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SPORE won't run anymore.

Ever since I got Spore several weeks I have been so f****** pissed.

My laptop won't even run the game anymore.

When I started playing the first day I got it I was happy and started it up. It crashed after the download so I assume just a quick restart should have it running soon. SO I did and it worked. I got to start playing the cell stage, the creature stage, the tribal stage, and the civ stage. But by the time I had arrived in the Space stage, it couldn't go on. It crashes every time I try t go into the game to Play. However, if I go into a Creator in the menu, it works well enough to have fun making stuff.

But honestly, the real reason I bought SPORE was so that I could roam the stars.

Update Saves Me!

For some reason a new update for the Spore CC has stopped me from constant crashing!!!

Now I don't need a new laptop. Spore will probably run on it now!!!

Job = Money = Better Laptop = Spore

Well, there's some good news and bad news to this blog entry.

Good News: I've heard from of a bunch of my (real) friends that there are a couple of positions open at a nearby Dunkin Donuts. Assuming that I get the job I'm gonna start saving up for a better laptop.

Bad News: To the people of the RSU, I'm gonna have to put off buying Spore for maybe a month or two. I'll still check up, but for now you my officers and recruits will be running the show because they'll have Spore working on their computers. Sorry, guys.


I wanted to make my own review (also found in player reviews of Braid here on Gamespot) of Braid after just finishing Braid... Or have I just begun?

Braid is a XBLA game, but it goes a lot deeper than just that. Braid is a story. Braid is an artistic masterpiece. Braid is love.

The experience takes players upon the role of Tim, a young man who seems to be off on an adventure. He is off to rescue a princess. Some may say this is nothing more than just another Mario-esque kind of game. A princess, a hero, and the bad guy.

Tim sets off into mysterious realms that break the laws of physics by allowing Tim to manipulate time. Tim has one life. But by simply dying is to just rewind back to a point before the death. So how can Tim ever lose?

Braid takes place in 8 realms. The over-world, Tim's house, and 7 others. The experience may last only 6-8 hours but it really is well worth it being about $15.

So have I just finished my review? No. My review goes well beyond words. I won't experience Braid for you. You will.

Warped Tour '08 = O_O

OMG. The Warped Tour was freakin' awesome!!! I'd have to say out of all the bands I saw there, Reel Big Fish was the greatest. Anyone else see the Warped Tour this year?

Pickle Blog: July 14th, 2008

So summer's been here for a few weeks and I fell like announcing it right now.

Also, I havefinally found the best band of all-time: Oasis. Yeah, maybe some of you have already heard of them but their album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? makes me speechless as I listen to it and write this blog post. Yeah, I'm a little late in picking it up but who cares? If this is not in your music collection, then your collection is NOT good at all. ^_^

BEST ALBUM EVER - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BEST BAND EVER

So yeah, the Microsoft E3 Press Conference happened a few hours ago and I cannot wait for Rock Band 2. 500 SONGS!!! ****!!! Click here to see the setlist!!!

Okay, so now I'm bored.


Pickle Blog: June 3rd, 2008

Here is me again.

So yeah, less than 100 days until Spore comes out and with only a two weeks until the Creature Creator (June 17th). I'll be playing that for days at least considering my finals are done on the 18th. Wahoo!

I'll post a special blog post a day or two after I get the CC.

Now I'm bored.


Pickle Blog: April 13, 2008

So here I am typing on my computer waiting for the Halo 3 DLC on Tuesday. All I can say is that I am really excited to replay Sidewinder(now known as Avalanche). I never had a sweet spot for Lockout(now known as Blackout) but I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with it. And finally the new map, Ghost Town. Of all of them it looks like it is meant to reek havoc on its terrain. ^_^

Also, I have a new video, on Youtube, showing myself (yup, the real Picklepik) reacting to what many people refer to as: The BME Pain Olympics. If haven't watched the real video and are below 16, do not watch it. Seriously. Okay fine, ignore what I say and go watch it. Prepare to be scarred for life. Link is below.


Now I'm bored.