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I Have Had A Dangerous Disease and Other Things

I can now officially say that I have had the swine flu... And honestly, it's not as bad as everyone thinks! No, the symptoms aren't the easiest thing in the world, but I didn't feel anything close to dying! Wusses in the government... I can tell you what I experienced, but this is not the time and place.

Why, you may ask yourself? Is he going crazy, you may ALSO ask yourself? But, no... The true reason for my excitement is because... Get ready... I would like to start...

Okay, since I haven't been too active, I don't know if GIMP or whatever has gone "out of $tyle" but I don't care!
All of you designers out there, I want YOU to come and participate in my all new contest!
Tomorrow, I will post the instructions and you may begin working on your submissions!
On Friday, I will begin to accept your submissions! I do not know for exactly how long I will accept submissions, but you willhave AT LEAST until the end of next week to do it, since I will be out of town for that week!
So, you can sign up if you feel like it, that would be nice (just comment saying: Count me in!) and I would really like a LOT of people to participate, so please tell everyone that I am having a contest and "stay tuned" tomorrow, because I will then post the instructions regarding the contest!
Anyways, I hope that you can participate!
See you later...

Nintendo E3 Conference

I knew from the very beginning that I would be disappointed. With Cammie Dunway going on and on and on at the beginning about nothing but boring crap, no new Zelda game for the Wii (which is what most Nintendo fans have been anticipating), and releases such as: Women's Murder Club, Wii Vitality Sensor, and The Conduit (which I don't know if it's good or not, but it doesn't seem to be the most popular thing...) it was overall a disappointment.
But, there were a few titles that caught my attention. Those titles being:

Super Mario Galaxy 2
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Wii Sports Resort (sort of... I'm more anticipating it than I was before)
and Metroid: Other M

Before I rant, let's talk about the order of events of this conference. We started off with Cammie Dunway and her boring speech. Blah Blah Blah Puppies are Cute Blah Blah Blah (I'm sure we've all seen that little thing...) She then announced the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They then gave us an example, four player, gather the coins, just like Mario Bros. Wait... Four player? Is that the big ADVANCEMENT that Mr. Iwata has been planning to bring Mario to the number 4? Remember when she talked about the number 4? She made it sound all big right? WRONG! The only new thing is that it's on the Wii and multi-player. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool, but she builds up your expectation and then CRASH! It just comes falling down...
Anyways, and please correct me if I'm wrong because this is all off of my memory, next up was the Regginator and some other guy to explain: Wii Sports Resort with Wii Motion Plus. We were shown three different activities that you can play in the game: Sky Diving, Archery, and Basketball. It was really stressed how accurate the Wii Motion Plus thing is with your actions... It was all kind of boring, but it was a step up from last year. Nintendo sort of made my anticipation for this game go up the slightest bit. But still, only a little.
I can't remember what happened next, but I can remember something kind of big happening and then Cammie Dunway comes along to ruin it all! With her announcements, she included: Women's Murder Club, COP something something, and a new WarioWare game. I think that she may have also been the one to say: "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on shelves next week! (or something like that) Now, here is Mr. Iwata here to tell us about his new creation!" ..... Wow... that was pretty epic Cammie! We're ALL excited for Women's Murder Club (sarcasm).
Next, was Mr. Iwata. I don't know about you guys, but this was COMPLETELY pointless! Wii Vitality Sensor... Something that you put on your finger and it counts your pulse... 'Hey everyone! There's an all new pulse checker that you can pay 100$ (I don't know if it will cost that much) to use! WAHOO!!!' What ever happened to putting your finger on your wrist and just COUNTING your pulse... Nintendo is just bringing us new ways to become more and more slumped into our couch and cut off from the real world. Then, Mr. Iwata just walks off! Nothing on how you would use it in gameplay or ANYTHING! Just a big waste of time in my perspective...
Anyways, it went on that "Regginator" announced three, third party games including The Conduit and a new Resident Evil. Cammie Dunway then walked onto the stage to announce Super Mario Galaxy 2. After watching the commercial, it looked just like the original! Except for that we get Yoshi and drill things... That was pretty cool, it made me excited.
Then, I think, Regginator walked back onto the stage and claimed: "I've read the blogs. I know what you want!" Well, he obviously doesn't, because how long have us Nintendo "fans" been asking for a Wii exclusive Zelda game? I don't know... maybe about... OVER 2 YEARS!!!! The last game(between Mario and Zelda)to be released on Wii was Super Mario Galaxy. Isn't it Zelda's turn? I guess not... Instead, Reggie announces Metroid: Other M... I don't think that anyone saw that coming, but it was exciting! At least we'll have Metroid to hold us off until next year!

Now, Nintendo fans, what did you think of the conference today? I wasn't as disappointed as I lead myself up to be, but it still wasn't all that great... I enjoyed watching it, but it wasn't all that epic.
For next year? What we need to do is expresshow much we want a Wii exclusive Zelda game released or announced next year! Let's all post in our blogs and send each other messages on how we are going to show Reggie just how much he: "Read's the blogs!" Let's band together, Gamespot! Let's get what we want!
Anyways, there's my rant! I hope that you enjoy and have a good day!
ermy9007 out...
P.S. E3 '09 emblems are up now! I have the Microsoft one right now, soon to get Nintendo and I'm watching Sony right now, so...
P.P.S. There were some other things like Wii Fit 2 announced, but this was all off of memory, so don't be angry if I missed something!


For two reasons:
A. School is out tomorrow!
B. E3 is coming up!

There's not much to say about school being out, so I'll just move on to B.

Since I haven't on very much lately, I don't know what to expect! Last year was the very first time I ever felt super hyped for E3 and boy was it a huge letdown for the Nintendo Presentation... All that I can hope for this year is some good announcements, breakthroughs, stuff like that! The only good thing that came out of last year was Animal Crossing: City Folk. Even that was the same thing as all the other games... Perhaps we won't be let down this year with stuff like Shaun White: Snowboarding, Wii Music, and Wii Sports Resort...

Anyways, not an epic E3 blog, but I'm still excited for the announcements and hopefully "big news" that will come out of Nintendo this year!
But like anyone cares, right?


Hey guys!
You probably don't remember me, but now you can get to know me better!
I'm back and here to stay for the long run (hopefully)!
Anything new I should know about?
Hope to talk to you soon!

I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me...

I think you all (if anyone) may know what's going on
It's alreaady happened to plenty.
And now it's happened to me.
It is:


That's right. I'm leaving. I think.
It's just not as exciting as it used to be.

So, like anyone cares, goodbye. Maybe.

Whatever Happened to permy9007?

Well, he has been right here! Checking in on blogs, making a union (a complete failure) and school. I haven't been busy with school or anything, I just haven't posted anything! I have a new sig to show you, but my mom is not being very nice and won't let me use the computer that I saved the sig to. And my mom is also being EXTREMELY unfair. She says, "You kids are too wired, too much technology. We need to read books or play outside! That's what I did when I was growing up!" And guess what she's been doing for the entire 5 hours I've been home? Sitting on the laptop and talking on the phone with my neighbor's boyfriend (who KNOWS why?) So, that's my rant of the day! The last thing I wanna say is: When I get to making a union again, could you please tell me whether or not you would like to be in my union? It would save me a LOT of trouble and time!
Well, I wrote that up like a month ago so I completely forgot what I was going to say! Well, I hope that you will all come back to my blog and enjoy what I have offer! If I really have anything to offer, that is!
Well, see you later!
(I have two sigs to show you, and here they are. I like the first one MUCH better than the second! I was trying mostly just an experiment on the second one. Here they are!)
1.Sonic Sig

2.Samus Sig

School+New Video

Hey, anyone. Well, as most of us know, the new Gamespot is here. I like the other one better, this one is too slow. But anyways, school starts tomorrow for me. I'm excited, cuz I think summer is getting way too long.
This is a short post so to make up for the past few days, I'm gonna post three youtube videos. Two of em are about Brawl, and the other one is some stupid Nintendo one. Here they are!
Well, those are the videos. I'll start posting one video every day. Oh, and how do I make the link where it says: LINK and it takes you to a youtube video? If you could tell me that would be great. SEE YA LATER!!!


Hey, anyone.
Well, I'm bored so I'm making a new blog post.......out of boredom.........ANYWAYS, I got a new avatar and I really like it. What do you think about it? That was kinda weird............. Anyways, I like it, what do you think about it?
I'm getting more active in one union cuz I think that's about all I can handle right now. That union is..............THE NINTENDO ALL-STARS!!!! They have some really cool stuff and I think you should check it out! Go to my unions at the top of the page and scroll down until you find The Nintendo All-Stars Union. Right now, they are getting some new officers and having a Mario Kart Wii Tourney that you can still apply for. Check it out if you read this blog! I DARE you to! I say a lot of weird stuff now don't I........... Oh, and I'm thinking of starting my own union. Should I? Is it any fun? Or would it be hard to handle all of the responsibility?
I'm starting school on Tuesday and it's one of those things where the 7th graders go to school on Monday and then the 8th and 9th graders go on Tuesday and then everyone comes together on Wednesday. I'm excited, I feel like summer is getting too long and I'm ready to get up early every morning and go to school!
I got a new emblem for doing tags on my blogs. It's the Tagger Flirt's an emblem. I really can't think of anything else to say.....
Yeah, so it's an emblem and I'm gonna be getting updates for it since I'm doing more tags.
Next, I FINALLY unlocked Mii Outfit B on Mario Kart Wii! It's pretty cool, cuz I have been delaying unlocking him for some time now. BUT I FINALLY HAVE IT HAHAHAHAHA TAKE THAT ALL YOU PEOPLES THAT DON'T HAVE IT YET HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was normal.
Anyways, that's about it for me! Goodnight everyone I will see you tomorrow! SEE YA LATER! (I'm expecting comments.)
Oh, and I'm going to start putting a video from youtube after every blog. It'll kinda be like a video of the day thing. Anyways, here is today's video: Goodnight!

New Characters I'm Training With

Hey anyone.
This is probably a post that noone REALLY cares about, but they come to my blog out of sympathy and boredness and decide to actually comment. So, that's that. Anyways, like the title says, I'm training with two new Brawl characters. The reason? Because I have a friend who is better than me and all of my friends, and I'm okay with that. But, he is really annoying and makes up all of these excuses every time we manage to beat him. It makes all of my friends and me REALLY annoyed. So, my friend and I decided that we are both going to get good with one or two characters and SMASH HIM when we fight him again. The two that I'm gonna be training with are:
Yoshi Yoshi Sprite
and Lucas Lucas Sprite
I never intended to want to get really good with these two, but it just happened. Well, I picked Yoshi and then I would take a break from training with Yoshi and I used Lucas. I found that he was fast, has some powerful moves and an AWESOME final smash(though I don't think it's the best). I found I was good with Lucas, so I decided to put him up with Yoshi to train with. It's gonna be AWESOME to finally SMASH my friend!
Also, have any of you been watching the Olympics? I was watching them last night and on came the 4by100 Meter Free$tyle swimming race (I can't find my multiply key right now:P) It was AMAZING. The French were like: We are going to SMASH the Americans.That's why we're here. The French were winning going into the last quarter of the race. Then, the American swimmer just MOTORED it. He was swimming as fast as he could, and he ended up beating the French. They must have been so embarrassed during the medal ceremony. HAHAHAHA TAKE THAT FRENCH!!!!(no offense to any GS users that are French). I'm American, so I was excited. My parents were watching it with me and we JUMPED off of the couch when the Americans beat the French. It was pure awesomeness! Oh, the one that won it for the Americans was Jason Lezac. Anyways, if you haven't seen the race, here is the link:
It's pretty cool, so I hope you enjoy. I'm also going to be making ANOTHER attempt to make a video. I make the video too long, then I make it less than 10 minutes and it still won't upload and it's making me MAD. I'm also starting to make tags. Anyways, that's it for today! SEE YA LATER! (I'm planning to get a new avatar soon)

New Sig+A Few Other Things

Hey, anyone. I just made this sig a few hours ago with my friend cuz we were bored, so rate it if you want to.
Here it is:
Krystal Sig
the words are a little unclear and it just me. Dunno why though.... Anyways, if you can't read what it says, it says: Krystal
Team Star Fox

I Fight For What is Right
Kinda weird in my opinion....
Rate it if you want to and pleaes read the blog below this one. Dead still needs help. You'll get what I mean when you read the blog. Also, how do you do animation sigs? Just wanna know cuz I want to start making them. Anyways, gotta run. So rate, visit Dead's (Ikeswordman's) blog/level up his brawl card, and tell me how to do animation sigs. Well, that's all. SEE YA LATER!!!!