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A new blog

Hey guys. I am sorry i haven't been talking for a long time and i could come up with 100 excuses lol.

Anyway just wanted tos ee how all of you are doing. I'm doing fine. I moved into my new home and I got a computer in my room!

And check out this sweet Sig I made:

Anyway I hope I get some replies on this blog lol. Hopefully i'm not toooo forgotten :P

*hugs and gives free pies* XD

My friends.

Hello everybody. SOrry i've been on and off and stuff. But I want you to know I do care alot about you guys.

I use to be so sad that I didn't get alot of comments like other people. But now i'm just glad someone is willing to atleast put one comment. thats all a guy coudl ever ask for.

Even though I don't know what barely any of you look like or have never seen you. that doesn't mean your friendship means anything less to me. :)

I just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate your guys friendship. I can't say i'll be on more often but I can say it won't matter. we'll always be friends. If any of you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to you i'm right here.

Saw a new movie

hey how are you guys? hope you all good. I've been pretty good but lately my friends have added more and more drama with each other.

In fact they split up into seperate groups. I'm just going to be in the middle and be everyones friend.

Oh right back to the blog...well I saw the movie cloverfield. Not gonna say anything but the monster looks awesome!!!! And the movie itsefl was really good to me

day after my birthday.

Hey sorry I didn't make a blog about my b-day yesterday. I wasn't online that much. It was nice how most of my friends remembered and made me feel really good.

Anyway sorry for not posting it yesterday. I am alittle sad I had to remind my mom about my own birthday though:(

Owww I gotta head ache V.V


I don't get what that movie Cloverfeild or however you say it is about. Is it like a gaint robot or something destroying new york city??

My CL Fanfic.

If your not a code lyoko fan sorry if you don't like this blog. But I have started a new fanfic on fanfiction.net and I wanted to share it with my friends. Or atleast the ones that like the show lol.

But i'm not a very good writer so go easy on the comments:oops:


(for those who probably haven't been to fanfiction.net. If you want to go to the next chapter theres a tab on the bottom left where they are.)

I hope atleast some of you like it:oops:

and if you have a favorite part or something you liked please give me some feedback.

your answers.

Lol you all were wrong. Well most of you were. I think only one person got it right. (seth) I was the black jacket individual with mummbling alot..

Okay i've chosen.

Yeah i'll let you guys see what i look like. BUt since I don't know what mostly any of you look like I want you to guess which person is me in this video.

Warning: My friends were hyper when makign this vid since it was a long night and we were all trying to cheer ourselves up when my friend josh....did what he did.

Anyway yeah this is an old vid that I just barely found on youtube.


Hint: i'm not a girl.

Maybe, maybe not

I happen to have a video on what I look like....two actually. But I am deciding if I want to put it on here or not. Since its weird, because i don't know what most of you look like.

What do you guys think?

Oh, an merry almost christmas. *Hugs and wraps up pies then mails to everybody*

And i'd also like to wish good luck to Sweet_Jane. She is very sick and will be in my prayers.