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Happy Birthday.

I don't really know what to say. I basically spent the whole morning moping about the whole world, and then I went with my parents to go grocery shopping (well, my mom did while my dad, sister and I went window shopping.) I ended up getting Virtua Tennis 4 for the Vita; hopefully it's good.

Oh, and did I mention we got a washing machine?

Overall, I'm pretty content with how my day went. It picked up after each moment, and I'm ultimately really pleased with everything so far. Thank the Lord for my awesome family, my friends, the opportunities and awesome video games.

Today marks the end of my high school life.

I don't know how best to express any of the things going through my head right now, but I have to say, my batch is one well worth being a part of.

I also have to thank my relatives for showering me with cash I can use to finally save up some money for college (although I don't really need to, I'm on scholarship for now which hopefully I can maintain.) I'll buy a game some time, but maybe when I'm really decided on one. For now, I'm going to marvel at how much money I received and savor it by putting it on my credit card hahah.

What a surprise.

So.. my mom decided to surprise me with a Playstation Vita as a graduation present. I've been saving up for one for ages, and she surprised me by saying she asked my aunt (who was coming back from America) to buy one before she got back. It's quite funny because she forgot to get me a game and everything. In fact, I was waiting for my order of Resident Evil: Revelations, and my mom sends me a text message saying all she got was a Vita. I didn't believe her at first because she tells me time and again that it will be hard for them to get me one. I felt kind of bad because at first I did tell her off for buying one when I warned her about me wanting to hold off on it in order to wait for a white one, but I really appreciate the gesture.

I was so scared my dad would get mad since he hates being left out on things like this, so I told my mom to tell him (he came home today from a business trip.) He seemed pretty okay about it, so everything's good. I'm charging it right now before I officially use it. There's no screen protector though, so I'm really scared.

I really have to thank God for all the great things that have happened these past few weeks; He balanced it out with challenges too that helped spice up my last few weeks in high school (although no, I haven't graduated yet; exams are next week and we graduate in three weeks' time.) I'll use this as motivation to get the best grades possible when I enter college so I can keep the scholarship offered to me (just another of the blessings I received..)

Besides that, I seriously can't wait to get my copy of Revelations.

I'm blessed, but I'm confused.

So, recently my dad and I got into an argument over my preferred college course and all.

I passed one of the most prestigious schools in my country, and I'm the only one in the family who got into there. The course is quite related to the one I originally wanted, so of course it made sense that he wanted me to go there. My dream course is in a school that's quite expensive compared to this one.

A few days ago I decided to do some more research, and it turns out that it may be best for me to just go ahead and follow what my dad said since it will save money and give me a better educational attainment. The problem now..

I passed the school I originally wanted, and I got a scholarship for being part of the Top 20 scorers in the exam. I don't need to pay a thing to go there now.

I decided a few days back that I would just go to the school my dad preferred, then this shows up today. I'm so lost..

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope everyone's having a great time on this special day, non-Catholics included. Stay happy from here on out, ayt?

As for me, I'll be playing Uncharted 3 thanks to my parents.. :)

We got new 3DS accessories!

Met up with family today, and my aunt's back home with the things I ordered! Hori Screen Protectors, Hori Game Card Case and a new Aero zip hoodie; too bad they didn't get to buy the CM4 Catalyst case :( It's all good though since we do have another case ready. I scratched the screen prtoectors before I even took off the top sticker, but it's not that noticeable while in play, so that's good right?

Finally got Mercs 3D!

This will tide me over for a looooong time. I'm so happy, but not completely. I gave up some of my pride and asked my mom to pay for it while I save up for the rest (I have a third of the price already.) I also told my dad I just borrowed it when in fact it's already my own precious copy.

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We got a 3DS.

It's not for me though. It was a gift to my sister since my parents owe her for not throwing her an awesome 7th (which was last year, and 7th birthdays are generally very important to some Filipinos.) I'm not mad though. They told me we could share, but apparently if they have the cash again, I can get my own (since there'll be conflicts with online activity and the logs and stuff.) That's a good thing 'cause I can wait to see what the red one looks like when it comes out on the 14th, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait a few more months from now to have any sort of chance to get my own 3DS.

How am I getting a Vita though? :/ lolz.