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Guess I should post.... something~

Hi there, people. I haven't posted anything in a long time already, so I think it's time to start. o/

Let's Go

First of all, I'd like to mention I'm using Google Chrome because my Mozilla Firefox has been crashing like crazy, so it's kinda hard on me because it works kinda differently (such as, in Firefox I can control the images' proportion directly, but it seems to work differently in Chrome, etc..).

Bear with me

So bear with me please~ ^^ (Though I doubt you people probably missed my posts, since they tend to be very long and boring, and I'm not the most interesting guy around here for sure. :P But let's leave the emo talk for another day...)

Ok, so first of all:


A really awesome new year for all of us. May 2013 be filled with awesome joy and epicness~ :) We've already had some epic announcements (like SMT x FE for WiiU) and awesome games (like Ni no Kuni) released this year, haven't we? ;)

Also, if you use Gamespot Fuse, you probably know it was having some problems but it was fixed recently, so we can all be happy about it (or not). :D Guess I should mention I'm probably gonna post the next "Random Game/Anime Music" only next month. I'm also thinking of making it weekly from now on, but I might change my mind meanwhile. ^^

Fuse Cat

Time to talk about the stuff I've been doing lately. I've started a lot of games and a lot of animes too. I'm gonna talk about them later on, but let's have some order here. First of all, this book:


Dunno if you guys remember, but I mentioned it here. It was made by a Brazilian author and features the story of a renegade angel, Ablon, and his fight to avenge his friends and save the world from the supreme ruler of the angels. It was a really interesting story and I really enjoyed reading this book. :D I'll also soon start reading the followup book, "Filhos do Éden: Herdeiros de Atlântida" (something like "Eden Children: Heirs of Atlantis"). ^^

I've also read two of the mangas I got in the last Anime Festival I mentioned in my previous blog post:


- Nurarihyon no Mago Volume 1 ^^

It really was an interesting shounen. Kinda reminds me of my childhood shounen stuff, or at least those that didn't have lots of harem in it, hehe. :P Looking forward to the next volume (which was probably already released), though I dunno if I'll be able to buy it anytime soon.


-Cardcaptor Sakura volume 1

It was really nice. Sakura was my first Mahou Shoujo. ^^ Though since I've only watched it and Madoka Magica, as far as I remember, I guess it's my only reference on the genre. xD Anyway, I think, unlike what a classmate of mine said, I'll probably not enjoy the manga as much as I enjoyed the anime (which I'll probably rewatch someday). The first volume left me with a "bad" impression because of minor stuff that IMO makes all the difference like: In the anime, Sakura is the "culprit" for releasing the Clow Cards, while in the manga they were already out. It made all the difference for me, yeah, I'm that picky. xD Dunno though, if they add something later on that explains the situation better, it could surpass the anime though...

Talking about anime, of the ones I mentioned last time, I'm only still watching:


Yu-Gi-Oh! is gonna take so long... Specially since the fansub I'm following is releasing the subs now, so I'm actually up-to-date with their works, but I'm still just starting the filler episodes of the BattleShip Tournament. ^^ I hope it won't be too hard to find subs for the whole GX series by the time I finish this...

I've finished some anime recently though:


Durarara!! was an awesome anime, just as I expected. It grew on me episode after episode until I saw myself totally emerged in the city. :3 One of my favorite animes for sure. ^^


Clannad and Clannad After Story were an interesting bunch. I didn't enjoy the first season very much, but Clannad After Story was really awesome. ^^ I didn't like Nagisa very much (though After Story changed that for a couple of reasons), so the "Another World" episodes were quite nice because I liked Kyou and Tomoyo way more and their stories were really interesting. :3 Still not gonna beat my love for Angel Beats! though.~ :P


Air was another Key anime I watched, after Clannad. I really liked the atmosphere of this one, but the plot had some big holes and the presentation wasn't very engaging, so it ended up being just average. Still liked it though. ^^


Busou Shinki is a Konami IP (they made many figures and some Japan-only PSP games of it). It's like Danball Senki, but with intelligent female-only robots. I had already watched the Busou Shinki:Moon Angel OVA, so I expected it to be a mecha action anime. That caused me to be utterly disappointed at first because the anime was actually a fanservice-y slice-of-life one. By the fifth episode though, the situation changed and I ended up enjoying it for what it was. ^^ Average, but enjoyable if taken for what it is, for sure. :)


Campione! is a fanservice-filled shounen that was nice. I liked the concept of "Campione" and the characters were interesting. Not a very remarkable anime, but a somewhat nice one. ^^


Codebreaker was really nice. Though Sakura Sakurakouji was a boring main character, the other characters were pretty interesting and the plot was nice. The ending is quite open to new developments too. Dunno if it'll ever be continued in anime form, but I'm sure the manga is still ongoing, maybe I'll check it out later. ^^

kiss x sis

Kiss x Sis was an anime I had started a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, but I lost the episodes and only recently got to finish (though I still have to watch the many OVAs it has). I really enjoyed it. ^^ Gotta love both Ako-nee and Riko-nee. :P

Nekomonogatari Kuro

Nekomonogatari (Kuro) was a really nice bunch of OVAs. I have to say the monogatari series just keeps getting more and more interesting to me. I enjoyed Nekomonogatari (Kuro) more than Nisemonogatari more than Bakemonogatari. It got funnier and more engrossing with every single new story IMO. :)


Gotta admit I had prejudice toward this series because the net said the main guys kissed each other in the series. Huge mistake. No.6 is one of my favorite anime series ever. A guy who lives a hypocritical life inside a futuristic utopy called No.6 that acts as a sort of brainwashing machine to people. Not that it was made for this, but it's easy to forget the world has problems when you live in a comfortable home. No.6 is an awesome anime that shows the life of two people who lived in completely different worlds and yet magically meet one day, an event that changes both for the rest of their lives...


Saber Marionette R is an old anime composed of 3 OVA. I decided to watch it because I used to enjoy watching "Saber Marionette J" when I was a kid, but R wasn't as good as I expected. It had a nice cyberpunkish atmosphere, but it was just average up to the very end.

And that's it about the ones I've already finished. Now, besides my usual stuff, I'm watching:

Air Gear

Air Gear has a nice marginality atmosphere with air trek gangs disputing over their power, etc. Story is kinda thrown everywhere though. xD And so far it has hardly shown much about any characters besides Ikki, the main character. xD


Now time for the games~ :D


I'm still playing a lot of Pokémon White 2. It's really nice. Gen V has been my favorite one for sure, thanks to the plot behind Team Plasma which IMO is a lot better than any of the mainline Pokémon games has ever had so far. :) White 2 just might be the one to surpass the amount of time I played Crystal. My main team is already lv85+ (something that hasn't happened in any game besides Crystal so far) and I don't intend to leave the game behind yet, even though I'm only playing a little per day. ^^ Last major thing I did was catching Latias with a common Poké Ball... and it only took one ball.~ :cool:


I started The Legendary Starfy recently and it is a really nice game. ^^ A little on the easy side though... ^^'


Fire Emblem has been pretty nice. It's been really nice so far. I've just finished Lyndis story (also known as the Tutorial stages xD) and I'll start Eliwood's one soon. The permadeath system hasn't bothered me in Lyn's story because the stages were easy, but it'll probably start being a pain now. xD


Klonoa: Empire of Dreams is a really nice game. I really like Klonoa games, you know, even though I've never finished one. xD Let's see if I'll finish this one, shall we? ^^ So far, I'm in the second town. ^^ That reminds me it would be nice if the GBA Klonoa RPG were to be localized somehow. Maybe a remake for 3DS? :)

Meda Rokusho

Medabots Rokusho has been really nice. The game is kinda frustrating because luck can determine everything and a mistake or unlucky move early on can be (and usually is) fatal. =/ Also, leveling up doesn't seem to make my Medabots stronger at all or at least it's hard to notice many improvements... It has been fun nonetheless. :P Anyway, Natsume mentioned being interested in localizing Medabots 7 (3DS) and that would totally be a blast.~ :3


I haven't finished any of the Mystery Dungeon games yet, so I decided to give Red another try. So far, I've just beaten the Skarmory boss and I've gotten my first teammate, the Magnemite that helped save the Diglett from the last dungeon.


Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a really interesting game. A friend of mine is a huge Shining Force fan, so I decided to try this game out. It has been pretty interesting so far. ^^ I just finished Chapter 2. :)


Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP) is the first of the Persona 2 "duology", and possibly the only one we'll get localized for PSP. Sweet irony considering we didn't get it on PS1, but got Eternal Punishment back then. ^^' Gotta say Innocent Sin is a nice game and way better than the first Persona.

Corpse Party

Started Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PSP) not so long ago (the game was released recently after all :P). It has been pretty interesting improving on the already dense story of the original one. ^^ I've played the first two chapters so far and it has been pretty impressive. Gotta say the experience was awesome since I've been playing this at midnight in my room with the lights off and headphones on~ :cool:

I'm also playing some other games but I'm only gonna mention these since they're the ones I'm focused on right now.


And that's it. Huge post as usual, I bet. xD Well, hope you enjoy at least some of the things posted here. ^^

See ya all next time~ o/

~ Phoenix

Really busy with study stuff and more...

So, I've been reaaaaaaaaally busy with studying and stuff like that so I haven't been using GS very much, as you people might have noticed. ^^

Well, the thing is I'll probably not use it until Christmas comes. Gonna use whatever time is left from studying to play some of the awesome games I have here and to watch more anime, nufufu~ :3

So, what have I been up to lately?

Watch MOAR Anime - Mega style~

I went to an Anime Festival this month. I enjoyed it (not tooooooooooo much, but it was good) and bought some mangas there, like:


- Nurarihyon no Mago (a.k.a. Nuramago or Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan) volume 1.

Seems interesting enough, though I haven't even touched it yet because of the studying. ^^

Fairy Tail

-Fairy Tail volume 2.

There was only one of those available. :o Lots of the other volumes there though... I have a lot to buy before I can catch up with the series, it seems. xD

Card Captor Sakura

-Card Captor Sakura volume 1 ~Special~

A special rerelease of the first manga volume of my childhood mahou shoujo with awesome paper and epic extra artwork? YES PLEASE! :3

Kimi ni Todoke 2

-Kimi ni Todoke volume 2

I haven't even touched it yet. But I've been reading it online for a long time, so I'm already a lot of volumes later on... :P Gonna read it eventually, of course, but it'll take some time. :)

MÄR vol 1MÄR vol 2

-MÄR volume 1 and volume 2

I've read the first chapter online a long time ago. I'm gonna enjoy this one, I bet. :)


-Saber Marionette J volume 1 to 5 (Complete)

My first complete manga. :D It had a really nice price tag and, besides that, seeing it was really nostalgic to me since I used to watch its anime when I was a kid. :3

Aaaand that's it for the stuff I bought at the festival, though it also had some nice cosplay stuff, etc... ^^


But, of course, that's just a minor part of the month. So what else have I been doing?

Since I was talking about manga, let's talk about anime now. :P

Haters Gonna Hate

(Anime/manga haters gonna hate :cool: )

I'm still watching the stuff from last update, though I haven't seen any Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De episode since that day. ^^

But since they're mostly new stuff, they're still ongoing and I chose to pick some older complete stuff as well. :P

What have I chosen, then?


-I finished watching both Ef animes, Ef: A Tale of Memories and Ef: A Tale of Melodies.

Really nice to watch, though sometimes it has some excessive drama. ^^' I really got to care about the characters though and the way the characters are portrayed and the awesome art direction the series had made it a really memorable thing for sure. :D


- I finished watching Steins;Gate.

Awesome is just the right word for this one. It starts reeeeeeeeeeally slow though. ^^' It was only after the first season ended that it really got to me. The characters are interesting, but they just didn't appeal to me at first. Once stuff gets serious though, it's hard not to care about them and their fates. The story is really well-thought, and the animation direction was really nice too. ^^


-I also finished Nisemonogatari.

A sequel to Bakemonogatari, I actually liked this one slightly better for a couple of reasons (it was more humorous IMO, for instance). My friend really hated it to the point of dropping it midway though...


- Still watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

This one is huuuuuuuuuge. xD I'm watching the Battle City arc now, the one in which the Egiptian God Cards appear. ^^ The episodes up to the Duelist Kingdom's last battle weren't exactly some of the best things to rewatch and I also have to say the Japanese voices really bothered me at first (specially Bakura, damn high-pitched girly voice >_> I kinda miss the Brazilian dub though I've grown used to the J-voices by now). However, it has been growing on me and I've been enjoying it a lot and that's all that matters IMO. ^^


-I started watching Durarara!!

Really nice one so far. I've only started the second season and the story is really a lot interesting. The way the story is developed through the anime in a twisted way, kinda reminiscent of Baccano!, is a really nice thing. :3


-I also started watching Clannad

I have to say I'm only starting to like the characters and I'm already up to the 20th episode. xD Maybe I'm just really insensitive, but I haven't really felt much from this one. Maybe the episodes to come will change my mind? ^^

Well, that's it. End of the anime session of this blog post. o/


What comes next? Games of course~ ;3

DS Games


Still playing Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller, but I've played so little of it I'm actually not so far (storywise) from the point I was when I posted my last blog. xD Though I have to say I already have more than 100h on it, I seriously don't know how. xD

Pokemon White 2

I also started playing Pokémon White 2. BTW, is it just me or are there Audinos everywhere? xD Like, I fought way more Audinos so far in the game than I did on my whole playthrough of White, and I haven't even played half of my White gameplay time. :P

Style Savvy

The guy says a bunch of true stuff in the link "hidden" within the image. :P So, I've been playing Style Savvy and I've been really enjoying it. ^^ The characters are kinda boring and "more of the same", but it has an overall really interesting thing to it. It's hard to describe, but there's just some sort of pleasure at getting the right stuff to the right client, planning up your stocks and managing cloth layers. ^^


PSP Games

Growlanser IV

Also still playing Growlanser Wayfarer of Time. The game is seriously huge. *__*

Persona Portable

Oh, yeah, I finished Persona Portable. :) Seriously, Pandora was a pain. :x Characters were average, story was average, gameplay was average (with an analysis system that doesn't work very well), soundtrack was purely annoying after abou 10h into the game (and felt like a cheap rip-off at P3/P4's awesomeness honestly. >_>). Oh, and the ending is as cliche as it could get. xD Anyway, I only finished half of its content, since there's still the Snow Queen Quest to do. I don't want to even give it a try anytime soon though. ^^'

Ragnarok Tactics

Only thing so far that has bothered me on Ragnarok Tactics is the unappealing and slightly unfitting soundtrack that kinda ruins the experience sometimes, but it has been nice so far. Haven't played much of it yet though.


Such a long time since I played Gods Eater Burst, but my body still remembers how to play it~ :oops: Well, I lost my save data when my PC died so I had to start it again. ^^' Still it's a really nice game, which means it'll be my pleasure to give it another chance. :3


I'm also playing Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force. :) I've been enjoying it too, though I like Duel Academy, World Championship 2006 and Spirit Caller a lot better than this one. :P

Unchained Blades

I've gone back to playing Unchained Blades too. The game has been pretty awesome to me now. :) It isn't the best game out there, or even the most interesting Dungeon Crawler I've played, but it sure can be nice to play sometimes. :D I'm still on the second dungeon BTW. xD


And that's all for now. It's already pretty late (or maybe too early would be more accurate~ xD) and I have to sleep.

See ya all when I come back! o/

I'm back! o/ (Wait, haven't I posted that before? ^^' )

Welcome to this blog. o/

Oh, well, you guys are probably used to me not being here at all by now. xD But, uh, I'm back, I finally have net at home and I might post more frequently from now on (though I'm kinda busy with study stuff ^^' ).

So, what have I been up to, besides studying a lot?


Well, my PS2's whole memory card got corrupted. xD So, I lost 100+ hours of Persona 3:FES and I'll have to start that game all over again. Awesome, isn't it? ^^ So, I haven't even bought a new MemCard since I have been a lot busy and I haven't really been in the mood to play my PS2 games at all.

What have I been playing then?

Yu-Gi-Oh GX

The game I've been playing the most is Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller (DS). ^^ I'm lv20 and I finally got my favorite spirit, Adhesive Explosive. :3

What else have I been doing then?

Watching some anime stuff, of course. ^^

Now that my net is finally okay, I decided to give a chance to watching this season's anime. What have I chosen to watch for now?



Summary: Code:Breaker is the story of a girl called Sakura who sees people being burned by blue flames. She then discovers what's going on behind that "event" and gets involved with the "Codebreakers".

Impressions: Sakura's a pain and the story is overall plain IMO. Rei seemed at first to be a plain character that tries to appeal as a cool character, but I've started liking him after the latest episodes. The other codebreakers also seem pretty interesting characters, though they haven't been given much spotlight time so far. The overall execution of the anime is pretty good too and both opening and ending are nice.

-Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

Summary: Mahiro, the blonde guy, gets involved in a magic war that could decide the fate of mankind in exchange of finding the culprit behind a certain murder. His best friend, Yoshino, gets involved in the fight. The destiny seems to be playing tricks on them...

Impressions: Though sometimes over-dramatic, it has been quite interesting so far. ^^ The first episode had a nice impact on me and it has been developing in a pretty neat way. All the characters are really interesting and the plot is simple but well-developed. ^^

-Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter


Summary: Based on Square-Enix's new IP, Gyrozetter (Arcade/3DS), the anime follows Kakeru Todoroki, one of the new-generation drivers of AI cars who discovers he's actually a chosen driver to a new generation of AI cars, the Gyrozetters (cars that transform in mechas a la Transformers).

Impressions: Excessively cheesy and kiddy. However, the characters are nice and it has the potential to be a really nice anime which I'll probably enjoy more than Danball Senki. The second episode in particular pleased me a lot by showing some background in the relationship between Kakeru and Rinne. :)

- Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de

Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de

Summary: A parody of the Sega x Nintendo wars (Segua and Ninteldo in the anime). The main character, Gear, is based on Sonic and, after Til (Tails)'s death, he decides to become part of the Segua army in the war against Ninteldo, which is leaded by Marcus (Mario).

Impressions: First of all, Tails dies? NOOOOOO!!!! Putting the fact I love Tails aside, the anime has pretty bad quality overall. Interesting concepts and some interesting characters as well. Ecchi ("sexual appeal") is a main part of the anime as well. Among the characters shown so far, I'd say Tejilof (Tetris) is the most interesting character. :)


Uh, guess that's all. Super big post, isn't it? ^^ Hope you enjoyed it. :D

~ Phoenix

My classes are going to start soon. o/

Welcome to my third blog using this account. :D

So, what do I have to say? ^^ Well, my teachers were on strike (is this the right way to say that?), so our classes which were supposed to come back earlier were delayed a lot and will probably come back in the next weeks. I want it to come soon so that we can have at least some days of vacation before next year's classes and not non-stop classes from now until July 2013. >_>

What have I been doing then? :)


- Uchuu Kyoudai (a.k.a Space Brothers)

Uchuu Kyoudai

Two brothers who made a promise when they were young that they would become astronauts. The series is really interesting with some really nice character development. :) I'm up to episode 20, but the series is up to episode 23 already. I'm really slow, just that. xD

- Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (a.k.a. Love, Election & Chocolate)


It's the story of a boy who gets involved in the school elections to protect the Food Research Club, which is considered a useless club by one of the candidates who has intends to close it once elected. I've watched all the 10 episodes that have been released so far.~ ^^

- Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (a.k.a. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero)

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

The story is about a guy called Akatsuki who is considered a "Rogue Hero" in the world of Arezard. He goes back to his original world, but he carries "something" from Arezard with him, besides the powers he gained in that world.~
It's interesting how Akatsuki isn't an "unidimensional" character. He has a definite personality, but he feels way more than just a cliche character. A shame the same can't be said about most other characters. >_>
P.S.: It's a really pervy show. xD

- Fairy Tail

FT Infinity Clock

Fairy Tail is the story of a Wizard (or Mage) Guild of the same name that is quite a mess. xD They usually cause damage to the places when they fight against their enemies, love parties and fights, etc... xD They're really nice folks anyway. Lucy wants to join that guild and, doing that, become a legal mage. The guild receive jobs from the common people, but they also have to take care of other issues, like Dark Guilds, etc...
Well, Fairy Tail is on a filler arc at the moment. While the manga is featuring the end of a big tournament between the Fiore guilds, the anime stopped soon after the Tenroujima arc and is now featuring the "Infinity Clock arc" which is exclusive to the anime (a.k.a. filler material). While some of the stuff is quite unpleasing at first (Jiggle Butt Gang, I'm looking at you ¬¬ ), the story has been quite interesting IMO. ^^

- Danball Senki


Danball Senki is the story of Ban Yamano, an LBX (little robot) aficionado who lost his father in an airship crash. One day a mysterious woman gives him a suitcase with an LBX called AX-00 and he's put in a fight against a group who intends to use the LBX technology for evil.
The anime is average at best up until the Artemis Championship. xD After that, it gets slightly better, with some nicer battles and minor character updates (specially to Ami Kawamura, who started to shine in the anime as the best character so far IMO).


- Growlanser Wayfarer of Time (PSP)

Growlanser 4

The game has been pretty nice so far. :D I've started it not so long ago, but we can say I've been hooked to it. ^^ The story is really intriguing with political affairs involved, with a flavor of unknown threats and mysteries from the past. The gameplay is pretty solid too, with an strategical feeling to it. The graphics are pretty dated and the artwork isn't exactly pleasing at first, but after getting used to the game they really feel fitting and actually awesome. ^^

- Persona Portable (PSP)


The lack of a save point closer to the room in which the party faces Pandora is a big pain. >_> My characters are at a nice level, but my Personas aren't very good. Guess I should get some better ones before trying again. xD

- Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)

Dracula X Chronicles

Got this game recently. ^^ It has been pretty interesting. :D I've only played a little of it though. xD

- Final Fantasy X (PS2)


I think my characters are too weak. xD I've just defeated "Sin" and got inside it, if I recall correctly. ^^

- Okami (PS2)


Just saved the Emperor. I don't remember what I have to do next. xD

- Professor Layton & Pandora's Box (DS)

Layton Box

I've been enjoying the puzzles a lot. :) The story has been pretty nice too. ^^ They've recently found their way to Folsense. Last thing I remember doing was completing the camera.

- Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm (DS)

Inazuma Eleven 2 FS

I never thought a Football RPG would be so amazing. This game just made me spend tens of hours only practicing against other teams. It's really addicting once you get the hang of it.~ *__* Gotta say the story is average at best though. xD

- Dawn of Mana (PS2)

Dawn of Mana

What can I say about this game? Uh, it's a nice game, but the characters are really plain. >_> I only care about Faye, the Spirit Child. The other characters aren't even shown properly... >_> It's an interesting game when it comes to gameplay and artistic direction though. ^^

- Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2)

Magna Carta

Not sure in which part of the game I stopped... :roll:

Other stuff:


I've been reading this book called "A Batalha do Apocalipse" (something like "The Apocalypse Battle" or "The Battle of the Apocalypse"). The story is about a renegade angel general called Ablon who organized an insurrection against the tyrant archangel Miguel. After being betrayed by Lucifer, Ablon and the renegade angels were banned from Heavens and condemned to live among the human beings.
The plot of the book is full of political intrigue, historical moments and a complex supernatural environment (myths, magic, the multiple planes of existence, etc...). A really epic book which I've been enjoying a lot. :D

I guess that's it. ^^

See you guys next time o/

Bye Bye

My first real blog using this account, I guess

So, what have I been up to?~ -AnimeFestival BH 2012 Winter (Yes, it's winter here)  Well, it wasn't as good as the previous one I went to. I went there alone this time hoping to find some mangas to buy (specifically Chrno Crusade). However, to my surprise, they didn't have any mangas at all to sell there this time around. :( Well, I got to at least enjoy it a little. I played Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (and my opponent utterly humiliated me xD). I also bought a Urahara (Bleach) hat, a Black Mokona hat and a Fairy Tail mug. :)  -Animes: You guys probably know I was netless until recently. ^^' So, what was one of the first things I did when I got my net back? Download some animes I wasn't able to before, of course. So, which animes have I been watching lately?  1) I finished watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh! (a.k.a. Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero) finally. ^^ It was really nice (though there are some major flaws to how they showed the various games in the anime, and by various I mean to say it's not only Card Games) and it was really darker than the Duel Monsters one. :o 2) I also finished Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter (the 7th Season) and started Digimon Savers (5th Season). ^^ 3) I'm also up-to-date with Fairy Tail, which is now on a filler arc about the "Infinite Clock", waiting for the latest OVA and FT's first movie. :) Oh, up-to-date for Uchuu Kyoudai (a.k.a. Space Brothers). 4) I'm also going back to watching series I had not finished like Senki Zesshou Symphogear, C, Deadman Wonderland and Bakemonogatari. 5) I've also started watching Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate and I plan to start watching Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. But I might talk more about each series individually in the future anyway.~ ^^  -Games: So, what have I been playing lately? Most of my time gaming lately has been spent on this game:  But I'm also playing a lot of other games in the sides (like Inazuma Eleven 2, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box, Star Ocean First Departure, etc). ^^ Uh, that's it. This blog got longer than I intended, but maybe I'll do some other smaller ones soon, who knows? See ya all~ (*) Phoenix

Born from the ashes!

Well, I used to be phoenixgaiangel, but my account had some problems that made me unable to use GS's normal pages. Thanks to that, I'm now using this new account. I'll have to work hard to make this account like the previous one, but I couldn't really stand the situation I was into. >_> That's it. Hope I can follow people again soon, but I don't intend to follow games anymore. ^^