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Please Read This Message

A week ago today a terrible thing occured. The parents of a friend of mine were on their motorcycle when they were hit head on by a car. The car had been side-swiped by a drunk driver, causing it to cross the center line into oncoming traffic. The car then hit 2 motorocycles, each with 2 people on them. The people from one bike were pretty seriously injured and are still in the hospital, the other couple were pronounced dead on the scene.

The couple that were killed have three children, all over the age of 19 thankfully, but still, losing your parents is not a good thing to have happen at any age.

Please everyone take this message and never drive under the influence. You could easily change your own life, or someone elses forever. My friends will never have their parents back. The other couple will never have their legs back. The people ridding behind them will forget what they witnessed. The woman who hit them will never forget having hit them. Everyone who's lives have been touched by these great people will never forget them, but will never have them back.

The man who caused this incident stands for 15 years in prison for each of those killed, and 5 years for each of those injured. That's 40 years of his life that he will never get back. All for one dumb act.

I personally don't pray, but I do believe in the power of positive thoughts. So please, send positive thoughts or prayers their way.

And remember, never drink and drive.

You may feel like you can handle a car, and that you are okay, but other people's lives are at stake. Can you really handle that much pressure impaired?

New Goal: Movies A-Z

So I have recently decided that I wish to watch one movie from each letter of the alphabet.

These are the rules I'm following:

1) Each movie must start with that letter, excluding the word 'the'. If that's not clear, you'll understand as I go along.

2) I will not duplicate letters until I am done (This could get interesting)

3) Preferably the movie will be one that I have not seen.

4) I'm going to write a little review of the movies here for all of you.

Here we go:


American Sweethearts: Not a bad movie. The story line wasn't that great, but wasn't very amazing either. The movie was way too predictable though. I knew the ending less than halfway through...I don't much like that about movies.


Breakfast Club: Great Movie from the 80s. If you haven't seen this movie, you probably should. If you have seen the ABC Family tv version, PLEASE go out and rent this and watch the whole thing. There is so much of this movie that can't be shown on tv, including a scene of them getting high in the library.


Center Stage: I really like dance related movies, so I was hoping that this one would be good. And it really way. Not what I had expected, though. I kinda wish that there was more dance sequences. It's hard to describe what my issues are with this movie, but I did like it still.


The Da Vinci Code: When the book first came out, I read it. But never did get to watching the movie. Finally did. It was really good. That's basically all I have to say about this one.



In the Land of Women: Not a bad movie. Also, not amazingly good either. :( I did like it. It did hold my attention. But it just wasn't what I was expecting...



Nanny Diaries: Very cool movie. Really funny. Great acting by all of those involved. Makes me want to read the book now. I just really didn't like the way that it ended. They could have done that so much better. Maybe that's just how it was done in the book, but if so then I don't think I'll like the ending of the book either...



Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: 'Bout time I finally watched the second one. I'd seen the first, and saw the second in theatres opening weekend. This was a good movie. I almost needed to re-watch 1 to remember what was going on, but I still go it. And this finally made a lot of things from the 3rd make sense again.


Life Update

Here it is:!::!::!:


Started watching Beauty and the Geek again. I didn't really like the way that it was done at first. I'm glad they have partners now, now it's back to the show that we have come to know and love. The last female that went home, I'm glad she did, she was making me angry.

What happened to One Tree Hill? Why no new episodes until the 14th? And why are the changing it to Mondays? I wish that they would stop moving that show around so much. First it was on Wendesdays, then Tuesdays, now Mondays. Geez.

That's basically all the tv that I've been watching because I've just been busy. But I have also been watching some DVDs of Gilmore Girls again, and Stargate SG-1. Not a bad show. I've also been watching some movies. Maybe I'll do a movie review soon...


The only games that I have been playing have been Guitar Hero. I beat 2 on Medium the day after I got it. Then I almost beat 3 on medium, but got stuck. So I purchased 1, and beat it on medium, then had the urge to finish off 3 and did! Now I just have to beat it on Easy, and then get my skills up enough to beat it on hard and expert...That's gonna take a while.

As for the special stuff, I have everything in 1 unlocked! 2 has most of it unlocked, and 3 as well...I gotta work on that as well, but I have to beat stuff on Hard to get enough money for it all, and I'm not quite there yet...

Oh, and I can't find the power cord for the DS...So all DS games are on hold since the DS battery died...If you were a DS Lite power cord, where would you be?


Life kinda sucks right now...

I'm having issues, that I don't want to discuss with anyone really...It's internal issues of finding my place in the world, and figuring out how situations fit into what I want and what I believe. It's kinda a hard thing to do...but that's okay, I'll survive.

My birthday is coming up soon! That's pretty exciting. 17 days! I'm planning a big party, it's gonna be so much fun. I'll post a recap blog of it afterwards and let you guys know how amazing it was.

Other than that, I've been busy. School a 15 page paper due in 4 weeks...had a big midterm today (6 pages of handwriting an essay in an hour and 15 minutes)...among other

That's about all I got...kinda boring right? lol... Leave a comment after the beep (or the button rather) if you feel like it.

St. Patricks Day fun

So St. Patricks Day brought me a nice new "gift".

I came home from class and spending time with a great guy, and found on my doorstep waiting for me: wait for it...wait for it... GUITAR HERO 2!!!!!!

I bought GH2 and GH3, complete with controllers and such for both off of ebay last week. I knew that GH3 should be here around Thursday, but I didn't know when GH2 was coming. And I certainly didn't expect it to be here yesterday! I was so happy.

I then proceeded to start it up, and play it. I got nothing accomplished last night with the exeption of half of the game on Medium.

That's all I got right now, I'll post more about life, the show's I've been watching, (which would be none) and the game after I finish more of it. Or have more time.

New Games and OTH season

I start classes again next week. That's fun...

I bought some new games last week, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Cooking mama (PS2, and DS). That's basically what I've been doing most of this past week or so. It's a lot of fun.

I saw the One Tree Hill season premier last night. That was so good. I'm really happy with the way that they have decided to do this season. I wish that the people from Gilmore Girls would take a lesson from that.

That's basically all I there it is.

Fall is in the air

One thing I hate about fall, and about the season changing in general, is that it messes with my head. I have been completely congested for three days straight now because of this.
Don't get me wrong, I love fall, It's beautiful, and it is my second favorite season...But I just hate this feeling. The absolute worse thing is that I have had to work these past three days like this. Which wouldn't be too terrible if I wasn't a receptionist.
All I do all day long is talk. So here I sit, with a bothersome throat, and a completely stuffed up nose, trying to greet visitors, and answer the phone, while barely being able to tell what I am saying, much less for the people that I am talking to.
And oh, dear lord, you should hear me trying to do pages...that was the worst part of all. It's amazing how much you can get no projection out of your voice like this...

I just hope that I can get over this soon, because I have clas ses to deal with. And I have a Speech clas s with our first speech coming up soon.

The much awaited pictures are here...

Here is the link to the pictures from the concert as of right now. I still have some more to add, and some are duplicates, so that needs to be fixed. I'll get to that soon. There are also stories and such that go with a few of them...but I'll share those later. Feel free to make any comments.

I'll make a new blog when I fix all the changes I want to make.

I'm SOOOO Excited

I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Projekt Revolution is exactly 1day, 15hours, 54minutes and 26seconds away from now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait!

It's going to be SOO much fun!

I'll post an update, and prob. some pictures on Thursday or Friday if I'm not to tired.

It's Late...but it's still here at least..

They changed my hours at work...:( this is a little late coming, but it's here...


(1 point per question, should be 23 possible if I counted right)

Which one the following is not what Rory will be doing for her 21st birthday?
A. playing 21 while turning 21
B. eating 21 things off the buffet
C. buying 21 things with her winnings
D. getting 21 guy's phone numbers

What shocking news does Lorelai tell Rory when she has turned the house into their own little Asia?
A. She broke off her engagement with Luke
B. Luke punched Christopher
C. She slept with Christopher
D. Logan asked permission to marry Rory

In what episode did Rory steal the boat with Logan?
A. But I'm a Gilmore!
B. How many Kropogs to Cape Cod?
C. Blame Booze and Melville
D. A House is not a Home

How many months did Logan give Rory before she would return to school?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 6
D. 7

Where did Luke get the necklace he gave to Lorelai?
A. local jeweler picked out by Rory
B. Anna's store
C. Liz made it
D. April gave it to him

Logan (in Written in the Stars): "Oh were they all out of _______ _______?
A. Johnny Depp
B. Orlando Bloom
C. Brad Pitt
D. Tom Cruise

What did Luke say the "Rory" tasted like at her 21rst birthday party?
A. pink lady
B. a muppet
C. my little pony
D. a barbie

How long did it take Rory to make the almond bundles for Sookie's wedding?
A. 3 hours
B. 4 hours
C. 5 hours
D. 6 hours

What did Sookie NOT do to get the baby out?
A. jumped
B. jiggled
C. dance
D. shimmied

Emily: I want to go on a date. Lorelai:With a man? Emily: No, a _________, of course a man! What animal is Emily referring to?
A. elephant
B. hippo
C. weasel
D. dog

Who says: "Please make your mother stop talking to me"
A. Babbette
B. Gypsy
C. Ms. Patty
D. Eastside Tilly

At Lane's bachelorette party, what was on the t-shirt Kyon wears under her sweater?
A. Avril Lavigne
B. a happy hippo
C. Babbette ate oatmeal
D. Trust God

When Rory calls Logan when she is drunk at the opening of the Stars Hollow museum, on the voicemail greeting who does Logan tell to delete their messages?
A. Colin
B. Finn
C. Rory
D. Stephanie

When Lorelai and Rory came back from Europe, what did they bring Kirk?
A. Placemat
B. nothing
C. Jam
D. Nut-cracker

In the episode "A tale of Poes and fire" the second shirt that Kirk makes says what......
A. Bebette ate oatmeal
B. Rory's going to Yale
C. Poe faux foes
D. faux poes foes

Why did Lorelai get kicked out of camp?
A. She stole from other girls.
B. She ran away.
C. She tried to liberate the horses.
D. She was disrespectful to the staff.

Who played Jesus in The Festival of Living Pictures?
A. Taylor
B. Kirk
C. Town Trubador
D. Dean

Who does Sookie want to be?
A. George Hearn
B. Liza Minelli
C. Joel Gray

Ladies in waiting get all the...
A. money
B. men
C. sex
D. chocolate

The fish flies...
A. At noon
B. Once a month
C. When it's hungry
D. At night

What does Jackson want to name his first baby if it's a girl.
A. aquafresh
B. colgate
C. mariah
D. martha

What kind of dog is Paul Anka?
A. a rare and expensive kind
B. Briard
C. Collie/sheep dog mix
D. none of the above

When Luke and Lorelai break up (after Emily and Richard's vow-renewal), where does Lorelai create her special "alone space".
A. the inn
B. her garage
C. Rory's room
D. her room

How I earned the name Office Max

Here you go...

My whole collection

This is my whole collection...Well, at least what of it I could find. I know that there are some missing. By the way, all of these work...

My Sharpies

These are all of my sharpies that I could find. Later that night I found two I know that there are some missing...

My favorite pen

This is my favorite pen. I bought it at the science musieum. It is shaped like a human finger bone. And it is completely correctly sized. I just thought that was cool!

That's It. Let me know what you think of my crazyness.

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