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Antichamber is amazing. Also try the Legend Of Grimrock games if you like puzzles.

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I was playing it last night and formations where working for me. Though the ships dont seem to want to stay in formation, I just assumed that was what happened when they engaged in combat and its a long time since I played the original to know any different. Apart from the tutorial bug I have only noticed one bug where I captured a carrier and upon loading into the mothership and it switching to my team the carriers docked ships would all spill out and attack the mothership like a trojan horse instead of coming out and defending the carrier in the first place. That one was a bit of a one eyebrow raiser but it hardly makes a broken game.

Perhaps if I had refreshed my memory by playing the original first then i would have noticed the things you mentioned.

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POP had some really bad ideas, I really hated the whole book port thing because I my main was a Druid but POP was great if you where in a high end raiding guild like I was, and I REALLY enjoyed the planar progression. My least favorite expansions had to be SOL and LOY simply because they added more grind to the game by massively increasing the amount of HP mobs had, I remember spending 20 minutes per mob root rotting each Elysian remains just to get some Elysian gear for my druid who would die in one round of attacks from one if I got too close. Luclin did make up for it with its raid content though, ill give it that.

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EQ1 is the best MMO ever made IMO. That is, until they bastardised it with casual elements inspired by the success of WoW and then destroyed it with the horrible F2P model. Nowadays if you play EQ1 all you see are groups of people stood around doing nothing while one person (usually a Shadowknight) runs around and owns a zone full of mobs in one go, all at the expense of everyone else who are usually much lower level trying to quest or XP in the zone. This is the new way to "power level" in EQ1 and it can cost >300,000 platinum per hour.

EQ2 was never any good and EQNext looks nothing like what EQ should be. In my view EverQuest is long dead already.

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@MirkoS77: 6pm GMT it unlocks :(

Cool its going to take 1 hour 30 min for me to download it anyway on my measly 8mb connection.

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Haha gamespy how i hated that web site god that so sucked hahah..Most horible thing ever..Havent heard of that for years )..Im old

"Welcome to Gamespy"

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If you got a 750ti you could later use that for physx when you get a better video card. Im not sure how well the 750ti performs for physx though it could be worth looking into.

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If it helps here are my settings. This is from my weakest computer too (i7 860@2.8GHz, GTX770 2GB, 8GBDDR3 1600). In towns and huge battles I get around 30-45 fps depending how big and around 60 -70fps when nothing much is going on. On this installation there are no mods and no startup parameters.

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I hope the bundle adds the rest of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games. I might go on a JK marathon, im already on level 5 of DF1.

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They dont do early reviews of games from big publishers that offer "betas" to people that pre-order, so I agree as well.