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Publishers, here's the formula to make fun games again... ready...?


Put in the artwork and all the things that make the game 'pretty' AFTER core gameplay has been established.


Pretty games with no gameplay value are $60 movies.

Value games

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I love buying games for $20 or less. Take Madden 08 for example... why pay $60 for 09 when 08 is basically the same game with updated rosters? Assassin's Creed - fun game, $20. I don't feel like I get $60 worth out of any game anymore, so with a little patience, I don't end up breaking the bank. Got PGR3 today from a friend, gonna drop that in my 360 a little later.

We just finished Army of Two. Once you figure out some of the little things about that game, it can be a blast. I've also been told by him that he doesn't play it single player because it's really only fun two player. Either way, it's an excuse to get out of the house and go play alongside a friend rather than just talking via XBox live because even at it's $25 pricetag, I'd rather just beat it with him rather than spending $25 of my own money and then never playing it after completion.

Ninja Gaiden II is slowly on it's price decline and probably gonna pick that one up when it gets low enough. Trying to find some other titles that may be pretty fun and still low in price... know of any? Let me know.

Being a cop...

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It's fun to be a cop sometimes.  For one thing, I'm not working with a primarily female staff, which eliminates a great deal of drama.  People are always looking over their shoulder to see if I'm watching them... I get my own car... I get to carry a gun... it's actually a really fun job.

NHL Union Leader

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So I really can't devote the time to the union that it deserves, partially due to WoW and the fact that I graduated from the Police Academy end of August and am still looking for a job.  If anyone wants the steering wheel for this union, send me a PM.  I'll probably just ninja-promote one of the officers, but like I said, I can't give it the attention and time it deserves and I haven't posted in there in months and I'm sure there are many other worthy people who will give the union a good home and nurture it as I tried to do in the beginning, before my WoW addiction!  :)


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I saved up the 500 gold and waited for the price to be right... now I have a Foror's Compendium of Dragonslaying, which if you don't play WoW you don't know that it is the book required to get a Quel'Serrar. I also have lots of armor ready for my warrior to don once he hits the appropriate levels. He's gonna be a bad bad undead man!

6/3/06 - Went on Onyxia kill with the guild and smacked that hoe around. Got my Quel'Serrar and Crusader enchant! Life is good.


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My buddy Shawn and I had been playing Alliance Characters on Gilneas and decided that we should devote more of our time to that endeavour. We'd been toying with the notion of deleting our 60 characters on Silvermoon and moving. Shawn went ahead and axed his 60 Hunter and 60 Rogue by dropping a trade skill, picking up enchanting and then disenchanting all his gear and then sending it on to his 51 Druid, which he said wasn't terribly tempting to pursue to 60 because Druids are boring anyhow.

Following suit, I first went after my 60 Warrior... I disenchanted all his gear and after mailing away all the shards was going to go for the Warlock... that's when I lost my nerve. That Warlock has the only Molten Core epic of the two and is a badass DPS machine. At that point I petitioned a GM to revive my warrior and convert all the shards back into his lost gear... no go. Got back a naked warrior. I guess I deserved it though - it was an act of my own volition. I then decided to roll yet ANOTHER warrior!

So in comes my new Undead Warrior. Started him I believe on Wednesday, March 8. At first the levelling was getting a little tedious and then all of a sudden things picked up. I never knew how much fun a warrior could be! Since he was my first character on WoW, I didn't know how to play them. I had my talents in weird, helter-skelter places that really didn't help him much in the grand scheme of things. This warrior I'm breeding to be a kickass DPS machine. Since my Warlock has enchanting at 300, the warrior reaps the rewards of that profession on several pieces of his gear as well... and guess what? As of logging off of WoW tonight he is already level 30... that's right THIRTY! I have some weird drive inside of me to level him to 60 as quickly as possible. He'll be an armorsmith and I intend to gear him out like a champ.

His name does not fit the Phir/Phiir/Phier scheme at all... you probably could not guess his name. I like it that way though - I can redefine my playstyle and nobody has any clue it's me. I run a straight-up Undead crew right now - Undead Warrior, Undead Warlock, Undead Mage, Undead Rogue. I don't know if I'll mess with an Undead Priest for quite a while, but you never know... I could get in a mood...

3/15/06 Checked on Phir - his gear is back.


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Guess I should take down my Blues' signature seeing as how Doug Weight is gone, MacInnis retired and Lalime is getting less ice time than ME!  I probably should make a WoW sig picture pretty soon... I think that's what I'll go do now since I'm in the DAMN QUEUE!

Final Ding #2

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As of Friday, December 16 at 3:01 A.M., I am the proud owner of a 60 Undead Warlock.