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Life with phantom (part 1)

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I was lazy, so thats why the blog wasn't done for the day it was due:P ( blog will be update from now on)

It has been a while since we last spoke to each other. You all might've been wondering where was I, and what I've been doing, so with that in mind, heres a life update from me.

My resolution is slowly being fulfilled, since I got 2 months left of school. Uptil now, I'm very proud of myself of what can I do if I put my mind into something and always being positive about it. I made quite a difference between last years and this year grades. I've gone from 4As and 3 Bs to 6 As and only one B, which is from Spanish ****- YES I am well aware that Spanish is my first language, but you have to takewhatI'm takingfor you to understand my pain:P

College is now approximately one year from now, how time flies. Just thinking that pretty soon I'm gonna be a senior and becoming a young, mature adult gives me chills down my spine. And to think that my birthday is tomorrow:|. 17 years old, meh, I'm happy so whatever.

School stuff aside, a gamer update is also very important. This update may not be that big because I haven't bought a single since last Xmas lol. But hopefully that will change this weekend with my birthday and stuff. I'm looking forward to purchase Guitar Hero: Metallica, Bioshock, or maybe even Pokemon Platinum. GH: M may not have that much songs (49 total), but its one of the first GH in which I like almost all the songs:P. Bioshock is a game that I'be been wanting to play awhile, and Pokemon Platinum, well I like pokemon, so STFU;)

On my Xbox update, I finally reached 5k gamerscorelast weekend, I'm an achievement hunter, and I'm looking forward to get every achievement that I CAN form every game that I have, but obviously enjoying the gameis much more important than this. Been playing Rock Band 2 almost every damn day, right now, its the game with the highest replay value Ihave come to known in my opinion, I also have been downloading songs, which reminds me, my next download will be the Megadeth album, filled of hard, but kick@$ songs. I'm glad that I gave Grand Theft Auto IV a chance, its actually a really good game, but I still wouldn't give it a prefect score. My third most played game is Call of Duty: World at War. Multiplayer keeps me coming back no matter what. On Gears of War 2, I really enjoyed the campaign, but not enjoying much the multiplayer, don't know why, maybe because the community is filled with cheapskates (too much use of the mortar).

All of this aside, I'm quite enjoying my social life (personal, so we wouldn't go further than that:P), so thats how my life has been going til now.

Major update coming tomorrow

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Most likely will be an update about my life, so stay tuned, right now its study time!

My spring break starts Wednesday btw.

New year, new resolution and a new look

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Here I am, January 22nd, posting my first '09 blog. Well I guess I can say that even if I'm late for the party, I hope that you're all having a great year and hope that you enjoyed last year's Xmas, that you spended a lot of time with your family...and of course a lot of games as well:P

Almost everybody can say that they made a new years resolution, but at the end of every year, or thtey forgot about it or that they were too lazy to do it. So, I made myself a resolution that I can assure that I will go through and finish it. Whats my resolution? Improve my grades at school, especially Physics and Spanish cL@$$ Not to say that my grades are low, its just something in my mind that makes me want to do well on both cL@$s$es. I want to make my folks really proud of me for my achievements and also to show myself that I can make my own future if I work hard for it. This is one of my top priorities for this year.

Anyways, on to GS news. Hard to believe that its been almost year since I've updated my game list, collection, and wish list:o. We'll see if I can get to it on the weekend. Ippon! Don't know what thats supposed to mean, but all I know its level 31:P, I guess that means that I've been a Gamespot Vet. since lv. 30:) Boy how time flies.

As the title says, what doya think of my new look? Code Geass FTW:P, weird that I requested for a profile of an Anime that I've only seen 2 episodes of>_>. But I think Lelouch is badass and C2 is hot in my opinion:oops::P

So GS friends of mine, how you doing?

Merry Xmas Day!

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Heres a Happy Xmas Day greeting from phantom4567, hope you enjoy this wondeful day and hope that you received what you've wanted all along;)

Short blog, too much games that need my attention:P

Yesterday - Spike VGAs

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During my Rock Band time, I almost forgot about the VGAs, so I quickly went to my room and whatch what this years spike VGAs will announce. Thankfully and surprisingly it was better than last years by a milestone. This time no cheesy band performances, no awkward game nominations and no presentations of games that suck like Iron man did last years lol.

Jack Black was definitely a better host than Samuel Jackson>_>. By this I mean if you watch the intro of the awards you know what I mean lol. Anyways on to the awards

- Gears of War 2 won best shooter of the year

-World of Goo surprisingly won Best independent game fueled by dew (even if I don't know what the hell ''fueled by dew'' is supposed to mean)

-The company that made LittleBigPlanet won best company producer award (completetly owning rock star and harmonix lol)

- GTAIV won game of the year (owning MGS4:P)

One that surprised the hell outta me was Boom Blox being the best Wii game of the year. Pardon my reaction, but WHAT THE ***K HAPPENED TO BRAWL???

Definitely this years awards were much better than last years, and we got some exclusive new footage of games like Dante's Inferno, the new Fight Night Round, the new GTAIV expansion pack: The Lost and Dammed, etc.

So if ya dedicated your Sunday night to this, what did you think of this years Vgas?

My Xmas break

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[bear with me, this might be a long @$$ blog)

Good afternoon I would say. Its has been a really long while since I wrote my last fancy blog post. I kinda left you all wondering if I have been playing my 360 and ignoring everyone here at GS. Well the asnwer is yes, and the other one is no. Yes I do have been playing my 360 mostly all the time, but I wasn't ignoring you. I was all the time here at GS also (reading some forum posts, blog posts, commenting once in a while, etc.). I kinda gave up on blogging since out of nowhere, i felt that it was uneccesary to write and that gave up too much of my time >_>. But I tossed that aside and here I am writing again. Even though I'm on my Xmas break and I've got nothing to do:|

Anyways I think I'm gonna update you all on my experiences with the 360. Instead of sounding like a mega fanboy or a freakin nerd, I'm gonna tell you right now that it IS in fact a great console, got a lot of great games, and I'm addicted in increasing my gamerscore lol (why?, for bragging rights of course:P). I forgot to tell you all that I had the most amazing baddest luck of all (bought my 360 3 days before microsoft announced the new 60GB 50$ less 360), yes i payed 50$ more for a 20GB, which led to some frustration in my part sadly. Bad luck aside, I quickly forgot about that playing some games lol. How many 360 games I got so far? I got four (more to come on Xmas:)). Which are they?:

- Halo 3 - bought it along with the console. Lots of fun in multiplayer, getting the achievements, playing the campaign, etc. Too bad my disc came out scratched:|, don't worry, thankfully nothing serious happened...uptil now.

-Rock Band - bought the whole band kit actually. Definitely the best rhythm/music game I've ever played (come get me GH fanboys), spended most of my time playin the drums, and I consider myself now a proffesional in it >_>. wanna test me? Send me a request then lol.

-Rock Band 2 - By now, you must now that I'm a rhythm/music game fanatic lol. This is basically the same as the first rock band, but with more likeable songs, (84 of them plus DLC), finally a single player plus online Band World Tour, and some fun multiplayer (bought the game only)

-Banjo Kasooie: Nuts and Bolts - Been a fan of the bear and bird ever since their big N64 release and honestly this game never dissappointed me, sure it has a tad of repetitiveness, but the colorful graphics and the vehicle work shop has kept me coming back.

Well, there you have it. This is my whole 360 experience so far. Obviously Xmas is drawing close, so next comes my whole Xmas list for this year. Behold: (* means for 360) I'll be updating this daily.

-*Guitar Hero World Tour (guitar kit)

-*Gears of War 2

-*Call of Duty: World at War

-*Burnout Paradise

-*Sould Calibur IV


-Castlevanis : Order of Ecclesia (DS)

-God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

-clothes >_>

First of, I'm not expecting Santa to bring me all of these wonders, but those are the games that have drawn my attention. Sadly, the Wii is being ignored this Xmas:(, there are absolutely no important games for it, and its a shame that its still so young, but with too much shovelware.

Well, I think this was all I was meaning to write to you all, so here are my last updates. For my GS friends, if ya want to send me a friend request over Xbox Live, be sure to tell me who you are, and I'll gladly accept it. And lastly, but not the less important, Happy Holidays brought you by Phantom:P

E3 08 - Day 1

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E3 started off very early this ear with the big M Microsoft Conference. I'm not planning in doing a review of the whole conference, but I can at least give ya some details of what Microsoft revealed to us today.

Not surprisingly, we couldn't see much of the beginning since Glitchspot crashed RIGHT at the start of the conference and if you didn't watch it on G4, be sure to watch it when ya can. Okay, they gave us half-hour of game demos of Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and one of my faves, Resident Evil 5. All of these games look awesome, but its a shame we couldn't see more of them. After this, it was basically boring due to a lot of casual games and a possible rip-off of Micro's other two rivals. Wanna know more? Watch the rerun;)

Square Enix gave me quite a surprise in the conference, on spoiler if ya really want to know.

[spoiler] FFXIII now coming for 360 as well. [/spoiler]

This was an exciting day, and I honestly can't wait to what Nintendo haves in store for us, for Sony, not so much.:P

I'll keep updating these blogs, its E3 so gotta blog it lol.


Problem with Xbox Live

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Before you ask, yes I just bought my 360 yesterday, so I'm technically a ''noob'' to this console. I'll explain my problem now step by step.

I made an offline profile first because I didn't have a good connection in order to enter Live. (Its fixed and I can now enter perfectly). But my main problem now is when I want to recover my gamertag, it asks me for the email and password for my Windows Live ID. I typed my email and password and click sign in. Note that the email adress I'm using is the same I use for MSN and my emails ( But then this pop-up appeared.

''This Windows Live ID is not associated with your gamertag''

I honestly don't know what it means. How do you make your ID associate with your gamertag? Do I have to make an account at Or does it mean that my email is not valid? What EXACTLY do I have to do?

I'll make edits to this in case theres some important things I forgot to mention. So please help if you can. I also made this a forum post so I can have more responses.

A month later...

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Phantom suddenly decides to return for a while...So, I know, its been a while. For some reason, I became hopelessly lazy and started to enjoy my summer without writing any stuff. I figured since the big E3 is coming up soon, I might as well make a temporary return and enjoy talking about even more games with close friends. This doesn't mean I'll be as active as I said I will be. Gamespot has taken a bore on me, and since I might be getting my new 360 this week, I'll be practically dead here:|.

Also, I give thanks to my friend ChaosRyder665 for the new awesome profile. Hes a great friend and trustworthy, so I'm looking forward to enjoying E3 with him, its gonna be hilarious:P. Anyways, yes, its The World Ends With You. This is truly one of the best games I've ever played and I recommend it to you. I'm a big fan of the game's music too.

Anyways, on the 360 news, I ''might'' be getting it tonight. With what game you ask? Well its between:


I really don't know which game I'm getting first, and I'm having a really tough time trying to decide. I was going to get Halo first, but the GTAIV commercial keeps appearing in my TV and its driving me crazy:|. So basicaly, I'm stumped. If you like to give me any recommendations to each game, then I'll have less of a hard time deciding:P

Thats basically all my updates, and I'll see you guys at this next E3;)

[spoiler] Indestructible, Disturbed's new album...GET IT NOW:| [/spoiler]

phantom's Summer Achievements

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This list will be edited over and over again in order to fully write all of my special achievements for this summer. Right now lets start with my most popular gaming ones. List expires August 1st:P

  1. -Purchase a PRO Xbox 360
  2. -Purchase The World Ends With You for the DS.
  3. -Achieve GOLD Xbox Live Membership
  4. -Purchase another Wiimote and Nunchuck control.
  5. -Purchase 2000 Wii Points
  6. -Organize my PSP Main Menu and purchase God Of War: Chain of Olympus.
  7. -Purchase Grand Theft Auto IV for 360
  8. -Purchase Rock Band for 360
  9. -Purchase Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 for 360
  10. -Purchase Bioshock for 360.

Now for my in-gaming achievements: (on the side, I put a difficulty for achieving the achievement)

  1. -Clear Crisis Core on Normal Mode+, with getting Genji Armor and Costly Punch Upgrade. (Moderate)
  2. -Clear Phantom Hourglass again with getting all Spirit Gem upgrades and full Heart set. (Hard)
  3. -Clear 150cc on Mario Kart Wii and getting all unlockable cheats (Normal)
  4. -Clear Resident Evil 4 on Normal Mode. And get the Infinite Rocket Launcher (Moderate)
  5. -Pass all Purple Coin Missions and get all 120 starts on Super Mario Galaxy. (Hard)
  6. -Pass Raining Blood on Expert Career (Hard)
  7. -Pass Through The Fire and Flames on Expert Mode (Insane)
  8. -Get 100% Adventure Mode Cleared on Banjo-Tooie for N64 (now THIS is really hard)

Okay lets continue the list, I know I won't achieve every single one injust these 2 months, so you don't need to say that, I just put them to let you know that I'm interested in achieveing them. Now for my other achievements.

  1. -Pass my driver's exam and get my driver's license.
  2. -Purchase a HD Plasma TV (whatever I can get:P)
  3. -Workout a few times every week, I'm a little underweight, so gotta feel the burn:P
  4. Coming soon....

So thats all my achievements uptil now. I can't think of anything else that I'm interested. I know they're a lot, so again, I can't and I won't complete each and every one of them. I may seem like a very materialistic person, but the truth is, I really don't know what I am. So feel free to judge me, I wont bother.

Thats my list, and heres how it goes. Every week on Sunday, I'll update my list on blog entries and color any achievement that I've achieved, so that way you can know which ones are complete and which ones aren't. So be sure to look out for them and comment your reactions;)

summer phantom out!