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A Song for Edd Gould of Eddsworld (1988-2012)

Hey everyone, I'm not late with this.

I'm not sure how many of you have heard (or even know who this guy is) but a famous YouTube animator named Edd Gould who created the cartoon series Eddsworld passed away on March 25 after a six year battle with leukemia. He really was one of my biggest inspirations to start animating, which I am still promising, and along with being a great person, was one of the cornerstones of the entire internet animation community.

With that, in his honor and memory, I wrote him a song. You'd have to be a fan of his to get a lot of it, but I just hope that his friends Matt and Tom find it in good enough taste. That doesn't seem like it would be much of a problem, considering Edd laughed off his condition anyway, joking about it in order to continue animating. Still, for those of you who watch/listen to it, I hope you like it.

-Ryan, FreshFernStudios

A Favor Please? From Anyone who likes Spring?

I've been making music, instead of animating, over the course of the past few months, explaining my disappearance, as I have stated before.

Normally, I let whoever stumbles upon my music to see it, but this time I'm just asking for people to see my newest track: I'm trying to make it the main track for my animation studio, Fresh Fern Studios. The energetic feel to it, I think, fits the name of my studio- hence why I released it around the beginning of springtime.

The link is here:

I'd appreciate it!

Nostalgia Time- Level 21: Snagglepuss

I remember a long while back, when I was still very young, and I would make blog posts about leveling up to a new level on, of which I knew no one would care about.

Well, why not now? I leveled up for the first time in three years and...I dunno....I guess I wanted the feeling of nostalgia.

I'm not really one for long blog posts anymore, so anything else probably won't be mentioned here (follow me anywhere else if you're interested though).

BTW Happy month late new year 2012!

Done Being a Freshman........Penguanios! Penguanios! Penguanios!

You'll get the title at the end.

So...yeah, I'm back! (I keep saying that, and it's usually only for once- then I disappear) I'm so happy that my freshman year is over. With Health cla$$ being a pain, an inconsistency with lab reports in Biology, and a steady decrease in my Global history grades, along with a really good Spanish year, flawless geometry cla$$, and an increasing English grade (I actually thought my Geometry and English teachers were both great!), my year's been mixed, but ultimately uninvolved. In my sophomore year, I hope to get involved more in extracurriculars, like sports and clubs, and lower my levels of procrastination.

What was stupid about the end though was the senior graduation. I had to be there to perform in the band, where we would play "Pomp and Circumstance" (graduation march), and sing in chorus. The weather looked pretty bad, so it turns out that the chorus didn't perform due to a change in schedule (basically, the chorus-only students wasted three hours doing nothing on a relatively cold day for summer, when they had to arrive the first out of everybody). By the end, all of our band music was also flying all over the place. Most unorganized graduation ever.

Aside from the graduation, I'm still waiting for my finals and Regents (NY State Exams). I did well on the SAT II in Biology (I'm not revealing the exact score, but it was somewhere in the high 600s) and the English final was almost so mind-numbingly easy that it was hard (if that makes sense?). So...yeah. Now I've got a whole summer full of basically nothing (except going upstate and possibly getting a job).

All I can do is wait for sophomore year and hope I do much better than I did this year (even though I didn't do horrible).

Anyway, with the second part of the title lingering on you, I should reveal that it has something to do with Das Communimover. Well...not technically. It's an animation, but it's unrelated- an independent Fresh Fern Studios production. It will be called "Penguanios" and it will be about the enhancing lives of two researchers at a base at the South Pole. You could go to the Fresh Fern Studios website (an updated version of Milk n' Berries: to learn more.

I expect to air it possibly in November, but I really don't want to put any more certain airdates on my productions, because they're never fulfilled.

That's all I have to say for now. Let me know how your years have been, and let me know if you have any questions regarding the short (or Das Communimover, if you're curious).

Also, the girl in my avatar is Emmalia, from Das Communimover. It's not a cartoon version of me. I'm not sure if I've ever revealed it (it's been too long), but I'm not a girl.

-Ryan H.


Due to the infrequency of me being here, this is where I will be:




Das Communimover Updates- is this my last blog this year?

Hi everybody! (No, Dr. Nick's gone). I've risen from the dead (colloquial talk for "I was bored with YouTube and came back here for awhile), happy to blog again on this account. Most likely, however, this will be my last for the year (only 9 this year- what's going on?) because I'll be busy preparing for the holidays.

I've been meaning to recap on a whole bunch of things that happened over the course of the last six months or so, but I forgot most of them, so I'll just start with stuff from last week.

I just came back from a ten day vacation for Thanksgiving. It was a combination of a trip to Puerto Rico (split in half) and a week long cruise on the Caribbean Princess in the middle. We had excursions in St. Thomas, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire, and Aruba (my favorite, personally). During Thanksgiving, the ship's executive chef had a turkey carving demonstration in the main Piazza, which I was lucky enough to taste (it was a small turkey!) after he prepared it (good I did, I didn't order turkey for dinner!)

Since we didn't have a traditional at-home Thanksgiving on the cruise, we did it the next Sunday, which was yesterday.

So, I don't know how many of you caught my blog in July (not many people read them anymore) about my cartoon's renaming (for those of you who don't know- it's now called Das Communimover.) Well, it's been renamed, and I'm getting sick and tired of holding off its premiere. Since I'm stumped with episode ideas, I've decided that after initial development is completed (which it basically is) that I would focus on smaller projects first.

Because of this, I'm working on an animated music video (for the holiday season, but it may not be completed by the end of it) to the song "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses, which I personally think is a very catchy song.

And for those of you who haven't kept on top of the show's news, when the short comes out, the central character will be a girl I've added to the main cast in January- Emmalia (pronunced em-MALL-i-uh, not emma-liah). But for those of you who have, you should know who this is (don't worry- Kris, Aldman, Jordan, Zazie, and all the other characters will still be there!)

As for the show's airdate (ugh!) it probably won't be reliable, but I desperately want to TRY and get it out by July 16, 2011, which is the 5th anniversary of the Das Communimover website "Milk n' Berries". I also hope to get the music video out earlier- anywhere between January and March.

So...that's it. I'm probably not going to have much time on here again, so try and stay updated! Also, if I don't catch you guys again, Merry Christmuhannukwanzakah (aka Holidays)!


That Was One SCARY Thunderstorm!!

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!) How's everybody doing? I'm just great, and the first few weeks of school have gone along smoothly. My History, Geometry, English, and Spanish teachers all top my all time charts of my favorite teachers already, and I'm procrastinating a lot less now.

Well, I've been doing a few mandatory band rehearsals recently for, you guessed it, my BAND cla$$ grade. I had one for a little while last night, but it didn't go quite as planned.

If you guys checked the front page of today, you'll notice it says "Deadly Night in NYC" or something along those lines. Well, in the middle of the rehearsal, that storm was exactly the flaw that abruptly ended the rehearsal.

After going to my friend Kyle's house to play Halo Reach for like a half hour, I soon headed to the field, where we played our Billy Joel selection until about 6 o' Clock. We noticed a small amount of rain and a few instances of lightning. Ms. Henson, our band director, called us babies (jokingly) and continued to conduct. Once the lightning and thunder in the air became constant, we headed directly back inside.

Normally, I'm not scared of thunderstorms. I knew that even if the storm wasn't that bad, power might still be lost and rehearsal would probably be canceled (there weren't enough chairs for all of us inside the high school). So when I told Kyle, "This is apocalyptic!" because we like to joke around about that stuff, that was the second when the lights started to go haywire. Ms. Henson demanded us to call our parents to pick us up because it was simply too dangerous.

Now I like to wait out in the rain. But I must say that I regret doing it yesterday. Before my mom came to bring me home, a huge, yet brief, 5 minute MONSOON swept through, dumping what appeared to be 2 inches of rain in that period of time. I stood out there for 5 SECONDS and I got completely SATURATED, hair, clothes, and shoes, with water. It was also the first time I saw cloud- to-ground lightning in real life. The really scary part though was that the lightning was only like about a quarter mile from where we were standing! And we had brass instruments...(gulp!)

Also, a small tornado appeared to batter through Brooklyn, about 25 miles from here, originating from the same storm.

The streets that I just rode my bike on when I left Kyle's house went from dry and hot to OVERFLOODED in just about five minutes.

The rehearsal was not rescheduled.


Freshman Schedule and The Horrors of Hurricane Earl...Plus Vlogs and More

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!) How's it going? I haven't been writing as frequently as I would've liked to (not true. I didn't want to because I was lazy), but now that two days ago was my two year anniversary, I want to start out with a new string of blogs.

First off, I'm starting high school this Thursday, and I recently (about two weeks ago) got my freshman schedule. It goes as followed:

1st A) Living Environment 10 Honors Labs

1st B) Gym


2nd) Living Environment 10 Honors (Dejavu?)

3rd) Geometry 10 Honors

4th) Global History 9 Honors

5th) Spanish 2

6th) For the first semester...Introduction to Science Research

For the second one.......Health

7th) LUNCH (this late?!)

8th) English 9

9th A) Band 9/10

9th B) Chorus 9/10

I'm glad to say that I'm in more than my fair share of honors cla$$es. I'm actually really excited for high school, although I am bummed that summer seemed so quick. What's really weird for me is that I somehow make it seem that fun times seem to linger longer than boring times (which I bet a lot of you would envy). An example of this would be when I went to Six Flags New England last Saturday with my dad's side of the family. That small day seemed to make up for an otherwise boring summer.

I was pretty annoyed for the past week or so because of a screw-up in the mailing of the schedules. My friend Chris, who lives in an area that usually receives school notifications ahead of me, never got his schedule. He lingered waiting for it for more than a week longer than I did, so eventually his mom had to pick it up. Turns out, we're in the same Living Environment cla$$ (but oddly, only EVERY OTHER DAY), the same Global History cla$$, the same Science Research cla$$, the same Health cla$$, the same Lunch period, the same English cla$$, and the same Chorus period. Yay for me.

However, although school is due to start this Thursday, and even though I have Monday, Thursday, and Friday off next week for Labor Day and Rosh Hashana (spelling?) respectively, I may have this Friday off as well. The reason?


I'm not sure how many of you recall that I live on Long Island (in New York), but as of this point, there is a slight possibility that the Category 4 hurricane could strike Long Island sometime on Friday. Note I said SLIGHT, but that doesn't indicate that it would strike at tropical storm strength or something like that (like how I posted about Hurricane Hanna in 2008 ). I'm talking about if it strikes, it's likely to be a CATEGORY 3. That's worse than Hurricane Gloria in 1985. With 115 mph winds possible, my house is screwed, for it's on a huge hill with like ten fifty-foot tall trees surrounding it.

This really sucks, because I'm supposed to leave for a trip to Hershey this Saturday for Labor Day weekend. If the storm passes at that time, I'd doubt we'd like to drive in torrential downpours with, once again, 115 mph winds. As of now, we're not canceling though, because the projected path isn't certain as of now. The official weather report for the next few days indicates than on Friday here, only showers and high winds will occur, but the storm's still near Puerto Rico right now. It's still strengthening, although it's already at category 4 potential.

I'm probably going to post a live video about the situation sometime before Thursday on my Youtube Channel, FernandoCrescando (for those of you who didn't visit already, I'm starting to post live vlogs, you might wanna see them). But for now, my family, friends, and the rest of Suffolk County is in mass confusion right now, but I'll get back to you when I get all the details.

It won't necessarily be funny, but wouldn't it be weird going to school on Thursday, then finding out it's destroyed by a hurricane the next day?


I've Been Here for TWO YEARS and...that's less than 5, Right?

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!) I couldn't get to this story yesterday, so I'm just gonna say it now. Yesterday, my account turned 2 years old! Over the course of time from 2008 to now, lots has happened to me in both my personal and internet lives, but I don't want to get to far into that right now, because I'm tired.


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A lot of things haven't changed at all because I haven't been on that much over the course of the past year.

Thanks everyone for commenting on all of my blogs! Also, continue to show your opinion for my show title! (Go to to vote if you didn't already)



Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!) I posted a blog a few days ago, and only one person actually commented on it. Since I want as many people as possible to participate in this vote, I reposted this blog (you know, it shows up first in the users' status).

I'll talk about everything I experienced since I last wrote here in a different blog, but now, I need a vote.

I'm not sure how many of you recall The Kris Show, the cartoon that I was working on. I've been drawing it constantly, but I haven't actually finished an episode. With low publicity and a nonexistent potential fanbase as of now, I've looked for as many results for "The Kris Show" as I could.

Unfortunately enough, most of them were different topics such as two different "Kris Shows" already on Youtube, along with the "Kris Aquino Show", among many others.

I've consulted the issue for awhile now, and have come to the conclusion that after four years of going virtually nowhere with this show, it's time to rename the show.

If you look on, you'll see the plot has to do with a movable town named "Ferguson Hill". This huge agglomeration on treads has a term I specified myself- the communimover. This, along with the fact that a majority of the show doesn't focus just on KRIS anymore, led me to the conclusion of a new title- "Das Communimover".

Even though the show has been designated as The Kris Show for so long, I show little signs of regret for changing the title. If you think about it, the title was boring, uncreative, unimaginative, and irrelevant to the plot of the show.

This new title is one unlike any other show has done, particularly because of the made up word "communimover". I personally think this title will stick all the way to the production era. My siblings say they don't particularly like it, but I'm assuming they're just used to The Kris Show. After all, it's been called that since 2006.

Anyway, even though I feel this title is going to stay, I want your vote to see which title you prefer- The Kris Show vs. Das Communimover.

You can still check the Kris Sho- wait, I mean the Das Communimover website to see the progress of the show if you haven't yet (be warned, there may have been some things I haven't updated yet).

Also, two days ago, it was Milk n' Berries' 4th birthday!

I want to get as many votes as possible, so I put a poll up on the website, which will be open until I reach a definite conclusion.


Please speak! I want to hear your voices!



POLL AS OF 8/4/2010 10:30 am


THE KRIS SHOW: 4 votes