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hmm so im back after a while away =)

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yea im back to the site that started blogging and forum searching for me, and it feels great,hope to hear from all you guys and gals soon, again it feels awesome to be back


PKMN:SS fc-3481 5606 2378

Just got MGS4

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i know that im in for some action packed story like all other MGS games the story rules and for this one i hope the online play is good too hey if anyone wants to play my ps id is FATBOYMUZIK

I have no money and still have to buy books

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yea college has made a huge hole in my pocket can you believe a simple english book is 100 bucks my jaw just hung a bit while my brain processed all the things i can do with 100$ but hey thats college for ya no?BTW my school hours are so crazy i cant even get a part time job because im a full time student "sniffles" i need money!

another chapter closed

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yes another chapter of my life closed graduate in two days and movin on to colege wooohoooo lol any 1 out there want to play DS WiFi im bored

anybody wanna play wifi on friday

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im gonna be onlinw with my DS on the following games, Mario kart,jump ultimate stars,advance wars DoR and pokemon pearl if u wanna play on friady drop the comment with ur friend code and ill pm u mine or ill leave it here too xD

I'm home and its for good this time!!!!

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yes i finally own a personel computer and now i can put more time into the unions yay 4 gamespot unions and also when i buy a nintendo ds wifi connector i can play all u guys and girls online well until my next blog peace
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