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Great games not in PC!

It was August, 2010 and I'm 13 years old. I was searching for great games which I could buy. I found Red Dead Redemption. I watched the trailer and got excited like hell! I watch some gameplay videos and other stuffs. But one thing I didn't notice that it was not released for PC. I mean what the hell! OK lets forget about that. The next day i started searching again for some great games. I found LA Noire. I watched the trailer and got excited like before. Then I suddenly remembered the thing from yesterday. ..........DAMN! This game was also not released for PC. Sorry I may not know too much about the system of XBOX-360 and PS3 but its not like PC is crap. I just noticed that more than 70% games are being released for XBOX-360 and PS3 and the 30% is being made for PC. And another thing, why are games with amazing ratings nowadays are not available for PC? Sorry I'm just 13. I just wanted to speak my heart out. If I'm wrong please enlighten me.