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Was interviewed on my experience at PAX EAST by Mr. Dannyodwyer the creator of Citizengame.co.uk

Have a listen: My part starts at 6:44, please look up the podcast on itunes and rate.

Review Published and Purchases

So recently I joined the new game network as a freelance reviewer and my first review for the site was published. Here is also a link to my portfolio site.

Purchases of the month

Penumbra Overture, Steam-$2.50
Check the review for impressions.

The World Ends With You, DS-$10

+ Enjoyable combat.
+I feel the need to progress though the some what whacky and weird game.
- Extremely Weird story, weird characters which is a huge turnoff.
- Do not get the Japanese references at all.

Daxter, PSP- $5

Haven't played enough of it yet but it seems like a good looking straight forward platformer.

Peggle, Itouch- $.99

Love this game to death and for the price of a hamburger im glad I took advantage of the sale.

Light Wars, Itouch- $.99

A Geometry wars clone that doesn't always control that well but is still loads of fun to play and at $.99 it was steal.

Might & Magic V, Steam- $5

+ Same great ****of play
+Graphical tune up is a nice addition.
-Not much has changed in the series.
-Some moments of slowdown.

Seven Kingdoms, Good Old Games (gog.com) - $6
A impulse buy as it's a game I played a lot during my childhood but it really hasn't aged that well.

Keep on gaming.

Just popping my head in

So E3 has came and gone and man what a show, im not going to ramble on about it but I truly enjoyed the new Splinter Cell Convictions and Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 footage and gameplay. Now here are some games I've been playing.

Prey $4: Retail via gogamer.com
+Unique character development.
+Environments are nicely detailed.
-Game looks like its cousins Quake 4 and Doom3/
-Gets boring after a few hours.

Stalker Clear Sky: $10: Retail

+Great atmosphere .
+The zone looks great.
-Still buggy as ever.
-One of the hardest games to date.

Duke Nukem 3D: $6: Digital Download

+Duke Nukem, nough said.
+Fun and whacky enemies.
-Dated graphics.
-Controls take a while to configure in the DOS box.

X-Com UFO Deffense $2.50: Digital Download

+Great mix of strategy, base management and exploration type game play.
+Lots of customization.
-Pacing is dreadfully slow.
-Steep learning curve.

Penumbra: Overture $2.50 Digital Download

+Builds up tension and unsettling to play.
+Sound and lighting effects are some of the best.
-Combat is weak and I mean weak.
-Easy to dye and difficult puzzles.

One ****s end and what not i'll be able to work on my editorial that i havnt had any time to work on.


Just an update of my games I've been playing.

What I've been playing


+ Love the AI and fire fights are always amazing.
+ Physics system is one of the best I've seen as well as the graphics.
- Essentially fight the same enemies' whole way through.
- Game play doesn't change at all through out game.

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic

+ Love the graphics and physics.
+ Dig the overall ****and feel of game play.
- Story is very forgettable
- Characters are forgettable

Far Cry

+ Love the freedom to approach each zone.
+ Just plain fun.
- Brutal difficulty even when playing on normal.
- Story is pretty bad.

Fallout 2

+ Love the whole end of the world 50's theme.
+ Characters are wacky and weird.
- Very difficult.
- Turn Based game play is a drag.

Currently Listening to

Front Street-Gutter Twins
Mudvayne - Happy, Forget to remember, Not Falling.
Vanna - I am the Wind, you are the feather.

Just a quick update not much besides me being insanely busy. I did how ever get accepted into the Blood Bowl and Battlefield Heroes betas, and am enjoying Heroes but not so much Blood Bowl.