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Since I have play ALOT of games, and have so little time I'm just going to post the game and the score in the post, so its easy to update, and read. Also I don't really have much to say about these games anymore, so a review doesn't work out well, anyways feel free to ask me about my scores I give


Civilization 3: 9.0

Civilization 4: 9.5

Rise of Nations:Rise of Legends: 8.5

Rollercoaster Tycoon:9.0

The Movies (by Lion head studios): 8.0

Gunz:The duel: 8.0


Sly2: 9

Sly3: 8.2

Rachet & Clank Deadlocked: 8.2

Dragon Quest 8: 9.2

Shrek 2: 7.5

Bionicle: 6.0

Spiderman 2: 7.5

Spongebob: Battle for Bikki bottom: 7.8

Starwars:Battlefront: 7.5

Starwars:Battlefront 2: 8.3

Finding Nemo: 7.3


Resistance:Fall of Man: 9.0

Rachet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction: 9.0

Metal Gear Solid 4: 10.0

Infamous: 9.0

Fat Princess : 8.5

Battlefield 1943: 8.0


Rachet and Clank: Size matters: 8.5

Killzone Liberation: 8.8

Patapon: 9.0

Killzone 2 or RE5?

Which 1 should i get, i can only chose 1 :'( BOTH AWESOME GAMES still dunno which 1. Don't tell me about their pros (like RE5 has coop and KZ2 has awesome competitive) cuz i alrdy know that and I have played both demos, still can't decide! :'(