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Another Cog in the Machine

So recently I've been bored out of my mind with my xbox and have been playing mindless games of Cod4 multiplayer. So I opened up a game I thought I'd never play again and that would be a Gears of War. I never thought I'd open it again because of my pure hatred for GOW multiplayer yet loved the single player. I'm playing through the game on hardened with a friend over XBL and am having a great time doing so, now I'm actually hyped fro Gow 2 which I thought id be uninterested in.

Now moving on to the reason why I can't stand the adversarial modes is because I'm simply no good. I'm going to get flamed for saying this but I suck at the game so I really can't enjoy it, every match I join there has to be "god" like players who kill me before I know what hit me. I also never understood how you can enjoy multiplayer were the teams are 4vs4. There are just not enough people to kill and most matches end up being hide and seek games. Thankfully in Gow 2 the teams have been changed to 5vs5 but that's still not enough people.

Now that my rant is over I've decided to get back into writing reviews and editorials so less blogs about random sh^t and more in-depth blogs.

In the works

-ER season 7 dvd review

-Gears of War


Completed Act 3 on Hardcore
Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty

Acquired 6/15/20086/16/2008

Broken Fingers
Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

Acquired 6/14/20086/14/2008

Completed Act 2 on Hardcore
Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty

Acquired 6/12/2008

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Battle Field: Bad Company Preview (xbox 360)


Battle Field: Bad Company Preview

The Battle Field Bad Company demo does a few things right , first off it throws you right into the action with close quarters fire fights and huge explosions but it also throws clunky controls and lagy multiplayer at you.

Single Player

The single player starts off you're squad and you are assigned to liberate a town full of enemies ( Russians) so that way an army convoy can move safely to their destination. You are then thrown into one hell of a fire fight with enemies coming out of no were and literally everything in sight blowing up or being destroyed. There is a down side to all of this destruction and mayhem though, cover is very scarce and without being able to go prone makes death a constant.

The control setup has to be one of the major turn offs from the demo and even purchasing the game. There is no way in hell any one will ever get used to using y as a knife button. The knife comes out and slashes but then it stays out and you have to manually switch back to your gun instead of the knife slashing and automatically switch back to your gun. You're weapon selection is selected by using the bumper buttons witch is frustrating when you want to switch to a weapon and press the bumper one to many times.

The enemy AI is fairly decent but they some times just stand there and take your shots. EA tries to correct the lazy AI by giving them god like armor, letting them take 10 to 15 shots to kill. The weapons you pick up are fun to shoot and have that extra stopping power gamers have come to know and love. But the problem is there isn't enough ammo to supply these great guns making you usually having to fall back to the knife sense there is no pistol.


The multiplayer is fun for about 15 minutes…..then the lag starts to kick in running the experience. Only one game map is called oasis and it's your typical large dessert with two villages at either end of the map. In the game mode you have to protect or try to destroy your enemies Crate full of gold with explosive charges. The game mode its self is not bad but it doesn't feel right on such an open map. When spawning you have a selection of five ****s sniper, support etc with un-lockable extra weapons and guns once you rank up witch will care over to the retail versions of Bad Company if you buy it. The lag is the real turn off because it's hard to shoot anything with a assault rifle and impossible to shoot anything with a sniper rifle.

I enjoyed most of the single player demo mostly just destroying the environment with explosives and I enjoyed little of lag free online but I dint get enough out of the demo to make this game a definite purchase.

Verdict: RENT

Predicted Score: 7.5 to 8.5


in the coming week i have alot of studyting to do for finals so i wont be on GS much. I also have grown bored of my xbox and instead have been using it as a dvd player to watch Greys Anatomie (speeling error) and tell you the truth its not all that bad. I might buy a XBLA game to hold me over till Fallout 3 but besides that im bored of my box and even lent GTA 4 to a friend (which i beat by the way!). With my reccent break from gaming i will also take a short break from Gs i'll maybe go onlkine once a week instead of every other day. I'M not leaving for good and will be back.

-jason Keep on gaming

FallOut3 looks to my most anticipated game of 2008


So on Friday I headed out to my local mall to pre-order fallout 3. I received a "free" music cd and a fallout 3 poster. The poster looks great and will frame it and hang it later this week. The music cd is all right featuring 5 tracks three of which are jazz inspired tunes of the 40's and 50's while the last two tracks are original orchestral tracks.

List of tracks

1) I don't want to see the world on fire- the ink spots

2) Way back home- Bob Crosby

3) Butcher Pete (part 10- Roy Brown

4) Fallout 3 soundtrack-Main title

5) Fallout 3 soundtrack- Megaton

The cd graphic makes it look like 45 R.P.M phonograph recording, which gives it a rustic look. I really cannot wait for this game simply based on the fact that I love post-apocalyptic settings in movies, comics and games. I'm even more hopeful that the game play is very similar to Elder Scrolls Oblivion even though lots of people are hoping for the opposite. What I enjoyed most about Oblivion was that there was 100% freedom in the sense that you can complete any missions you want anytime and you could just explore the world and I hope the same formula is applied here.

In other news I got a cool Clover Field Poster for my room 9 (only $15). I know 5_LD_5 will love this.



The Strangers Review

The Strangers Review

The strangers Stars Liv Tylor and Scott Speedmen who are spending the weekend at Speedmans parent's house out in the woods. What is supposed to be a romantic get away quickly becomes a weak attempt to scare the audience and poor attempts to create suspense really ruin this film. The plot of the Strangers is that the two go to the woods and three masked people scare them and then try to kill them…that's as far as the plot goes. I will admit that the begging (once it begins, it takes 30 minutes for the movie to actually start) was a little creepy but by the end you're incredible bored and laughing.

The way the director tries to create suspense is by showing one of the strangers and then making them disappear only to reappear 15 minutes later. The scares are also very predictable, for instances you see the character open a Curtin only to see one of the strangers standing there staring at them. The strangers can also be downright stupid at some points were some ones hiding in a closet and the stranger walks right by it when nits the only place he hasn't checked for them.

Sadly the trailer is also creepy/better than the actually movie making this movie a complete flop. I would recommend staying as far away from the Strangers.


My Strangers experience

This has to be the worst movie IV seen in 10 years. By the end of the movie me and the people sitting around me in the theater were making jokes about how sh^ty the movie was. When I was walking ought I thought that I would have enjoyed the Sex and the City movie more than that. The movie wasn't scary at all and I jump at every thing. Eww mother f^ckers in masks running around. The guy has a shot gun and cannot kill the three of them come on! I wish I could have gotten my $10 back but hey that's life ,don't go see the STRANGERS!

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MArvel Ultimate Alliance

Blue Screen of Death
M.O.D.O.K was defeated.

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Fall to Death
Threw 5 enemies off a ledge.

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Performed 5 Finishing Moves.

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Total Points:70

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Review archive

So I decided to make an archive of all my reviews that I've published on game spot, so please read any of them that appeal to you and comment or rate them thanks.

XBOX 360

amry of two

Aegis Wing

Assault Heroes

Smash TV

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Team Fortress 2

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Silent Hill: Origins

God of War: Chains of Olympus


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

In achievment news i racked up 185pts mostly playing the darkness(borring from a friend but stuck on the hell level) and my reccent purchase Marvel ulltimate alliance which i cant play online with frineds that dont have the hero packs which sucks. I also broke 9000 achievment pts yay me!


New Purchases

After school I went home and grabbed several games lying around my house and headed over to blockbuster to trade them in.

I traded in

-Silent Hill: Origins

-Crack down

-Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2


I got a whopping $71 dollars in store credit. I picked up Marvel Ultimate alliance, a wireless Xbox 360 controller and 400 Microsoft points which I spent on a hero pack with extra characters for MUA.

Photobucket Photobucket

If any one owns MUA and want to play some co-op send me a friend request.

Latest Achievement

Photobucket Gracefully Taken-10 pts.-Complete mission "I'll Take Her".

current points:8870pts

I want an inner city life:Editorial of the week and more

Games I've Been Playing

I've slowly been getting back GTA4 but I've been playing a lot of arcade games. I also blew the dust off my PSP and played a few hours of puzzle quest. I'm looking for some good four player arcade games but their really aren't any besides Ageis wing.

Editorial of the Week

I've lived in the suburbs all my life and after visiting New York I want to move! I love the whole atmosphere in the city like stores open 24/7, people are always around and its fun listening to traffic when you're trying to fall asleep. I'm also in love with the architecture of the modern feel to many of the buildings. I would love to find a job were I have to take the subway every day and walk to the office. Some may find this strange but this is the kind of city I will hopefully move to when I'm older.Photobucket


Great songs I downloaded this week.

Real Mckoy- Mavado (GTA song)

Don't Panic- Cold Play

New Noise- Refused

Review of the Week

Aegis Wing Review- http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/aegiswing/player_review.html?id=575555


PhotobucketExterminator-15 Destroy all enemies in a level.

Untouchable-15 Complete a level without taking damage

.Immortal-15 Complete a level without dying or losing any allies.

Diplomat-15 Complete a level without firing

.Halfway Point-5 Finish Mission 3 on any difficulty

.Epic Warrior-10 Form a four-ship (Epic) formation.

Teamwork -15 Score 10,000 points while attached in a level

.Hero -25 Complete the game on Normal.

Legend- 50 Complete the game on Insane.

Rookie-5 Earn 30,000 points.

Aegis Wing

PhotobucketEPISODE FOUR-25 Complete Episode 4 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher


Small Arms Expert-20 Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes.

Twin Medal-20 Finish a zone in Co-op mode

.Speed Freak-20 Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.

Assault Heroes

Total Points earned this week: 165

I've been replaying a lot of my Xbox Live arcade games so if you have any hit me up and we'll play. This blog is early this week because I'm going on a trip and won't be on for a while. But when I get back ill post some pictures.( sorry not all the achivement pictures are on here long story pictures will be back next week!)

My only GTA4 complaint+New Music

Note: Tell me what you think about my new blog format

Games I've been playing

Well I've been playing all of you have been a little something called GTA4. I recently beat the mission 3 leaf Clover and sh^t is that hard. Their really need to be save points for long missions and they need to give you body armor for missions with lots of enemies. I spent 2 hours on this mission and trust me the reward is great, so keep at it if you're stuck on this mission is particular.

Editorial of the Week

PhotobucketNow the GTA franchise has been know for great characters and their weirdness but in GTA 4 I'm a little disappointed. Most of the characters are mean and use heavy drugs (COKE!). I know that the people Niko interacts with are crooks and criminals but it'd be nice if they were incredible smart instead of doing lines every other cut scene. One character in particular I was disappointed in was Packie. When you first meet him he's funny and very sarcastic. But once you complete about three missions with him you see him talking about coke and does a few lines him self. My main man Brucie though has been able to stay away from drugs and booze. I enjoyed all of his missions (even though he's and idiot) and enjoyed every cut scene with him in it. My point is "Hey Rock Star not every buddy that's involved in the criminal world does coke! (Even though roughly 97% do".



Lately I've been listening to a lot of Lupe Fiasco and am simply in love with his music. My favorite songs are Kick, Push, Paris, Tokyo and Day Dreaming. His beats flow perfectly with the lyrics and are something I really enjoy on the walk to school.



The Strangers is a movie that looks incredible scary yet could end up being another horrible horror film. The trailers are scary enough for me to go out and rent it but I doubt ill go see it in theaters.

Iron Man I wonder if I will ever be able to go out to the theaters and see this. All my friends have seen it and loved it but I still haven't had a chance to see it =(.



Photobucket Photobucket-doom Photobucket-assualt Heroes


That's all for this week I'm going to stick with one blog a week but ill be every other day checking comments and blogs.

Welcome to Liberty City *cough* New York


So after school on Friday I headed over to my local Block Buster to pick up GTA 4 for the Xbox 360. Surprisingly the store was empty and the guy sold it to me with out ID or a parent so that was a bonus. When I got home I sat down and played for about 5 hours straight. So here's a break down of my GTA 4 experience.


When Niko first steps off the boat I was amazed at the level of detail on cars, buildings and on Niko himself. Explosion effects are fantastic and bullet holes look real. Every character has their own distinct look and way they dress. There is a lot of texture popping and moments were textures load late but this is over looked when you have a huge 24 hour a day breathing living world. 9/10


In past GTA's the story has never interested me at all. But this time around I'm so interested into the story that I will say to myself "okay just one more mission" and end up playing 5 or 6 more. I'm looking forward to uncovering Niko's experience as a soldier in the old country. 9/10


When I first heard their was multiplayer I thought it would be something that I would play for a day and then give up on but that is not the case at all. Jumping into free roam mode with friends and messing around is incredible fun. I played for a good hour and half with my good buddy pspdemoboy52 and my new friend Tomthe3rd (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and some friends from school. I did horrible in Team death match but I was having so much fun joking around I dint care (which doesn't happen a lot to me). 9/10

Game Play

The newest addiction to the game play has to be the cover system and the cell phone. The cover system is you standard system, were you can blind fire and lean on walls. I never use it though because I get caught on them sometimes and can't get off of them. The cell phone is great for finding out if people need you do things for them or to just take them to a bar. Driving is a lot harder which I don't care for even though it makes the game more realistic. I've had to redo some missions 4 or 5 times because I crash or fall off a motor cycle which is apian in the a$$. 8.5/10

So if any buddy wants to play send me a friend request and keep on gaming people.