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Nintendo to unveil a new Wii U game at this weekends VGX awards

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In an unusual step for Nintendo they are joining the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Square Enix and unveiling a new trailer at this years VGX. Not only is it a new trailer but it will be for a new and unannounced Wii U game. When Nintendo is concerned it really could be anything from the next Zelda to a game for the casual market. However given that it is a dedicated gaming awards show, casual gamers are unlikely to be interested so it should be a game for core gamers to get excited about.

I'm hoping it will be one of these four....

  1. The next Zelda
  2. A new StarFox
  3. A new F-Zero
  4. A brand new IP

Whatever it is there are only 3 days until we find out.


Pierst179 moderator

I am hoping for a Metroid game.


It's almost enough to make me want to watch the Spike TV Video Game Awards. I won't, of course. I can just watch the trailer online minutes later. But it's as close to having an interest in watching as I'll get.