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New Wii

If you go to Yahoo's home page, go to entertainment, and under the story about the guy who has 30 world of warcraft characters there is a episode of play back saying that in 2011 Nintendo will release a new Wii. And they say it will have upgraded motion sensing capabilities. if you know any more information please leave a comment.

top 3 ultamite brawl battles (1 easiest - 3 hardest)

(1. 3 level nine characters against you

(2. 1 level nine against you with you having a handicap of 300

(3. 3 level nine with you having a handicap of 300 and timed for 90 minutes and smash ball and hammers

if any one can beat this challenge they either had cheats on or are so good that they could beat the 3 best players in the world.

The types of platform clasifications, description, and examples.

1.survival- in these games you grab onto ledges and jump/climb extremely dangerous environments- example, prince of Persia, tomb raider

2.standard- in these games you just hop around with little or no moves beside jumping and a few attacks- example, Mario roamer- this is a type of game with fairly few games in the general market and where you spend most time in the air and trying to get from place to place- example, spider man.

4. gadget- these games you have little athletic abilities and use gadgets to achieve goals- example, ratchet and clank.

5.weapon-in these games you have amazing platforming and fitting skills and most commonly are also mixed with survival- example prince of Persia.