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Skyrim's Arrow in the Knee Translated

So one of the great things about working for a software company is that sometimes we can get our staff to put together something rather geeky and fun...

Feel free to share this out with your friends, and we hope you enjoy it.

Our original article: This link will likely be updated with more languages as they come in from our blog staff.


One of the latest memes on the internet sprouted from one of the most popular video game releases of 2011; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A casual comment spoken by various town guards is, " I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee." It comes up frequently enough, and is quirky enough, that it caught on as a meme. In the past two months, endless spin-offs and remixes of the phrase have surfaced.

Earlier this week, a blogger on Tech in Asia posted an article about the use of the phrase by Chinese speakers on the internet, and how that culture has adapted the meme to their own current events. As a language learning company, our ears perked up at this concept. Maybe the complaint that the meme is being overused would disappear if it were… in German? Russian?

When you're learning a language, having fun with it is a big step in the right direction. And so here we present some additional translations from our language team for when you take an arrow in the knee. We've included both the original sentence, and a handy fill in the blank version for whatever it isyouused to do.

1. I used to be _______________ like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

2. The original: "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee."


The first one is a bit difficult because "J'étais ________" is only correct if the next word describes the actual person. (Ex: I was an adventurer or I was short or I was happy.) However, if you want to say "I used to play" (so, in this case describing a habitual past action), the verb must actually be conjugated in the imperfect. Ex: Je jouais =I used to play. Here is a direct translation:

1. J'étais ________comme vous ,mais puis j'ai pris une flèche au genou.

2. J'étais un aventurier, mais puis j'ai pris une flèche au genou.

Here are two examples:

I used to bake my own pies, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Je faisais mes propres tartes mais, puis j'ai pris une flèche au genou.

Or, you could express it like this:

Je faisais moi-même des tartes mais, puis j'ai pris une flèche au genou

(In either case, gender or speaker doesn't matter because it's the action.)

I used to be a language learner like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

J'étais étudiant de langues mais, puis j'ai pris une flèche au genou

In this case, gender does matter because it's describing the person. In the example, it's masculine. If feminine, it would look like this: J'étais étudiante

And, if you want to really designate that the "used to" was in the past, one might add the word "autre fois" (In the past).


1. Eu era ______ igual a você, mas daí eu levei uma flechada no joelho.

2. Eu era aventureiro igual a você, mas daí eu levei uma flechada no joelho.


1. Yo era ______________ como tú, pero me hirieron con una flecha en la rodilla.

2. Yo era un aventurero como tú, pero me hirieron con una flecha en la rodilla.


1. Jeg var engang _________ som du, men så fik jeg en pil i knæet.

2. Jeg var engang en eventyrer som du, men så fik jeg en pil i knæet.

The translations are not literal, but adapted to a wording that sounds more Danish. (Jeg plejede at…, I used to…, is more used with active verbs, like "I used to swim each Friday".)


This meme is doing fairly well on the Russian Internet. The full sentence is:

for a male:Я тоже раньше был искателем приключений, как и ты, но потом получил стрелу в колено.

for a female:Я тоже раньше была искательницей приключений, как и ты, но потом получила стрелу в колено.

The translation of the phrase "I used to be___________ like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee" is "Я тоже был/была _________________ как и ты, но потом получил/получила стрелу в колено". (I provided both male/female versions for the verbs)

The Russian meme also has such versions asЯ тоже хотел/хотела…. (I also wanted), including this hilarious one - wanted to be a liberal president, but then I took an arrow in the knee)


1. Jag brukade vara……….som du, men sen blev jag skjuten i knäet. (but got shot in the knee)

2. Jag brukade vara äventyrlig som du, men sen blev jag skjuten i knäet.


1. Bhínn i mo ______________ mar thusa ach ansin bhuail saighead mé sa ghlúin.

2. (adventurer: eachtránaí)Bhínn i m'eachtránaí mar thusa ach ansin bhuail saighead mé sa ghlúin

There's a contraction now, "i'm" instead of "i mo," because of the two vowels. There are actually about half a dozen ways to say this, but I think this pattern is the most straightforward.


1. Früher war ich ______________________ wie du, aber dann schoss ich einen Pfeil ins Knie.

2. Früher war ich ein Abenteurer wie du, aber dann schoss ich einen Pfeil ins Knie.

Note: In German we say "einen Pfeil schießen" (to shoot an arrow). This, again, expresses who is the agent/doer of the action, which is not the case in this situation.

So, when the speaker 'shot himself in his knee' say "aber dann schoss ich mir einen Pfeil ins Knie". When someone else 'shot an arrow in the speaker's knee', say: "aber dann schoss man mir einen Pfeil ins Knie" (like above). When you do not want to stress whom the speaker 'shot in the knee', say: "aber dann schoss ich einen Pfeil ins Knie" (also the same like above).


1. Byłem (male)/Byłam (female) __________ jak ty, ale potem dostałem(m)/dostałam(f)strzałkę w kolano.

2. Byłem (male)/Byłam (female)poszukiwaczem przygód,ale potem ostałem(m)/dostałam(f)strzałkę w kolano.

Now you can tell all your Danish friends about your extreme archery misfortunes. We'll add new translations as we get them. Happy language learning!

10 Spookiest game Villains/Enemies of all time

So here is a quick list of my top 10 spookiest game villains/enemies. This list is really in no order but if I had to pick the creatures or villain that had spooked me most of the years this would be it.

This will of course contain some spoilers, so beware!

Alma Wade (F.E.A.R)

Nothing to me is more creepy than a little evil girl with supernatural powers who likes to jump out and go boo at random moments. I have to say the best scare she gave me was in the first game when I was went into a cube with a blinking phone (which didn't work) upon turning around she immediately jumped at me and screamed.


The Hunter (Dead Space)

What is worse than a creature you can't really kill! It adds a level of scariness and tenseness to any situation, and none did this better than dead space with the hunter. De-limb it and run for your life… rinse and repeat. Least you stop it in the first game, in Dead Space 2 you just get to run and pray!


Barbara Jagger (Alan Wake)

She is more the subtle villain of my list. The women without a heart who died drowning in the lake you see in the start of the game. She is often seen and heard in some of the more spooky scenes of this amazing game.


Satan (Resistance 3)

What do you do when a giant/massive creature is trying to eat you and destroy the tunnels around you? Shoot it, run, shoot it some more, and keep running! This massive rather scary boss gave me a run for my money in this year's hit sequel.


Dark Ones (Metro 2033)

Are they your enemies? Yes? No? I am not sure I can truly answer this, but good lord they scared the crap out of me. Attack and vanish in mists, make you see some really crazy things which just added to the tenseness of this dark and spooky title.


Feral ghoul reaver/Glowing ones (Fallout 3)

Sometimes an enemy doesn't have to do anything but go rarw and run at you out of nowhere… And Fallout 3 excels in that! So many times have I listened to my radiation meter ticking in a dark destroyed building to only have these ghouls charge out to kill me! Ahhhhhhhhhh…..


The Collectors (Mass Effect 2)

Though they might not be the scariest villain every, they do have some of the most memorable creepy moments in the Mass Effect series wondering there ship and station. None more so than watching your crew members get melted down into liquid to help build a human-form reaper. Piles of bodies, and the voice of the controlling reaper adds to this atmosphere.


The Pfhor (Marathon)

I remember playing the old Marathon series back when it was new. Nothing ever scared me more than the noises these creatures would make as they charged at you from who knows where. Playing this game late at night for long hours was one of the first games ever to cause me to jump out of my seat!


Houdini Splicer (Bioshock)

Poof! Shadow on a wall…. Poof! Shadow on the wall…. What is going on! Ahhh its behind me! That about sums up the Houdini splicer in bioshock… These villains brought some of the few times that I ever jumped in this series.


Gears of War (Berserker)

One of my favorite spooky moments were any fights involving a BERSEKER! Nothing in that game brought terror to your group more than hearing Marcus yelling that word. More so since without the hammer of dawn all you could do is run and pray.

Simple list, simple pleasures! That's all for my top 10!

Thanks for reading,

Triumph\/Tribulation - Xbox/Microsoft Support Review

This review will likely contain large amounts of annoyances, rants, and possibly some form of humor as I decide if Microsoft Support is worthy of the triumph\/tribulation title…. Or…. "Triumbulation" which would be somewhere in-between the two.

So for those of you who follow me you might have heard me ranting about managing to get my Xbox account hacked/stolen.

Monday morning I turned on my console and had the first bit of the oh crap, why can't I login moment…

Next I find I received emails from xbox confirming the purchase of 10,000 points…. which I guess can be gifted to someone.

After changing all my account information I called Xbox and got a person on the phone right away!

The person I spoke with told me they would look into it, and they would lock down my ability to purchase items, or change personal information. Now I asked right away if I would be able to access Xbox live services, IE Netflix, chat, etc… and was told YES. Remember this word… because it will come into play in my next piece of this rant…

I get home and pop in space marine last night sure enough Microsoft has shut my account down completely during the inquiry, meaning I can't so much as look at xbox live now. I can simply wave at the connect to Xbox live button and have it give me the middle finger of

So of course I call Xbox again, after waiting 10 minutes, telling my story, I am disconnected when they attempt to transfer me…. Call Xbox again, speak to a very nice lady… who was as nice as possible in telling me I am screwed. That this process always involves locking down to the account completely and could take 14+ business days before they even contact me to tell they have begun looking into this. I can't even get them to reverse this until they contact me.

Microsoft! Yes you! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! You have just earned a Tribulation score of 1.0 (you only got a 1 because of the nice lady)

Talk about punishing the victim… So… space marine… dead island… no online play for you!

P.S American Express took 5 minutes from start to finish to pull these charges…

Triumph\/Tribulation - Singulairty Review

This review will likely contain large amounts of spoilers, annoyances, rants, and possibly some form of humor as I decide if a game is worthy of the triumph/tribulation title…. Or…. "Triumbulation" which would be somewhere in-between the two.

Singularity begins with you flying towards your objective in a helicopter, and of course if you play many FPS games you know where this is heading. A wave of energy hit the helo causing it to crash.. just once I would like to have something pleasant happen to me while flying in a helicopter.

The first hour in Singularity is greatly different than what follows, almost reminiscent of the experience you receive in dead space. Evil humanoid creatures jumping out of spooky environments with you wielding only a pistol with limited bits of ammo. Though once you find your first assault rifle the game changes, now you blast away without a fear of running out on ammo which seems to take that creepy sensation right out of the game.

After Renko (your character) mistakenly messes with the "temporal prime directive" you must find a way to stop the giant singularity of doom. This is done with the help of supporting characters, and a device you gain access to called the TMD (Time Manipulation Device). This device add a good deal of fun to the game allowing you to hurl objects, age people to dust, and even turn enemies into the evil mutated creatures that wreak havoc on your attackers.

The TMD also allows you to repair or destroy certain items which can be used to help solve some of the rather noobish puzzles. Fix another crate… use crate to jump up to higher area, now I feel smart… smash crate, place under door, repair crate to lift door… Rinse… repeat…

Now most games you play tend to scale up the difficultly towards the end of the game. Singularity does the absolute opposite to an extreme level, making the last 45 minutes of game play extremely easy as you run about with unlimited power for your TMD.

The finale to the game adds in the only element of choice Singularity presents you with. Allowing you to make a good, evil, or I'm Darth Vader screw the world and all its fluffy creatures' selection.

Throughout Singularity Film and audio logs you discovery add interesting bits of history to what happened in the past to cause these issues. They also sometimes add a level of nervousness to what is going to be around the next corner.

Sadly I haven't been able to experience any of the multi-player game play due to the lack of enough players to even allow a match to begin. So if you're looking at this game you likely have to write this off as something you won't be able to experience much of.

Now even though I beat on this game a bit I un-expectantly gave this title a Triumph score of 8.0. Well worth the time if you are looking for a new shooter while waiting for the next Bioshock game.

Triumph\/Tribulation - Two Worlds 2 Review

This review will likely contain large amounts of spoilers, annoyances, rants, and possibly some form of humor as I decide if a game is worthy of the triumph\/tribulation title…. Or…. "Triumbulation" which would be somewhere in-between the two.

Diving into Two Worlds 2 after all the reviews I knew right away not to expect a game made of solid gold. It like many games of its kind is rather full of generic characters, plot and glaring game play issues which in the end left me let down… Now I am sure I will find some hard core fan who will come and throw something at me for saying this (maybe a water bottle off the head like Justin Bieber), but its true!

The game starts with you fighting your way free with the help of some random characters that show up just at the right time to save you but not your sister… great now I am free… I think I am going to go run down these stairs… wait… im dead… falling damage? Seriously… okay now I'm outside, this area actually looks really cool, I am going to run down this slightly inclined slope, nope I'm dead from falling damage…

A slightly sloped hill is more deadly than the evil game villain?!? Great, so now that I will be carefully crouched down and crawling through the universe this might slow some things down.

The quick travel portals you begin to discover come in handy as the game does promote some rather large sized maps, though only the first of the 3 areas actually provide any need and wish to explore. Which means after you complete the first region you have completed most of the game. After you complete some of the first main area horses become available in the game but I actually spent more time just trying to find one than I ever did riding one, maybe I missed something important.

At certain points even the main character seems to not care or want to take things seriously. "Oh you want help… *sigh*… well I have nothing better to do."

Now I have been beating on this game rather hard but I do have to say it has its enjoyable moments in some of the side quests mixed with humor and interesting battles.

Random Lady - "It worked you helped me bring my husband back!"
Main Character -"Wait what?"
Random Lady - "Now he will only need a little bit of your blood to keep him alive, I would do it but I just can't give him anymore"

The largest spoiler you can ever get in a posting is in regards to how the game actually ends


It is often a trend to try and spice things up and changes things up (Which I love mind you), but you at least want to be able to fight the main villain that you have been striving to battle the entire game. Not only will you not get this satisfaction, but instead he bails you out of a situation and you don't even get the minor satisfaction of watching him get torn to shreds, instead you get to frolic down the hallway for a battle which for the most part doesn't even involve you using any of the skills you have worked to level up during the game.

So all in all I will toss this game into the TRIBULATION pile and ask someone to please provide me with the 30-40 hours of my life back.

To harsh? Maybe…

Well this is my first real blog/review… more to come!