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A problem in my banner

IF you pay attention carefully on my banner you can see a really big problem.First look at the shadow of the soldiers then theshadow of the Farvahar (the symbol in the middle).the shadows are vice versa.I should soon correct it.

New banner

At last I make a good banner that shows my took someday to make it fit for gamespot.There is too much limitation for it.

making of Orient: A Hero's Heritsge

"Orient" PC game formerly named "Age of Pehlivans" was a dream 4 years ago. Someday, two people decided to found a unique game company to collect creative energies around Iran and make fun to play, international class games based on Iranian culture and history. The vision of "Game industry in Iran has a potential like IT industry in India" empowered the small team to study and work on different aspects of game development for more than two years. Tired of giving proposals and perusing organizations for sponsorship, finally "Hi-Tech Industries Center" agreed to sponsor the game and the story of "challenging game" production began. The supportive company "Resana Afzar Sharif" signed a contract to produce first Iranian "Role Playing Game" based on Iranian great Epic "Shahnameh Ferdowsi" and time critical project started. After a while, small team rearranged to a medium one with an average full-time staff of 15 specialists and more than 20 other part time and project-based colleagues. from

gameplay of Orient: A Hero's Heritage

The game is designed in an RPG (Role Playing Game) style which will let you completely control your character. You'll be able to explore Ancient Iran, The Pari lands, and the northern realms of the servants of Angra Mainyou, beginning in the city of Sistan.

Atar, the main character of the game is a young prince and during his explorations, by accepting and accomplishing quests, will obtain experience and strength as well as a wide variety of ranged and melee weapons, armor, clothing, herbs, magic rings and amulets and spells.

You will find out that wealth is quite important in the life of an aspiring Pehlivan* wishing to endure the dangers of living in a land ravished by beasts, traitors and thieves. You should have a good sense of commerce and trade if you wish to have a full inventory when the time of battle comes.

"Orient: A Hero's Heritage" is a highly re-playable game that will entertain you many times over. The state-of-the-art Finite-State-Machine structure of the game story will allow the player to play as a good or evil character, and the storyline will change accordingly. Friends might become foes, foes might turn into strong allies, and beasts may be your best friends, and although there is a way back from wrong decisions most of the times, you will have to choose your friends wisely, for it will determine the fate of Atar and Iran.

* "Pehlivan" is a title bestowed on great warriors of ancient Iran. It was especially reserved for those who not only possess great courage and skills in combat, but who also value above all else honor, wisdom and art: Warrior-sages who protected the weak, and lived a clean and pure life.

story of orient: a hero's heritage

The dark chaos gate looms high in the night-sky above Atar, covering the stars...devouring light itself. Atar, holding the mighty mace of Kaveh, desperately fends off the attacks from the beastly demons that attack him.

Suddenly, senses a cold chill deep within, as the huge sprite of a monster appears with an abominable sound that fills friend and enemy, man, elf and demon alike, with terror. The wings of the dark spirit cover the expanse of the skies, and a dark shadow falls on all. Then, amidst the terror and confusion, a woman's voice calls to Atar, "Atar, Atar! Join me..."... Atar's body starts to lift off from the ground and float into the odd gate after the woman's silhouette vanishes inside it. Atar vanishes from sight too and an immense cry of pain goes up from the winged monstrosity that is called the spirit of chaos: "No....!"

Atar awakes from his nightmare, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. "I have had this vision before! What was that gate? Who was the woman? How did I have all that power? And the mace? Light as a feather! The snakes? The fire? And that Angel of darkness!"

The same night, Zaal, Atar's father tells him of a dream of his own. Together, the dreamers have seen a vision that will change the fate of Atar and that of his land forever.


orient a hero's heritage

"Orient: A Hero's Heritage" is a computer-based role playing game (CRPG) designed for the PC platform. The game will be in Farsi, but the entire dialogs will be also available in English as an option, albeit without voice-over.

There will be a myriad of spells, swords, armors, etc. available to the avatar in order to enable the player to overcome his more fierce enemies. The player will meet Elementals and Demons and Angels, whose powers he will be able to invoke if he reaches the required level in magic and if he does their biddings. Whether on the side of light, or dark, the player will be offered a beautiful environment, with a lovely scenery and authentic ancient architecture, great spell effects and a great story to play and live in.

The story of the game is based loosely on the history of ancient Persia, and the symbology of the "Epic of the Kings", also known as Firdauwsi's Shahnameh. It will touch also on various epics on the ancient history of Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt, and offer an exciting new take on all of the above. There are also numerous sub-quests, the completion of which will bestow many valuable items and anew abilities on the player.

One of the major role playing features in the game is the possibility of a choice between the side of Light or that of the Darkness. The player will meet people, and befriend or fight with them depending on his alignment, which in turn depends on his previous actions and even thoughts! (i.e. the player will have to choose his path in his own mental realm when he hears his inner voice) The player will advance in strength, agility, etc. in order to grow from an aspiring young prince, to a renowned Pehlivan and magician.


persian game

Orient: a hero's heritage is the first good game that Iranians(persians) are making.It is a computer role-playing game and it takes place in ancient persia in the age of champions (pahlevans). It based on " epic of the kings" of Firdauwsi, the great poet of persia. you play as Atar that is a prince and you should decide between good and evil.