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Finally an update: My first at an anime festival o/

Hi, people! So, this post is about my first time at an anime festival. It was this weekend, the event was called "Animefestival BH Party 2012". :)

Anifest 2012

A friend of mine told me of the event and I decided to go with him and his friend. It was my first time on one, so I didn't know what to expect out of it. There's only one thing I can say about it now: "It was epic".~ :3

First of all, my friends collect mangas so we went to the manga stand soon after getting to the place. There they got loooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of them and I decided to get some for me as well. Since I don't really have much money and all that, I only got:

FT volume 1

Fairy Tail volume 1

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke volume 1


Chrno Crusade volume 1

I really like what I got though. :P Even though I've already read FT a looooooooooooooong time ago, it was still epic to read the Brazilian version (even more because of some extra references it had [which the scanlated one doesn't])

There was also a gaming stand with mostly fighting games (Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mortal Kombat), but I didn't even play anything. xD

There were some "mini-stores" besides the manga one too. In those stores, there were DVDs/Blu-rays, keychains, necklaces, "teddy kumas" (:P), hats and other things like that.

From those I didn't resist buying:

Gray necklace

Gray's necklace (not exactly like the pic's [one day I'll post a picture of me using it])

Happy hat

Happy "hattish thing" (not really like that, mine is cuter IMO. :3 I'll post a photo of me using it someday)

Both from Fairy Tail. ^^

There were also special thematic rooms (like the Pokemon room and the Yu-Gi-Oh! one for people to play the TCGs [and the DS Pokemon games]) and an RPG stand (though I don't understand anything about those things xD).

cosplay DN

Some of the best moments in the festival were the cosplay contest and the band show though. ^^ There were some really interesting cosplays (and some really impressive "theatric presentations" by those people [like the Soul Calibur one which had a nice "wrestling-like" touch to it]) and the band did some really nice songs (Digimon 1's opening, a song from Bleach and some others, though the moment the crowd went wild was when the band did "Pegasus Fantasy" [Saint Seiya]). ^^


Now, on a more gaming-related note, I'm now playing Okami (PS2), Final Fantasy X (PS2), Final Fantasy XII (PS2), Dragon Quest IX (DS), etc....

Oh, talking about games, my mom said she'll give me a Wii on my birthday this year. :D I'm really Happy (aye) for it, since it's what I've been wishing for. :) I'll finally be able to play Kirby and more Kirby and ,uh, what does the Wii have? :? J/k xD I already have my list of must-have games including Kirby (of course), but that's not the only one, Tales of Symphonia (which will probably be hard to get ¬¬ ), Fragile, Xenoblade Chronicles, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy, etc... are also on the list. Also, I plan on getting a Wii with some accessories on it that will let me play GC games (since Tales of Symphonia is my biggest reason to want a Wii). :)

It's interesting how despite how much I've talked about it before, she has never really had that much interest on it. It took a fellow teacher who owns one to make her wish one. :P At least she had a good point when said it was because her friend did own the thing, so she knew it better than I did (ouch! >_>' ).

And, uh, that's it.~ ^^

Juvia and Gray

(*) Phoenix (*) ~ "Although we may defeat our enemies, the Mages of Fairy Tail would never take their lives!" (Juvia Lockser)

P.S.: None of the pictures are mine. Rights go to respective owners. Please do tell me if any of them doesn't work properly.

Persona 3: FES ~ A game that has strange effects on me

Hi, people. I know I haven't been much active on GS except Fuse (thanks to the fact I don't own a PC anymore and yadda yadda yadda), but I wanted to talk about a certain thing that I wouldn't be able to discuss in details on Fuse. ^^

It's about Persona 3: FES, a game that I'm currently playing (along with lots of others I'll not mention here). First, I guess I should talk about my first contact with the Persona series. It'll probably be kinda long and boring though. ^^'

I had just finished playing Riviera: The Promised Land (GBA) and then I decided to visit Atlus' site. When I visited it, I found a banner (or whatever that is called) for Persona 4 and it was love at first sight.~ :3 I looked for some info in the series and then discovered the whole Shin Megami Tensei stuff, having Devil Survivor (DS) as "my first MegaTen game". ^^ Some time later I got to buy a PS2 and it came with three games: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Magna Carta and Persona 4. :D

I bought lots of other PS2 games later on and one of them was Persona 3:FES, which I wasn't exactly hyped for, honestly saying. ^^' I only played about 5 or less hours the first time and left the game alone for some time after I finished some of the other games in my backlog (including Persona 4). My experience with it back then was really bad. The game felt kinda restricting because it had a "tired system", "Death appearing out of nowhere" (or that was the impression I had back then), some obstacles to your exploration (like the bosses), AI-only allies, etc. It kinda felt like a (small, if compared to Pokemon Black/White) trauma to me. ^^'

After finishing Persona 4, I decided I'd give it another try though and it's kinda hard to understand what happened. The game, which originally felt like a really bad one, simply seemed fantastical to me. Simply because of one thing: I learned my way around the game. I learned how to make what originally felt like a big restriction (the tired system, for instance) into something I should take in consideration and strategize for a successful playthrough. The game went from "Average" to "Awesome" from one playtime to the other. :)

But there's something strange when I play it nowadays. After the 7th (or so) visit to Tartarus, everytime I play through it, I simply fall asleep during battles. xD Like, the game is awesome, but everytime I play it, it makes me sleepy. :lol: My mom once asked me how did I endure the excessive repetition of the songs, because everytime I played it she heard "the same song over and over again". I can see what she is talking about. The whole Tartarus thing is a really repetitive maze and playing P3:FES means going there again and again and again and again. And everytime I take my party inside it, they take more time there. ^^'

Well, that's it. Just a random blog post about some random thing I wanted to talk about.

Thanks for reading it (or at least opening the page :P) and see ya all next time.~ ^^

(*) Phoenix ~

New Blog : Finally Back?

So, long story short, I'm back. o/

I'll give you people a quick tour through the visual changes my account went through thanks to that. o/

Sexy stick riku

First of all, my new avatar is called (by me) "Sexy Stick Riku". I only did the "Phoenix" thing, the image is only taken from the net. Copyrights go to whoever made this. ^_^'

Tempest R

Next up is the blog banner. It's based on the expeculation of a Tales of R trilogy (on Playstation Vita) following Tales of Innocence R. It's an image taken from Innocence R that shows both protagonists from Tales of the Tempest (DS), known by many as the worst Tales of ever. ^^

Hearts R

And my signature (for those of you who visit the Fairy Tail Union and whichever Union I randomly choose to stay active at) is based on Tales of Hearts and follows the exact same description, though it's my favorite Tales of ever. :P

That's it~

(*) See ya~

P.S. : Please tell me if any of the pics isn't displayed correctly. o/

Face: Bartz Klauser (Dissidia: Final Fantasy)

Second face of the year is about my favorite character in Dissidia and the main character of my favorite (and first) Final Fantasy, Bartz Klauser. o/

Bartz Master

In FFV, he had a Chocobo called Boko and was traveling in an adventure until he met Reina/Lenna and Galuf in a meteor crush site. He's described as "A cheerful man with a strong sense of justice and the inability to ignore those in trouble".

Bartz Freelancer

In FFV, all the characters can change jobs (after an event), which makes them quite versatile for weapons and magic. And you can equip them with a "second nature", a special ability from other job which you gain for leveling your jobs, so you can make your character a Blue Mage with White Magics, or a Sorcerer (aka Mystic Knight) with Dual-wielding for instance. o/

That's it,

See ya all next time~

Bartz + Boko

(*)Phoenix ~ "'Light...give me strength!' ...or whatever." (Bartz Klauser against the Warrior of Light. :P )

Navi: The Messenger (Dissidia: Final Fantasy)

It's late (based on when I intended to release it), but it's here. The second Navi of the year. o/


The song this time is "The Messenger" made by Your Favorite Enemies (and it's totally sung in English BTW, so people who don't like my usual J-stuff might appreciate it). The song is not used in the game BTW (only available in the game's OST), and that's a shame since it could have made me like the game a little more (I really didn't get into it).

For those of you that use Gamespot Fuse, yes, I was that lazy to reuse the song. :lol: But I don't have any ideas for the song of the week anyway, so I'd just not do this blog if it wasn't for this. :P And I can now make a blog about a character that I really like from the FF series. :)

So, that's it, see you all again. o/

Dissidia Fight for

(*) Phoenix ~ "The Messenger is standing at, standing at the gate"

P.S.: The last image is a black colored version of Cosmos' wallpaper. Credits go to ~TriggerAzura for recoloring the original wallpaper from S-E. o/

Face: Kanonno[s] (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series)

So, this face is actually for three people who have the same appearance, the Kanonnos. ^^


Though they look alike, they're revealed to be different people and you can even make a party with the three Kanonnos together in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. Each of them is really important for the games they represent and I'll discuss some things about them. :)

Pasca Kanonno

Let's start with the first Kanonno (and the only one that speaks English), Pasca Kanonno. ^^ An easygoing and optimistic girl that's always trying to do her best at the Ad Libitum Guild. Determined and kind, she's saved by the main character and is really fond of him and usually sticks with him and Mormo. She also suffers amnesia like the main character... An interesting fact is that Chester Burklight thinks of her like a little sister and is a little too overprotective towards her.

Kannono Earhart

Kanonno Earhart is the Kanonno of the second Radiant Mythology (which, besides adding some extra characters from the previous titles covered by RM1, also adds characters from Tales of the Tempest, Tales of Innocence and Tales of Vesperia). She always enjoyed drawing and writing short stories. She believes strongly in the legend of the Descender and she'll develop strong feelings toward the main character, may it be as a sister relationship or a lover. I never played the game, so I can't say more than that. ^_^

Kanonno Grassvalley

And now we have the latest version (for now), Kanonno Grassvalley. Looking in the net, I found this info about her: "She seeks for a scenery which she drew on her sketchbook. No one has ever seen it. On her journey, she met with Ad Libitum Guild which are about to depart with Van Eltia and joined them.". I don't know anything else about her. ^_^

2 Kanonnos

Each of them is supposed to represent one of the year's seasons, so that makes the fans speculate that a RM4 will be released in the near future (and a fourth Kanonno would come with it). :)

That's it for my first Face blog of the year~

Thanks for reading. :)

(*)Phoenix ~ "I wonder what my home is like." (Pasca Kanonno)

Navi: Re:Start (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2)

So, I guess it's time to re:start my blog series. :P


For my first blog of the year, I'd like to use this song called Re:Start and sung by Back-On, one of my favorite J-bands (if not my actual favorite). The song is used at the ending of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, which was only released on Japan. ^_^

The Tales of the World games are a series of spin-offs that usually work as crossovers of the various games in the series. Though the series has quite a handful of games in Japan, only one of them got an English release, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 1.

English translated lyrics:

BACK-ON – Re:Start

Lyrics: TEEDA, KENJI03
Music: BACK-ON

A shooting star appears before the slender crescent moon
I wonder if your heart will feel better tomorrow
Don't cry, the scar we share
Is a miracle that we created

I fight back the tears that threaten to spill
And I feel your heart beating as you hold me from behind

We're on separate paths now but I grasp the situation
I'll reaffirm the days we spent together and their meaning
I'll hold back all my bursting emotions
And pray that your journey is blessed!

The rain ends, the sun shines, a rainbow appears
My heart is clear after the rain
I won't cry, my unfading memories
Are proof of the time I spent with you

Don't forget the day we spent together
Your story starts here

The game is just began again, it's already started
There's no time to waste with my head down
So I'll inscribe the memories in my mind
And pray that the light shines on you!

A warm madder red sunset softly encloses the stretching shadows
The orange colored street stops my echoing footsteps on the way home

I'll tell you A to Z, my emotions surge like a tsunami
The days we walked together to the end of this road weren't useless
Light shines on both of our paths

Your hand…and mine touch
We create, destroy, and build it back up again now

A shooting star appears before the slender crescent moon
I wonder if your heart will feel better tomorrow
Don't cry, the scar we share
Is a miracle that we created
The rain ends, the sun shines, a rainbow appears
My heart is clear after the rain
I won't cry, my unfading memories
Are proof of the time I spent with you

(tak- I-I mean borrowed kindly by :roll: )

ToW The Best

See you all in my next blog. :)

(*) Phoenix ~ My unfading memories are proof of the time I spent with you

Face: Pirohiko Ichimonji (ZHP)

Hi, readers! :D Today I'm going to talk about an interesting character of the ZHP game, Pirohiko Ichimonji. ^^


Pirohiko Ichimonji is the original(?) Unlosing Ranger in "Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman" (aka ZHP). The last boss, Darkdeath Evilman, is threatening to bring doom to the world by attacking Superbaby (a baby promised to be the light that will save the world, or something like that). Making haste (due to him being late to the fated last battle), Pirohiko... no, the Unlosing Ranger runs desperately to be able to save Super Baby. However, a car runs over him. :o

Take this belt

And Pirohiko dies. :cry: Now, it's up to you, the weakest main character in game history to save the world by fighting the Final Boss. ^^

However, Pirohiko's spirit stays with you and tries to help you (in a mostly useless way) and makes lots of interesting remarks. ^^ He's usually talking about the "Way of the Hero" and most of the things he talks ends up compromising any sense of reliabilty the other characters might have had on him. :lol:

pirohiko's remark

Well, there's not much more I can say without spoiling lots of stuff (I've already made minor spoilers here too ¬¬ ), so I'll stop here.

See you all again next time~ o/

(*)Phoenix~ "Don't ever give up until you set her heart on fire" (A brief part of the "Way of the Hero: Part 1" by Pirohiko Ichimonji)

P.S. : No more hints for the next blog for you! o/

Navi : Unlosing Ranger's Theme (ZHP : Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman)

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, readers. o/


Today I'm going to show one of the songs in the awesome soundtrack of the epic PSP game known as ZHP for short (or Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman). The game is a parody of the hero stories and my favorite NIS game to date. ^^ Awesome story, a really hilarious dialogue script (yeah, I'm not much of a fan of Disgaea humor, dood :roll: ), good characters, excellent gameplay that keeps you coming for more and a really extensive list of equipments to use. *__*

Then, which song did I choose? :? The hero's theme, of course. :P It's a song that is used when you go to a Hero Mastery Dungeon. However, the song changes according to your equipment. ^^

Though the combinations are (probably) OVER 9000 (or maybe way less than that :P), there are some major versions that can be shown here:

- Unlosing Ranger's Normal Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Hero Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Sexy Witch Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's 8-Bit Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Trash Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Mech Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Stereotypical Asian Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Dark Hero Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's Animal Theme

- Unlosing Ranger's LAST BOSS! Theme

And those are the versions of the Hero Themes. ^^

ZHP main characters

See ya all~

(*) Phoenix ~ "Seasoned with teriyaki, of course! Dragon Geisha Unlosing Ranger!"

P.S. : No hint for next week's Navi. :cool: