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Where do you buy your games?

this is not a promotion attempt!

Recently I just realized how hard to buy games in Japan! (for a gaijin/foreigner)

Well with the high living cost here, the cost of the games is also a problem, but its also really hard to get EU or US games when youre not living in Tokyo or other big cities. The problem is that some ps3 games (and most of other console's) are not 100% multilingual. There are great games with only Japanese language selection! (MGS4, valkyria chronicles, etc) and the Japanese version are WAY too expensive! (what are those developers thinking!?)

anyway, I've been able to get my games are from several great online retailers. They are:

1. www.play-asia.com


great site, with lots of variation of games, toys and other stuffs! a bit letdown since we need to pay for the shipping...

they sometimes have great sales discount on big days but other than that, some of their stuff are a bit pricey.

for me, the stuff usually come in 2 weeks in great condition!

2. www.cdwow.jp / www.cdwow.us / anywhere you are


also a great site, lots of music cds variation but not that many selection for games and accesories.

nevertheless, they're selling fallout 3 (ps3 and xbox360) for $29.99 now and FREE shipping!

nothing beats free shipping everywhere and cheap games!

nb. the stuffs were also in great condition when they came around 1 week or so...

3. www.amazon.co.jp


the most pricey site on my list. anyway, this is a great choice if you really need your stuff 3 days or so from your order date.

they also ship freely but the price are quite expensive. tips from me, look for this kanji 輸入版 when looking for games, it means imported and usually its US or EU version.

this site also have english version.

4. www.bookoffonline.co.jp


nice site for looking for second-hand games but before you do that, if you cant read Japanese, be sure to check first whether the games are 100% multilingual or not. Not free shipping --__--

5. www.kakaku.com

actually its a great site for buying electronic stuff because its actually gathering the shops on the internet and comparing their price to get you the cheapest one possible. (bought my mac pro from here too)

the shipping and others differ from shop to shop

they also offer broadband connections, travel, services, and other great stuffs.

6. www.dealextreme.com


cool sites with lots of gadgets and stuffs, they are not selling games but I bought a lot of parts from here to repair my psp and ds lite unit. cheap parts but with tolerable conditions. they also ship in great conditions.

before buying, be sure to READ other people's review of the stuffs! some of the stuffs looks good but low in quality.

also world-wide shipping FREE!

that entirely sums it up! ...getting lazy to write more...

PS3 and HDMonitor

Today after a long time not touching my games even my DS, I finally bought an 80 gig PS3!!

*sigh even though I got a really good offer, it's kind of expensive after all

The other thing is I bought a HD Monitor too with the PS3 and they costs around 60.000 yen (around $600)

After working part-time all these time, all of them just vanished in an instant (well practically it still leave me the monitor and the ps3) :(:( and the cd are soo expensive :cry:

Anyway, I really want Assasin's Creed 2 (later) and Little Big Planet now :D (hope I can find it in 2nd hand shop :D)

Beyond Good and Evil 2 seems appealing too ^^

What should I do?? The final is coming and I pick a really wrong time to buy it and after the final I have to move out of my current room:cry::cry:

New game to beat!

Oh well I decided to drop the FFIV for now *sigh it takes lots of time to level up :(

I've just got the new SquareEnix game "Sigma Harmonics" but in Japanese version

It's a really great game!:) I hope the english version comes out soon

just random

been a while since my last blog ^^

Oh no! there are so many ds games to release in a few month!! And I haven't beaten FFIV!!:?

oops gotta hurry!!:P

I'm concentrating in my Japanese now! hehe so I can play new games earlier xDD

waiting for: sigma harmonics, world's destruction, valkyrie profile the accursed one, gyakuten saiban 5, gyakuten kenji, chrono trigger ds, castlevania order of ecclesia, pokemon platinum xDDD

My Youtube Account

I've started my youtube account sometime ago. Please check out my music videos XD

I made them using clips from anime and game


Feel free to comment and contact me there