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I'm finally BACK!!!

Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration considering the fact that I'd never totally disappeared. Anyway, I moved into a new house a month ago and we didn't have wi-fi there until last night, which is why I haven't been active in a while. The house is awesome, I've got wild turkeys I can shoot, basketball-playing neighbors to hang out with, and an amusement park in my backyard, with rollercoasters and everything (I found a bunch of cell phones and stuff underneath a couple where people dropped them on the ride :P).


Random yet important news: my chia pet is done growing. I named it Billy the Bird. It's quite hairy. I dropped him off of a balcony though, so he's starting to grow bald. :( Poor Billy.

I'm reading the Aeneid in school right now. The translation sucks majorly and makes a cool story totally boring. Trust me, I've read it in the original Latin, so I know that it's the translation's fault. I'm also reading Dante's La Divina Comedia in the original Italian. It's pretty good too, also butchered by horrible translations. That's on my own though, not for school.

Oh, and I totally sabotaged a famous author's Youtube video. He did a thing where people could ask questions and he would randomly draw 20 of them out of a hat to answer in a video. So I asked what the weirdest name Crayola's named a crayon color, and guess what? It got picked. Among all of the other boring questions like, "Where do you get your inspiration?" or "How much research do you put into your work?" Lame-o. What's even more lame is that his answer was black. Three-time NYT Bestseller, people, and all he could come up with was black. (That's not the first time I've been a dork and been weird for contests and stuff. I also did a Q&A contest thing with a famous guitarist and asked what their favorite super villain was [I know, dumb question, the answer was Poison by the way. I'm not sure if they were referring to Poison Ivy or Venom though.] and I won a poetry contest held by a famous author by writing a poem about why pirates wear such huge floppy hats. I won the first draft of her new book, which is totally worthless. :/)

Also having to do with writing, I just reached 30,000 words on a book I'm writing. I'm only about a third of the way through the story, though, so it's gonna be a lot longer. Meanwhile I've made a bunch of friends on wattpad from uploading chapters and my professional-editor grandma is fixing up what I have so far.

Guess what? I got all As on my report card!! Ok, not really. I got a B- in Physics. But everything else: A. Woo-hoo!

Ok, that's it I think.

P.S. Has anyone tried those new Lays chip flavors? Like, the Chicken&Waffles flavor and stuff? Ewwwww!!!


I tried drawing for the first time.

Ok, so the blog title isn't technically true. I've drawn before, but never tried to actually be good. I mostly just stuck to stick figures (>-lo or >+o or whatever) but a couple days ago my brother dared me to draw a better picture than him, so I tried. Luckily he let me choose what to draw, so me with my affinity for historical naval warfare chose an 18th century British Man-o'-war. I didn't spend that much time on it and it kind of sucks, but mine was unanimously voted the best anyway (ok, so there were only two people voting, but it sounds better to say unanimous anyway. ;))

Since then, I've kind of been obsessed with pencil drawing. I'll post the pictures, but they're hard to see because my scanner is broken so I used a regular webcam. I'll just put em up in order of how much time I spent on them.

You can tell I'm into drawing old-fasioned modes of transportation. :P

That british man o war mentioned eariler


An old biplane with a couple random dudes in it.


Some old steam train I found on the internet.


Finally, the one that took forever because of my stupid perspective-messing-uping and re-doing, some guy in battle armor riding a horse also in battle armor while trying to kill another guy with his sword (the other guy is kind of hard to see because of the crappy image quality.)


So yeah, I'm not very good yet, but I'll get there someday. :P Maybe we'll learn how to draw in art class once we're done with stained glass. I hope not.

Oh, about Christmas. I spent the last few days with family, it was really fun cuz I have the best family in the world. Got some presents too, I love a cute scuddie I got with little monsters on it. I'll be wearing it like, every day from now on. Also got the entire 3 disc collection set of the Mummy series (Mummy, Mummy Returns, and Scorpion King) Watched the third one for the first time today, wasn't that great a movie. :/ There was also some Pillar and Decyfer Down cds, an Ensiferum cd, and the Soul Eater s2 soundtrack. Oh and I got an awesome green tshirt with a proverb on it. I think that's it... wait, no. I got a Thousand Foot Krutch (my favorite band) poster. It's so huge though, it's gonna take up the entire wall when I put it up. :P

Now it's you people's turn to tell me how your Christmases are going. :D

One more thing (which will take a minute). Some of you know that I'm trying to write a book, but I'm only a couple hundred pages into it. I can't decide where to go with the story though, trying to decide between two options. So if you don't mind reading them both and telling me which you like best, I would really appreciate it.

So far there's a Russian who's a fugitive in America (he's the bad guy) and he just fled back to his home country and built a modern version of Tesla's Teleforce/Death Ray (google it if you're for some reason interested in the actual version of the Teleforce.) Then, of course, there's the main character who's trying to stop him (he already did once, which is why the bad guy fled to Russia).

Ok, so the options. The thing is, when the bad guy flees to Russia no one knows where he went, so I need a way to get the main character find him and get involved so he can stop him. Option 1: The bad guy tries out his new weapon and the main character notices that a large number of people have died by disintegrating and/or melting (you kind of have to know Tesla's science to understand that) and he makes the connection and goes to stop him himself. Option 2: The Russian guy wants revenge for having been stopped the first time, so he kidnaps the main character and his girlfriend, who both later escape (or maybe just one of them, depends what mood I'm in when I type it) and stop him that way.

So, please let me know what you think.

Cuz there's nothing better to do.

Hey I needed a new blog so I just decided to type this up. Probably not going to have anything interesting.

So, how is everybody? How was your Thanksgivings (if your American and stuffs, I guess.)?

Oh, by the way, if anyone knows what this image is supposed to be, you get a million imaginary dollars.

blue-46324_640.pngSorry that was so large.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been active recently. The main reason was laptop issued. It kept breaking because some inner cord kept coming loose and it was really obnoxious. But my grandmother gave me her old one and I'm suffering through the cigarette and pasta smell to use it. It's actually pretty good quality, other than its complete inability to stream video. :/ Uh... more reasons I haven't been active lately. Right. Well, I did this thing called NaNoWriMo this year (a few other users have mentioned to me that they were participating too???) so that took up a large part of my time. It's where you gotta write a 50 k novel in the month of November. I also did cover designing for people who couldn't do it themselves, which was hit and miss ability-wise (if you're interested you can see most of them here.) Some of them suck, a few of them not so much, and some are neutral.

My birthday is tomorrow. Whoopie, 15 years old. That's gonna be fun, going to the zoo for some Christmas lights display thing. We're also going (completely unrelated to my birthday) to a concert in a week or so for one of my favorite bands, Family Force 5! I cheer inwardly whenever I think about it (!!!)

I also got a haircut for the first time in my life. My hair grows at an extremely slow pace, it's sooooo weird. But now I'm kinda funny looking with a nineties style that I sort of hate. :|

Let's see, what else is new? Umm... my favorite band is coming out with a remix CD tomorrow. Considering they remixed almost all of the worst songs by them imo hopefully they'll be better this time (the one I heard already is really good, especially since it has a Family Force 5 person singing in it (see above my love of that band) here's the link to the song if you're interested, most of you probably aren't into that kind of music though.)

I have a persona project coming up in school. I have to get up in front of the class all by myself and pretend to be Zeus for about five minutes. If anyone has any interesting ideas of what I should fill that time with, let me know. All I can think of is stalling by pointing to everyone one at a time and being like "I'm better than you, and you, I'm better than you, oh, I am so better than you." Then once I point to everybody I'll be like "And I can zap you all to death if I wanted to. So ha!" Unfortunately my teacher hates stuff like that and I already lost points for trying to name the essay version of this "Best Essay Ever." I guess he just doesn't understand true talent. :P

So did anyone get any good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? I forgot to go shopping. Ah well.

I was supposed to be studying for exams a couple days ago but I did this instead.

[spoiler] Making my hair weird and pinching my head in the webcam.

TPhoto_00001.jpgIgnore the creepy goat skull poster in the background. :P


I've taken up enough of your time, c ya


Why Sherlock Holmes is wrong. (And other stuff)

I was really bored today and realized I haven't put a blog on here in a few weeks, so I just decided to argue against Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, and from there I'll share some thoughts I've had recently, going in order of overall seriousness so that my blog isn't ubershort. You might just want to skip the whole thing, it's pretty boring. One of the (several) reasons Sherlock Holmes never made sense to me:  His whole method of solving crimes is based on a fallacy. He said (in the Sign of Four) "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." This is correct in theory, but the idea itself is impossible in practice. Like, if you told Holmes that instead of writing a letter to a person in order to convey a message you could just shoot the person an email, by the standards of his time it would've been considered impossible. The problem is, there's no way to think of every possiblity, every combination of facts to either eliminate or prove any given scenario "beyond reasonable doubt," every contingency that could possibly occur no matter how little the probability. To do this you would need infinite knowledge of not only the present, but the future as well, a gift that only applies to God. And so it's illogical to base your entire method of investigation on a strategy that cannot be sucessfully be practiced in real life.  I've also been reading a bit about neuroscience/neurolaw. It kinda makes me doubt whether future technology will be an improvement to our culture or a big step in the wrong direction. If you don't know what neuroscience is, it's basically studying the part of our brain that controls our decision making process, and other stuff like that. They are starting to "prove" (I use quotation marks because I highly doubt the legitimacy of their results) that our entire personality and behavior is predetermined in our genes and brain processes, and we can't go against it. It's pretty much saying that we live only by instinct, and we simply act the way we were destined to by our genetic code before we were born, and nothing we do can go against that, so basically we have no free will. Those of you who know my religious history will see why I have an issue with this. Of course, many who study this don't beleive that that is the only factor in determining our behavior, that also upbringing/childhood, relationships, and religious convictions can play a role in shaping who we are as well. Neurolaw is a rather recent development stemming from neuroscience. I just started reading about this and don't fully understand it, but from what I can tell it's a type of criminal defense where the defense can use neuroscience as an excuse for whatever crimes they are being accused of. They can say that since they are only capable of following the instinct they were born with, they aren't responsible for their actions, that "their brain made them do it" so to speak. There have alreafy been several cases of clinical psychopaths going free because of this defense. That also brings up the point of using neuroscience as a method of pre-emptive justice. If you don't know what that is and can't tell from the words, pre-emptive justice is punishing someone for a crime they haven't commited yet but were perhaps planning to commit in the future. But anyway, some people are studying ways to use neuroscience to evaluate babies before they are born, and see what they will be like should they be able to grow into adults. If that baby shows signs that it will display psychopathic tendencies in the future, they will inform the mother and encourage her to abort the child. Since I am against abortion, most forms of pre-emptive justice, and neuroscience, this sounds like an idea from hell to me. Like I mentioned nefore, most neuroscientists believe that our genes aren't the only factor in play here. So why should we have the right to judge babies for what they might become, based on research that can't be confirmed? That idea makes me growly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ok, so enough about that. I'm going to start taking some night classes at a community college soon. I'm all over the place with the ones I'm planning on taking, Advanced Vocab, Arson Investigation, Appalacian Folklore, Architectural Planning, and some other stuff that probably also starts with an A.;) And no, I have no idea how any of these will help me in the future. School is suckish. I'm getting a B+ in all my classes except Physics (math+science=I'm dead) and Algebra, which is the only class I'm getting an A in. I also have a weird class called Protocol, which is like how to act fancy in a formal setting. Ugh. Antiquities is boring too, we're reading some of Hesiod's stuff now and it is SO boring. I just bought an MGS game for Xbox 360. That one where it's like 2,3, and Peacewalker put into one game. I played it for a few hours but then my Xbox broke and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. :cry: And last and probably least, I drew my first anime person today. It's not a real character or anything, but I'm pretty proud of it. Body's proportional and stuff, but the head is kind of small and I haven't added clothes yet. Ok, that's all for my allovertheplaceness. Have a totally awesome day. ~P2

4 Redundant Song Lyrics

Hey, this whole thing is kind of pointless, but I'm bored. Today I was listening to my iPod on Shuffle and came across some really repetitive lyrics that weren't really necessary in the song, and a couple that are just as pointless as this blog. So I felt like sharing.

"You're the sweet unknown. So sweet... yet so unknown." Sweet Unknown by Thousand Foot Krutch. First of all, do we really need a definition of what that means? Even if we did, adding the word "So" to the original word isn't all that helpful.

"You don't even know, you don't even know, and if you did, you wouldn't even know." Whatcha Gonna Do With It by Family Force 5. I should point out that these are the first words of the song, so technically it's true, I don't even know, because I haven't heard the song yet. But if I do know, I don't? What does that even mean? *sigh*

"If my life is the price, then my life it will cost, it will cost my life." Away in Silence by Creed. This is something I didn't notice the first ten times I've heard this song. But then I thought, "Doesn't 'price' and 'cost' mean pretty much the same thing? So why point out that if something is the price, then that's what it costs? That should just be assumed, imo.

"I just wasted 10 seconds of your life." Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care by Relient K. The dumb thing about this is, this is the entire song. And yes, it's 99 cents on iTunes. Forget the fact that the song is actually 11 seconds long, (:o)but personally I would rather listen to actual music than whatever that's supposed to be.

Maybe I just don't understand true poetry. Perhaps that's the problem.

Another quick thing about music, I'm thinking of making a music video using various FPS footage. I'm thinking of using this song for it, it sounds war-y.

First day of school

So my first day of high school was today. It wasn't as good as last year cuz my best friend left. :( But we had a couple new kids in my class. One had spastic cerebral palsy and has to talk using panels. He's in both 7th and 9th grade, but I don't get why they couldn't just put him in 8th or something. Anyway, I was worried about how the day would go when in the very first period a student called the teacher's cIass "incomprehensible crap." :PWe're a Christian private school, so you don't hear that every day there. I have some dumb classes; Antiquities, Greek, Physics, and Choir come to mind. And for some reason they decided our class gets to skip geometry, so I missed the easy class and went right to Algebra 2. Uh... nothing else remotely exciting has happened today. So I've given up on both Prototype and Dark Void. Both of them I'm stuck on a part where you have to defend a vehicle, and I suck at defending anything but myself. On the flip side I'm quickly accelerating through MGS: Peacewalker. I'm gonna make a new profile banner. Ideas? After I made a crappy banner for the Randomness Union (thank you to all of you who joined btw) I got online and watched some video tutorials, and I think I can do better now. Sorry there's nothing interesting in here, I probably wasted your time. Anyways, c ya. ~personeyperson

Quick Update

I'm bored and it's too hot to go outside so I'll just tell you things about my life right now. Enjoy. :P I just bought a lot of stuff recently. Some video games a couple days ago, for one thing. Left 4 Dead and MGS: Peacewalker. I haven't actually played them yet... I think my neighbor played one of them for me. I can't play a new Xbox game until I finish Dark Void. I also bought a couple CDs, III by Family Force 5 and All I Was by Mark Tremonti (who is the awesomest guitarist ever.) I bought some books too. Let's see... There was Relentless and Vigilante both by Robin Parrish, Blood of Heaven by some dude with a name I can't remember, and Immortal Rain by some Japanese person whose name I can't even begin to spell. I bought a DVD too, it's season 3 of a show I like called White Collar. I feel stupid though, because two days after it came in the mail the whole season was added to Netflix. Oh well... Anyways I also bought some of that thin paper they use for receipts at stores and stuff, I think it was like 500 ft or something. I'm going to write random sentances in Italian on them and hang the strips in my room, and no one will understand what it means. So that's cool. I've been having some trouble on Gimp lately, maybe one of you all will know what's wrong. When I was trying to make a banner I added a file as a layer (actually two files as two layers) but they kept coming up black and white, but my original image/bottom layer was still colored normal. I have no idea what's wrong with it :( I started watching some anime recently, and reading some manga. I've always watched/read some of the more obscure or unpopular anime/manga, but now I'm checking out some of the more famous ones (Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, etc...) Plus the Immortal Rain series I mentioned buying before. I start school on the 21st. That sucks, but hey, freshman year. Pretty cool. Right now other than typing this I'm watching funny YouTube videos. I've gone through Kid History, my favorite Really Real Shows, bloopers of shows I like, and asdf movies and now I can't think of anything else to do. Maybe I'll draw a picture or do some research or something. My mom had the brilliant idea to dump sunflower seeds on the deck outside our window, so there are a ton of birds staring at me right now...O.o Really creepy. Well that was longer than I expected. C u next time. ~Personeyperson


Hey I'm really bored so after this sentance, facts are true, opinions are oppositized. So I've been watching golf a little recently with my dad. I love it, it's just so suspenseful, the way they raise the club slowly over their heads, and as they bring it down in a graceful arc you never know if it's the actual swing, or yet another practice shot. I just can't wait for the next game. I also realized that many of my friend have a great love of the band One Direction, so I decided to listen to some of their music. But from the very first song, I knew that their sound wasn't English, it was the voice of angels. And when I heard that one of the band members was named Niall, that made me love them even more. Niall is just the best name in existence, and anyone who wouldn't name their child that is worthy of execution. A couple days ago I babysat three kids, a baby, a 6 year old, and a 10 year old. I have to tell you, they were the sweetest little things I ever did meet. I thought it was great that every time I walked into a room, a kid pointed a bb gun at me and yelled "Lower your weapon!!!" when I wasn't evn holding a weapon. And I thought it was adorable the way I put the kids to bed at 10 yet one kept coming down literally every 3 minutes asking if his mommy was home yet, all the way until she actually arrived at 12:30 am. Oh, and it was very considerate of them to leave me with the baby while they watched The Mummy (I hate that movie btw) without me, but then "let" me watch Shark Tale with them. And the 45$ for 8 1/2 hours of that, really appreciated it. I'm about to go to a waterpark now. My life sucks. There was my week in a nutshell. End of sarcasm. Oh by the way, I feel like starting a union so I can have more interesting stuff to do on GS. It'll be an OT union (but with more fun and interesting topics than normal ones) if I do it. Let me know if you'd be interested in being a charter member, and I'll PM you if I decide to go through with it to confirm. :) See ya next time. ~Personeyperson

Game Suggestions? (Xbox 360 or PSP)

I'm about to buy a PSP so I can finally have a portable gaming system (yessssss!) but I've never had a Sony system before so I have pretty much NO IDEA what kinds of games there are on it. I'm excited cuz now that the PS Vita came out a PSP 3000 is less than 100$. If anyone knows any good games for it let me know. Im not really picky on what kinds I like, but I am religious so I won't get games with like, sex or nudity or anything like that. Not really worried about language though. And since I just beat my favorite xbox 360 game, you can suggest games for that too if you want. Thanks a bunch.

I wrote a story.

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll write a story without stopping to think about what I'm writing. Thus, randomness such as this is formed. Once upon a time there was a guy named Joe. Joe had a job at an explosives factory. One time Joe tried to celebrate someone's birthday at the factory and bought a special birthday cake just for them. It was celery flavored decorated with the parts of broccoli that looks like bushes. Joe lit the candles on the cake and started singing "Happy Birthday." However, just before he finished singing the song, an elderly midget woman stole one of the candles and ran away. Joe, who had deliberately put the candles in a specific arrangement, was really upset that his design had been ruined and started chasing after the midget woman. They ran around the factory approximately 14.3 times when Joe got bored and didn't want to run anymore. So he tackled one of his coworkers, stole his shoe, and threw it at the elderly midget. The shoe missed her and landed a few feet away where she tripped over it a second later. While flying through the air the candle slipped out of the small woman's hand and landed on one of the many explosive devices the factory made and it exploded. That caused all the other ones to explode until there was a giant hole where the factory used to be. Joe, however, was wearing a bomb-proof suit that he made himself, so he didn't die like everyone else did. He was in an exploring mood too, so he jumped into the hole in the ground where the factory used to be. That was a dumb idea though, and he ended up galling 23 ft to the bottom of the hole. His feet hurt really bad from the landing so he decided to swim without using his feet. To do this, he first had to find water. Luckily there was a river a few feet away. He executed his plan be swimming in the river with only his arms, but when they got tired he started to sink. He sank 15 ft down until he noticed an underwater cave . He swam into it and finally got to breathe. He wondered what was in the back of the cave, so he began to walk down it. After he had walked about 2 miles he reached the back of the cave, where a female dragon who had previously been hiding jumped out and ate him. Joe didn't die though because the dragon thought he was a pill to treat her worsening heart condition, and thus was not chewed, but swallowed whole. Then the dragon flew out of the cave through a secret tunnel, but got caught in a tornado almost immediately after reaching the surface. The dragon got spun around a bunch of times until she barfed, throwing up Joe along with the other bowel contents. This created a problem for Joe, as he was mow free falling inside of a tornado. Just then a weird light beam appeared around him and all of a sudden he was in a UFO. There were a bunch of aliens around him, and they started flying their UFO to the moon when they hit a satellite. The whole ship blew up and Joe and all the aliens went flying in all different directions. Joe landed on the ISS where an astronaut found him and gave him a spacesuit. When he returned to Earth he became famous for making the blast-proof suit and bought a hamster named Rex. He loved Rex a lot until one day he took him for a walk and Rex got eaten by a lion.