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Happy New Year!

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Happy 2011 guys!

I hope you had a great holiday season, that you had an awesome Christmas and a cool New Year's Eve.

Now, personally, I believe that 2011 will be a more insteresting year in general, but mainly in games. I really think that 2010 was total underdog, in the video game department. Yeah, yeah, I know, we had StarCraft, Red Dead, Mass Efect, Cataclysm, and other really good games (I personally enjoyed Gran Turismo 5 and Deadly Premonition), but it looks like that... the release of those games was really not "exciting" at all, it was more like, you see it on TV, in a magazine and in a GameStop ad, and then the day it comes out, there are lots of people there to get it first and etc, but it looks like that, for instance, the past three years were more "hard-rock". Like, I bought GT5, and it's definitely one of this year's best games, but when I got it, I didn't come home running and smiling, popping it up in the PS3 and playing it 'till 5 am. I bought it, sat on my PC chair, played it for 2 hours... and then I just left the PS3 on, hoping for coming back there, and just layed on my bed with my MacBook on my lap watching YouTube and something else (most likely what I'm doing while I'm writing this review of the year, lol). But, aside from that, I can't say it was all that crappy. I actually had great times this year (both playing games and in general).

Personally, I'm looking forward for F3AR and The Sims Medieval (and maybe Dragon Age 2). Well, have a rockin' year and a awesome 2011!

Peace, Peter

Long time...

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Ok, i know I haven't been posting a blog for a loooong time, but that's because life isn't easy, you know? I got school, my YouTube projects, my girlfriend, my friends, my cat (lol), my family, etc. Now that I've some more free time, I'll try to do more stuff here, ok? :)

Assassin's Creed Bloodlines: rent it first...

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It's even more disappointing than GT, oh yeah... I was so excited to play it, I didn't even realised how poor it is. Ackward control, really bad camera, visual glitches, and probably the most STUPID AI ever! But OK, I don't know why, I'm addicted. Or it's because of it's charm (or because jump on rooftops is fun :D ), or because I want to know how it ends... Buy if you are a fever-fan of the series, rent first if you have a curiosity for the series, and want a fair plataformer, or just pass away, if you are looking for a at least 9.0 points game...

Gran Turismo on PSP...

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Ok, I must be sincere that GT is a helluva of a game on the PSP. But it's just frustrating... It's freakin' stupid that you have to wait days to buy cars, that there is no Career Mode, and you win money with any race, and that if you have a savedata on your MS, and then play it on another PSP (like your friend's one) with your MS, it doesn't recogzines the data (you click "Try to load data" but just fails...), and you have to save over, losting your previous data...! Those things I complainted here... are bullcrap... I'm really disappointed... Well, but it intertains until GT 5.