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bf3 vs. mw3

Sooooooooooooooooooo..... I've bought both MW3 and BF3 to see exactly what the hype around the games was all about. I've came to the conclusion that BF3 multiplayer completely destroys that of MW3s' multiplayer. MW3s' multiplayer seems like MW2 all over again. But to MW3s' credit the story in the single-player campaign game is captivating as well as extremely fun. The ending is awesome... The special-ops is also something that make the game a must have. And that, to me, gives MW3 the edge. BF3 multiplayer is the best. Expansive maps plus the combination of ground and air combat makes this games multiplayer superior. Also the way that we can interact with the map physically is another plus. BUT... The whole interogation to tell a story is sooooo played out and the single-player campaign is lacking in luster. But all in all it seems to me to be a matter of ying and yang.... Modern Warfare 3 has a fantastic campaign, and a redundant multiplayer. Not to say that it isn't worth playing.... Special Ops give the game the edge. Battlefield 3 has the edge in multiplayer, but the campaign seems to me like a "been there done that" kind of deal. The multiplayer experience MAKES the game. Im glad that i've got bot both but my recommendation is that if you like multiplayer go fore Battlefield 3. But for the the most well rounded game you gotta go for Modern Warfare 3.


i guess i should say that its just super dissapointing to see how much nintendo has strayed from what they did best. i did not enjoy the wii, and the gamecube i never aquired the taste for. i grew up on the original nintendo and the SNES. then i moved onto the 64. all i had ever owned was nintendo products, even the gameboy color. i bought the gamecube and immediatly exchanged it for an xbox and i have not looked back. i want a nintendo system to fall back in love. im tired of being dissapointed by it...