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He has Arrived


The spawn of pedro sequel is here. he was born on sept. 22nd and he is incredible.

i shall pray for you now.

I'm just a bunny in disguise!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've done it again...........

there is to be another spawn of Pedro. We're expecting a boy due in september.

I am completely thrilled, now I need to teach Xander to share his toys (he hates to share my 360 controls).

Oh BTW... If you see somebody with mynamewanderin around when youre playin Gears or any other game online, send me a message or friend invite on xbox live.

just keepin up

just wanted everyone to know that im still out there.

my son is great, hes a year old now.

he also has his own mini lazyboy chair and when he sits there he grabs a PS3 controller and yells for me to turn it on.

i'm still son is huge now

man, i never thought that i would have such a wonderful experience! my son is gonna be 8 months old soon and he loves to spend time with me when i get home, and he loves anime already, he watches ikki tousen and shingu as well as the world of narue.

he has tried to figure out the control of the ps3 already and always needs to have a control if im playing. oh yeah dad is his first word.

thats right he already says dad.

well thougt it was time to update you guys.

im getting married

so you can imagine what things are like now for me. or maybe you younger members cant. well i have limited time so i will talk to everyone later :P