects are a sickening as ever; you can literally hear the bones of you're enemy crunching after hitting him with a pipe.

There is an adversarial online mode but it's hardly worth mentioning. There is death match; team death match and the only worth while mode were one teams hide's severed heads and the other team tries to find them and scan them. There are only a handful of maps and one team starts with guns while the other team starts with melee weapons (besides the Molotov cocktail) so it feels a bit unbalanced. The structure how ever is great meaning connecting to games is a breeze while finding games (no matter how bad online is) is easy as pie.

All in all Condemned 2 Blood Shot isn't enjoyable enough to warrant a purchase. Poor story, boring multiplayer and same old mechanics don't seem to be able to save this game yet the CSI segments are great and the first few levels are fun.

Game play-8

RENT 7.8

please rate

My week off so far


Man during my week off from school (only 3 days into it) I've earned 535 achievement pts. I recently decided to replay Cod4 and my most recent purchase of Cod 2 on Veteran difficulty. It's frustrating to have to spend 50 minutes to an hour on each level but its rewarding to get 40 and 60pts every other level. I picked Cod2 up for the low price of $10 at my local Game Spot. I've just started the British campaign and am really enjoying my second play through of the game. I need to head back to Game stop later this week to reserve my copy of fallout 3 which I'm really looking forward to. I also just updated Rainbow six 2 and got the Private first ****achievement I dint get. So if you have R6V2 make sure to update it to fix a lot of the bugs!

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem review


Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

If you watch AVP: R with the intent of watching cool aliens fight then you'll enjoy it but for any one else they be disappointed. The biggest problem with the movie is it's so dark. Literally 40% of the time you can't tell what's going on because it's just to dark. The dialogue is also abysmal but that should be expected from an alien movie. The movie starts out that a predator ship with alien specimens crash on earth and alone predator is sent to clean up the mess. It doesn't make sense that one predator would be sent to deal with all of these aliens when in the first one there were 3 but never the less the predators look amazing. Seeing a predator turning invisible and an alien shooting it mouth through a human's skull never gets old and is defiantly the highlight of the movie.

The special effects are amazing and the NEW alien is sickly cool. If you liked the first AVP you might be turned off by the open environment and dark film yet this is a good Friday night rental with some of your friends.



Sweeny Todd Review


Now I personally real don't like musicals, yet Sweeny Todd kept my interest from start to finish. It's a tragic story of a Man who has lost every thing and is looking for those responsible. The movie starts off were Barker (Johnny Depp) has just arrived in London and moves back to his House above England's worst Meat Pie shop. Apon arriving he see's the Judge (Allen Rickman) who stole his wife away from him and has adopted his young Daughter.

He posses as a Barber with the help of his downstairs neighbor (Helena Bonham Carter) and offers all those that have done him wrong a Shave which they'll never forget. The singing portions are great yet when theirs music it's always louder than the singers voices and you can't hear what there saying which is disappointing. This movie was rated R for the sole purpose of it being incredible bloody many throats are slit and bleed profusely. But if blood doesn't bother you then be prepared for the best musical feature film of last year.

Must Rent


On another note iv decided to post all of my reviews as blogs becouse no buddy seems to be going to the site and i want my work read.

Games update+ Condemned 2 Blood shot review+ energy drink review


So I finally picked up the call of duty 4 map pack. I don't particularly like china town as much as I thought I would have but creek and broadcast are my favorite. No one seems to be playing kill house so I don't know what to expect from that. I'm even enjoying all the old maps to, the map pack gave me a reasons to get back in to the game. Photobucket

No this is not a joke Mortal Kombat VS DC comic's. From the trailer it shows sub-zero fighting batman. This has to be the weirdest combination of series ever. But characters like super man will obviously dominate other characters so I cant wait to see how they balance the characters.


So yesterday I picked up crackdown at the low price of $10 from my local blockbuster. I picked this up because I'm trying to 100% it and I needed a new game to play. I'll probably resell it on eBay to some chump for $30 but it will hold me over for a month or so. Expect a review in the coming week.

I'm going to be very very busy during my week off but will try to get all these reviews out soon so hang in their guys.


(update) I'v decided to scratch the news part of friends and mine website becouse its alittle had for the four of us to pump out news to your guys every single day. So iv replaced it with a energy drink review section. Check it out.

http://criticscorner.weebly.com/drinks.html -drink review

http://criticscorner.weebly.com/ - Condemned 2 review

Just a update of things

What iv been playing

-So the other day I beat Condemned 2 Blood shot and I got to say I'm disappointed. I thought the begging of the game was great and it started to feel like a real sequel but then towards the end of the game it felt like I was playing a sci-fi game. I just don't think it goes with the story at all, but the ending trailer sets up the game for third game.

-I beat the rock band drum solo on easy today and I'm going to play through on guitar then go back to the drums.

-I'm going to pick up the Call of duty 4 map pack during my week long break next week.

Reviews that are out/ coming out this week

God of war Chains of Olympus review is out-I know it's in the ps3 section.

Condemned 2 bloodshot and rock band review coming out late this week.

What I'm looking forward to

Fallout 3. There is no other game I want more right now than this game. I've never played a fall out game before but this game look phenomenal. People are calling it Oblivion with guns and if its like that I don't care I. Below is a list of what will be in the collecters vertion. I know its $20 extra dollars for the special edition but you get alot of stuff.


New Game Informer and My Appoligies


So i'v had a long long day and was not in the mood to do anything. But upon returning home I found a brand new copy of game informer with world exclusive Gears of War 2 information. I read this and thought hey this game looks very promising, I know what you guys are thinking im crazy how this could not look awesome. The first Gears of War took me a while to get into, I dint really enjoy the single player the first few hours I played it and I hated the multiplayer. But after not playing the game for about a week I started having cravings for it. So im really looking forward to the second one.

My Apologies go out to any one waiting for the two reviews I said I would have up by Wednesday and obviously their not. My reviews for God of War Chains of Olympus and rock band will be on my website this weekend. I apologize again for saying they'd be up and obviously their not.