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Unlikeable Protagonists

So I know I have been away for awhile and I apologize for that. I actually want to get back into this whole blogging thing. So for the 3 of you who will read this I present an amazing list of "unlikeable protagonists." I will list protagonists who for some reason are unlikeable for various reasons so let's start this up.

Alan wake (Alan Wake 360, PC)


"He is so angry that even his own books annoy him."

Alan Wake to me is very unlikeable. He is a world famous author with writer's block for 1-3 years. The first impression you get of him is smug and cocky. Legit within the first 30 minutes of the game the man gets annoyed at one of his fans and yells at his wife for buying him a gift! Yes you read that right Alan flips out on his wife because he has writer's block and they both decided to take a vacation together in a rural area and as a nice gesture she brings a typewriter to see if the fresh mountain air can help clear his mind. Since you know it's his job to write books and that's how he makes money. Instead the man flips out and runs out of the vaction cabin like a spoiled child. Also he punches out a doctor who just says he spoke to Alan's wife and is willing to help Alan with his writer's block. Yeah what a douche.

Kratos (God of war 3 PS3)


So before everyone jumps on me I love Kratos is every GoW game BUT the third one. The third game to me completely ruined Kratos. He is overly a jerk and overall not likeable. He kills too many people for when he doesn't even have to. Case in point (spoiler) when you need to get the magic bow and arrow from the man trapped in thorns. Basically the man is handing Kratos his bow all Kratos has to do is remove the thorny cage. Well instead Kratos sets the cage and man on fire and just steals it. Another reason is his fight against the gods is destroying Earth and killing millions. His only response is basically screw everyone else until Zeus is dead he will not stop the mindless violence and massacre of millions. Way to go Kratos.

Unnamed player (RAGE ps3,360,PC)


"Not actually your player some werido with a gun."

Honestly RAGE is a mediocre game at best. What bothered me so much about your player in RAGE is the fact he never speaks…ever. Literally the game takes place 100-200 years in the future after a meteror hit Earth and the player just awakens and follows the advice of everyone without asking a single question. Plus he magically knows how to drive and get to destinations and use futuristic guns without a single peep. Maybe I am over thinking it, but honestly after a 200 year nap and seeing a completely changed world and mutated people and your only response is to sign up for races there is something wrong here.

Any gang member (payday the heist PS3, PC)


This game is honestly pretty fun in its own right. Basically remember the opening scene from "the dark knight?" Well that's what this game is trying to be and to be far some missions are pretty fun. Yet the characters are really really annoying. I can't tell if it's the voice actors or the things they say they just aren't likeable at all. They just shout all the time and just bleh I would go into it further just watch this video and you will get the point.

Rochelle (Left 4 dead 2 360,PC)


This is an easy one she is just not likeable. You can clearly tell this is where Valve completely lost interest/rushed Left 4 dead 2. She has absolutely no personality or anything she is just there. She just takes up space and that's it. Zoey from L4D1 had a personality she was funny and wasn't annoying. Rochelle is just one of those characters just there to be the woman of the group with nothing to add to the mix. I think she was a missed potential she could have had a lot more personality instead of a bland character who is overshadowed by the men.

Alex Mercer (prototype 360,PS3, PC)


"Alex mercer is actually pretty nice after he painfully kills half a million people."

Alex is a man infected with a virus that transformed him into a monster that can do many different things. Long story short the city of NY (where he lives) is put under quarantine and a special military group is looking for him all the while the virus is out and transforming humans into zombies or monsters. The problem with Alex is he is a douche. The game wants you to feel sorry for him via cut scenes or scripted voiceovers. Yet the man has no trouble killing hundreds of pedestrians and eating them for health. The man can attack a 80 year old lady and feel no remorse then go "I hope I can save the city." Being the hero…you are doing it wrong.

Dragon Born (Skyrim PS3,360, PC)

dragon born

Now before you all flip out on me let me explain a few things. I LOVE skyrim the game is my new baby. Yes the game is all about choices and blah blah. Yet there are some quests that you do that you have no control of. Like for example I somehow some way ended up eating someone's flesh by luring him to a secret hideout of cannibals. Another was I had to murder a group of people because a person told me to. Now I know I could refuse this, but these weren't misc quests they were side quests. These things are fun to do in Skyrim and I avoid at all costs to beat the game and want to complete almost all side quests and the only option to beat certain ones are to murder good people and eat the flesh of others which makes me think what type of hero am I?

Serious Sam (serious Sam 1,2,3 xbox,PC,ps2)


To me Serious Sam is not a likeable hero at all. To put it bluntly he is annoying. Even in the newest Serious Sam game with the same voice actor the man isn't funny or wise or anything. He is just a annoying and his one liners grow very old very fast.

The Belmont family (castlevania series various consoles)


"Is it me or they just get more and more emo?"

The Belmont family has done nothing but kill Dracula since the 80's I am pretty sure it's time we let Dracula finally rise and see what he will actually do. I mean every castlevania game I have ever played Dracula gets revived and just chills in his castle. He never really does anything just relaxes enjoys being alive and *BOOM* a random Belmont runs into his main chamber and whips him to death.

Well that's it for now have you ever encountered a protagonist you never liked? Do you think I am wrong? Do I smell? Leave a comment I will respond to all 3 of you thanks for reading.

Orcs must die and Dungeon Defenders a comparison.

First yes I know I haven't been on in awhile I apologize for that. Yet I wanted to show you guys two amazing tower defense games that sadly came out a week apart from each other and break them down for you. This economy is bad and yeah they both are only $15 bucks each, yet they are both so different I want to let you guys know what you are getting yourselves into before you buy them. So to start let me talk about Orcs must die.

Orcs must die


Orcs must die in short is a humorous defense game where you play as an apprentice warmage. A warmage is a special mage who is trained in combat and magic. You have to defend portals called the rifts. Let me get this out of the way now this game is strictly singleplayer. There is no co-op at all, no head to head no anything just online leader boards. Yet that's fine with me because the game is a lot of fun. The game in short is they give you an area to defend and defense items to use. The areas you have to defend yourself in are interesting from 2 rifts and 2 different areas the orcs barge in from, or two different planes meaning there are 2 floors and one rift is on top of the other and you have to switch around for a bit.

What makes this game so unique or fun compared to other tower defense games are the hordes of orcs can't be stopped with traps alone. You have to jump in and this is where strategy takes place. You have a limited number of inventory spaces on your character. You are forced to take his crossbow then fill up the rest. There are some good weapons you have to use aginst the ords. A sword, wind ring that pushes them and if you aim it just right you can throw a whole horde into a lava pit. A fire ring that toasts a whole horde, but has a huge mana drain. So the question is Do you fill up your inventory with weapons? Or traps? Or both? Which weapons will you use? Which traps are you leaving behind? There is also a cool weaver system. About a little bit into the game you find 2 weavers. One power you and your weapons up and some weapon mana costs decrease. The other powers up your traps with more money gained, less cooldown, springs can be used on ogres (more on that later) and etc etc. You can access them at any time just a warning after you beat a level you lose the weavers buffs and have to do them again in the next level.


"those are tar traps to slow and the wall mounted arrows"

The game has an interesting assortment of enemies, traps and weapons. Some notable traps are a wall mounted arrow shooter that shoots a wall of arrows, another wall mounted trap filled with saws, huge swinging mace, spring loaded floor tiles…perfect for throwing orcs into a lava pit, and so much more I don't want to spoil it. Some notable enemies…well annoying enemies are a ogre who is immune to most spring attacks (unless you purchased the weaver upgrade) they stun you with one hit and makes your rift hp go down by 5, another is a flame knight orc hes a orc which is in armor coated with flames he can stun costs 5 hp and immune to fire. Thankfully you can upgrade these traps by gaining skulls. Each level you can gain 1-5 skulls by how well you defended the rifts. These upgrades range from crucial to meh like one trap doesn't need to cool down or another lasts longer or maybe the price decreased by 100.

Also the game is pretty long and when you beat it you unlock nightmare mode. That mode is where you play through the levels again with all your items, but this time all the orcs are wearing armor and can take more damage and hurt more.



"had to chop this game like the orcs to pieces the graphics don't look this bad btw"

The only problems I see with the game are its strictly single player (that might turn some people off) the developers seem a little too eager to make money they already have shirts, DLC, etc etc. Finally the difficulty is just unbalanced. The first 2-3 levels the game is a cake walk you think you wasted your money. Yet there are some levels that will frustrate you to no end. I was stuck on a level for a day or two and finally I beat it (with the help on the new DLC weapons) and the level after that one wasn't that hard at all. No thankfully you don't NEED the DLC to beat the game I just bought it because it was on sale for $1.20.

Dungeon Defenders:


Yes this game is another tower defense but it is so different from orcs must die that it's almost like two separate game genres. The game is about 4 children from 4 legendary heroes. The heroes are away on a mission and surprise surprise enemies are attacking the kingdom. The heroes sealed away a great evil inside crystals before they left and the kids have to defend every crystal in the kingdom from hordes of monsters.

This game is strictly a RPG co-op game you need to play this game with friends or randoms do not buy this game if you don't like multiplayer games thankfully there is local co-op too. The game has 4 different cIasses it has the mage who is a basic tower defense guy, then the squire who is a tank that has powerful but slow defenses, the huntress who is literally the WoW hunter she lays traps, uses fast weapons etc etc, finally there is the monk who doesn't have that good of defenses he has auroras that slow, stun, hurt over time. Yet he does MASSIVE damage.


"an example of the loot drops"

The game works like this you start at level 1 and have to work your way up the max level is 70. The game is literally like a rpg there is a skill tree system that upgrades you and your towers. It has loot dropping system that is random and a lot of fun. The loot is weapons, gloves, boots, and armor each with their own benefits. The game's form of currency is mana. When you first start out you only can hold 40 mana but the more you level you can hold over 200 even more. You use mana for everything. From upgrading defenses, currency, placing traps, and healing yourself. After every wave there is a resting period where you build and repair and there is something called the forge. The forge pops up and you can sell your items or upgrade your items there with mana. Or you can bank all the mana on you. There is this cool risk reward system with mana do you risk having low health to save your mana then bank it when the wave is over? Or do you use it to heal yourself because if you die you lose all the mana you have on you. Thankfully the enemies drop mana crystals when they die so that's a good thing. There is also the main hub called the tavern. The tavern is basically a item shop that sells items for your character they are pricey, but some are worth it. Oh there are pets too.

The game is done very well nothing feels like it was down in a rush. When you level up you feel more powerful and you get access to more traps (you only have like 4-5 traps, but how you place them is key) the game has a TON of replayability because all 4 ****s play so differently and maybe just maybe you will get some rare loot. Also if you have multiple characters at the forge I mentioned earlier you can swap them out. The game also has you killing a lot of enemies…I am talking a lot. When you start leveling and get into the higher levels the game in 1 wave wants you to kill over 1,000 enemies then in the last wave there are over 3,000 enemies. There is a difficulty system in place for people who have high levels the difficulties are easy, medium, hard, insane. If you play the hard or insane you get exp boosts higher than medium or easy. Yet the problem is low levels (levels 1-30 or maybe 40) can't play insane or hard. They will be wiped out from the overwhelming odds and their crappy gear.

The game's enemies are your standard affair some dragons, orcs, elf archers, suicide bombers and normal and golden ogres. These things have a ton of health and their weapon has an area of attack and can wipe out multiple defenses in a few hits. The golden ogres have even more health (around 70K maybe?) and hurt more. There is also two very cool boss battles.

The game only has 13 levels which doesn't sound like a lot but they are lengthy and for some reason you will replay them over and over again to get more exp and loot. There are also a decent amount of challenge missions and let me tell you these challenge missions DO NOT mess around. For example I'm level 27-30 and my friend is level 40 us and two randoms tried a level 25 challenge….we failed it. Yet we all did another challenge and we beat it and got amazing weapons that still for some reason are the most powerful. So the rewards for the challenges are worth it. There is also a defensive unit limit which I can't tell is strategic or annoying. What that means is each defensive turret you place takes up "space" there is a shared defensive limit meaning you have to limit yourself at the amount of traps you use or you will take up valuable space.Finally the best part about the game is how you can make your character unique. You change the colors and there are so many weapons that my time playing I never saw two characters looking the same.



"this picture is perfect for the con section"

Some cons with the game are when you are a low level you will die and lose a lot. For some reason levels 1-7 are a very rough ride in the game. You only have access to one defensive turret (until level 7) So be prepared to lose a lot when you first play the game. Another thing is there is a singleplayer mode but it's pointless the game is made for mostly co-op so you have to rely on friends or randoms. Being the huntress can be annoying since there is a defense item limit in each level. The problem is the huntress has 2 defense items that are consumable being proximity dynamite and a gas trap. These have "x" amount of uses and when they deplete the defense unit limit goes down and some random can use that to place a trap and you have no more room for defensive traps.

Overall both titles are great tower defense games that could not be more different. Dungeon defenders is on steam, PSN, and xbla while orcs is only for steam and xbla. Sadly it seems the PC version of both games will be getting content first since orcs must die already got DLC and are in "negotiations" with Microsoft. I hope this guide helped you guys shed some light on these two downloadable titles. They are by far the best bang for your buck for downloadable games.

I am not mad about the 3DS price drop just the lack of support.

So let me get this out right now it's been 8 lonng months the last time I updated this thing. I would be surprised if anyone reads this and I wouldn't be shocked if no one does. So during my 8 month hiatus from blogging I bought the 3DS 4-6 weeks ago and I have to say I am happy with this system. Yeah the 3-D is a bit gimmicky and some games hurt your eyes (Zelda remake) while others are perfection (shadow wars). So starting today I think Nintendo is slashing the price off the handheld because it's not selling enough, yet I really don't think the high price point was the 3DS's fault. Yes it was a high price, but it was also not ready to be released. The day it was launched its market wasn't up and its launch games sucked and now a few months later its market is up and it has some games and it's still not selling why?

Well as a 3DS owner let me tell you there is no software at all. I look all over the internet, gaming websites, and there is no game worth $40 out there. I own three 3DS games and I am going to do a mini review of all three.

Zelda ocarina of time 3D:


It's the remake of our favorite N64 game with the inclusion of a boss mode and the master quest and that's it. Yeah its fun, but we played this game years ago and nothing new was added besides the updated visuals. Also one of the only 3DS games I HAVE to turn the 3-D off because it actually hurts my eyes and distorts easily if you move the 3DS an inch. Which I find weird because the game has motion controls so just turn the 3-D off.

Lego pirates of the Caribbean:

lego pirates

Ever play the lego games? Now just imagine a Lego Jack sparrow and horrible cut scenes that explain nothing and puzzles so easy that a new born could figure them out. Yet the 3-D is kind of good.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow wars:

shadow wars

Not a bad game imagine turn based RTS combat with ghost units each with their own role. We have a medic, sniper, gunner, leader etc etc. It reminds me of advanced wars. I love the game and its long, but after awhile you are like meh. The 3-D is good though probably the best.

*reviews (if you can really call them that) are now over*

The 3DS sadly has no software support at all and I doubt a price drop will fix the sales. Also yes the battery life is meh not 3 hours, but definitely shorter than the DS it depends on what you play really. The market place is also a joke. From horrible DSi shovelware to the virtual console that has only one good game and that is link's awakening for the gameboy color. I don't understand it really I am not mad about the price drop I am mad about the support. I went out and paid almost $300 for a system because I played it at my friend's house and loved it and saw upcoming games for it like Luigi's mansion 2 and Mario kart, yet to my dismay those games aren't coming till 2012 or late 2011. The only game that is coming out now is the remake of star fox 64, yet it's coming out at a horrible time. It comes out the same week as Dead Island and like a week or two before Gears of war 3. Why not release it now during the summer drought? The 3DS has no software support and I am getting desperate for games. my 3DS stares at me while I play with my itouch or my new phone. I want to play with it my wallet and my heart reach out, but then I see my lack of games. Yeah I will probably play some old DS games or Pokémon black and stuff, but it makes me sad. I rather be playing a 3DS game than a DS game.

Nintendo you can make the 3DS free for all I care all I want is some decent games. I am not angry about the price drop, yet as of right now I though there is nothing out on the market for anyone. I hope this changes within the next few years or we have another case of the virtual boy, but this time it has 2 screens and more compact thanks for reading.

An overlooked game about choice and freedom.

So once again I start this with the same thing I been saying in a couple of these posts I am sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Long story short it was a very hectic couple of months and writing a blog was the absolutely last thing on my mind. Yet you didn't come here to hear me whine I want to talk about something that I find really interesting and I hope you do too.

What is the main selling point of games like Bioshock, Mass effect 2, and the whole Fable series? RPG elements? Maybe, but what is their main thing about them? Give up? Choices. Every action has a reaction. In Mass effect 2 everything you did has some sort of effect in the galaxy or your ship and crew. The whole Fable series is overly hyped to be all about how your choices will affect everyone and everything in Albion. Bioshock (and there is no such thing as Bioshock 2 got that game off steam sale for like 9 bucks or whatever and I feel ripped off) your actions had a affect on the whole city of Rapture and its future. Now this brings me to my point to Postal 2. Postal 2 is literally a game that is all about choices there is very little scripted events. Yet I already know what you are thinking "how the hell can I compare a 2 bit immature game to something as epic as Mass effect 2 or Bioshock or Fable?" I will gladly explain this.


"Sighh why am I defending this game? Actually from the image description this is multiplayer footage"

I got Postal 2 and its expansion pack for a mere 10 bucks on…amazing website. Anyway Postal 2 if you check it's really low in ratings. It's called "shallow, immature, stupid" and a lot more negative things.Games like Fable brag about choices and freedom get an 8.5 or higher, yet have very little freedom or choice you only have good or evil and that's it. Postal 2 is very immature but if you dig a tad deeper it is really a game with an endless list of choices and pure freedom. I mean I can literally do 2 more blog posts about how deep I can go into this whole sandbox game, but I won't.

Postal 2 in a nutshell is GTA in FPS mode at a much smaller scale. The game takes place over 7 days every day is a level with very menial tasks like go buy milk, get a autograph, have people sign a petition etc etc. Now this is where choice comes into this game. You literally can do these tasks and not fire a single shot from your gun. You can act like a citizen and just run around the semi small sandbox town. Or you can go "postal" and kill everything you see and rob a bank, rob a store, kill every cat or dog you see and I can go on and on. Yet see here is a game with choice and freedom there is no good or evil spelled out in front of you.

My biggest problem with RPG's of the past couple of years is basically good and evil are literally spelled out in front of you. There is rarely a middle ground. You are either a saint or a spawn of Hell nothing else. Postal 2 to me is a breath of fresh air. There is usually a 100 different choices for every objective you have. For the buying milk objective I picked up the milk and waited on line and paid the guy. I then reloaded the save took the milk and ran out the store and ran before the cops could have gotten me. I reloaded again and went into the store crazily and shot everything that moved took the milk and ran. There is no good or evil you want milk and you will do what you want for milk. Hell there is a 1000 more options like steal milk kill cops, pay for milk then kill everyone, pay for milk go into the backroom and rob the store. Hell you don't have money for milk and you don't want to steal it go rob a bank. In this game nothing is spelled out for you. You literally do whatever you want to do with this sandbox game. Do you want to do a MASSIVE genocide against people with pink shirts? Why the hell not? The game won't reward you or punish you….well cops will try to stop you. The game's catchphrase is something like "it's as violent as YOU make it." Which I think sums up the game perfectly.

evil vs good

"Pretty much what you will look like at the end of every RPG depending on what side you choose."

The game just literally leaves you off in this weird small town in Arizona and that's it. They hand the player everything. There are very little scripted events and yes even if you play the WHOLE game as a normal person you will have to kill some people who are after you. I am enjoying this game WAYY to much not because its random disgusting gore or very immature. I am enjoying it because of its freedom. There is no good or bad right or wrong as long as you got that carton of milk who cares? Rob a bank every day for some money why not? Want more health walk into the deli and buy some donuts for health or just rob them as well.

Another example are the cops. You have so many options for cops. If they see you with a weapon but you didn't shoot it they will ask you to throw it on the ground. Now once again do you do it? Or do you shoot them? Or do you run? How about if they see you assault a person or animal with your hands or whatever you have to stand still for them to cuff you and arrest you. Do you stand there and let them cuff you and you have to go to jail? Or do you resist arrest and run away and kill the cops? I mean this game has countless options.

Another example is actual houses. You look into someone's house and see a weapon or ammo just sitting there on their couch. Do you break in? Do you break open the door or window? Will you kill the homeowner if they retaliate? Will you explore the rest of the house? Should you kill the dog if it attacking you? Once again I can go on and on about this. It's the simple things like this that make me love the game. This whole choice thing just makes me happy.

Now don't get me wrong the game is far from perfect. It is very racist, antigay, very immature, and at times kind of hard I have to use cheats sometimes. People complain about the physic system I never had a problem with it. The shooting is fun and the weapons are a lot of fun to use. I do think Postal 2 is being judged wrong here. If you are judging it as a FPS then yes it will and has failed horribly to games like COD or Halo. Yet I don't view it as a FPS I view it as a sandbox game in First person mode. This is the only sandbox game that I really felt a connection to its world. Every action you do has a reaction. The game makes this world your playground and does so wonderfully. Yes like I said it's not perfect but it mastered free roaming and I wish developers would look into something like this. I am not saying I want games to be like Postal 2 no. I want a game where everything isn't cut and paste and basically told what's good and evil. I literally want the player to think about their actions without the game basically telling you killing enemy x will make you a hero while killing king x will make you a terrorist. I want a game where you actually think if I steal this milk is it worth it? Having a shoot out with the cops doesn't sound worth it for a carton of milk, but having a shoot out with cops because I stole from the bank sounds awesome. Thanks for reading this in depth summary of a crappy game that I love.

My Fallout New Vegas rant.


So I really wanted to do a "Fallout New Vegas first impressions" blog that I sometimes do. Yet I noticed I just can't it became a huge rant and I just ran with it. I LOVE fallout the world, the story and just how it presents itself. I will not lie I have tried fallout 1&2 and I just didn't like them my overall favorite is Fallout 3. I have replayed that game over and over and even bought it for my PC. The game was buggy sure and had some weird things like some animations were off and stuff like that. Overall though the game was immersive enough to overlook all that. Yet with New Vegas a game that uses the Fallout 3 engine and made by some of the guys who made both Fallout1&2 how can this game be such a mess?

I noticed when I first put the game into my 360 and started playing it something was off. I wasn't that absorbed into the world like I was with Fallout3. I at first thought it was the gaming world. The Mojave Desert isn't as lively as the capital wasteland. The capital wasteland of the DC ruins had whole cities and suburbs blown up and was just interesting to see society decay to almost primal traits. In New Vegas society is almost on track with factions pushing paper money and taxes and a full fledge army against a tribal gang that loves anarchy. Plus the Mojave Desert does look a bit unchanged since it's mostly rocks, sand, and cacti. Yet that wasn't the case the game had a pretty good story and it does have some cool places to explore, so why wasn't I liking this game as much as Fallout 3? Then it hit me…the bugs and side missions.


"Basically what the developers of the game did to the fans"

Bugs are the game's biggest flaw and how Obsidian is probably one of the worst developers in the world. Bugs are constant and basically anything you can think of. The game feels like it just barely left its beta stage. There are hundreds…no thousand of bugs. From freezing, horrible horrible horrible frame rate issues, some unbearable loading times, weird FPS view camera issues, corrupting saves, did I mention frame rate issues? And finally what I feel is one of the worst is enemies stuck in walls or the ground itself and they can still shoot you and kill you, but you can't. The game is a mess they just released an update and it did nothing. My friend loves the Fallout universe too and is actually taking pictures and putting them on Facebook and showing off all his bugs. The more time you put into the game the more the bugs show up and can eventually corrupt your save so please if you do have this game DO NOT rely on auto save. Save a lot and on a lot of different files.


"one gamer couldn't take all of the bugs the stress was too great for him"

Another thing is the side missions. What made Fallout 3 so great are the side missions. Most of them had multiple paths. One example (I promise it will be quick) is the Ten Penny tower mission. If you blew up the city of Megaton you were rewarded with a room in Ten penny tower a ritzy hotel in the capital wasteland. Yet they had a problem Ghouls (radiation poisoned people who look like zombies who will eventually one day years from now turn into feral ghouls basically zombies) want to live in Ten penny tower but no one wanted them there. You were put in charge to figure out a solution. There were 3 options. 1.) kill all the ghouls 2.) help the ghouls overthrow the rich residents of the tower and in return you can stay 3.) the hardest option have the ghouls and humans co-exist in the tower. Yet I heard the 3rd option the ghouls eventually kill everyone slowly and most people move out.

Just look at that for one minute all those options for one side mission. There were 100's of missions just like this is Fallout 3 now let's look at 2 side missions from Vegas. One is a simple go here and kill 3-5 monsters for me….that's it. Another was a farmer's livestock is getting shot at midnight. The problem is it's a massacre he is losing livestock, but no one can see the attacker. One man a crazy man said it's an invisible person who talks and pays no attention to anything but the livestock and has a backpack on his back and fires bullets through a big gun. Well I had to admit I was excited for this mission this seemed promising I was going to wait for midnight in the game until I noticed literally 2 inches away from the farmer's house was an invisible silhouette. I killed the person and that's it. It was 4pm in the game's time. What? No seriously what? It was all this hype and he was right next to the farmer's house what?!?!?! Plus it wasn't even midnight this is just so awful.

Ugh I am totally making a note in my head that Obsidian games are garbage. I do remember some KOTOR2 glitches but I legit thought this game would be better since its using the Fallout 3 engine. So yeah I just wanted to rant for a bit sorry if this was boring I just HAD to write something about this game and the developers. You know though what really makes me annoyed though? They announced DLC before a patch and they HAD to know this game was bugged to hell. Ugh money before quality is not something a developer should try for. Ugh thanks for reading and once again sorry if it was boring.


"lol what?"

Some previews of games that were at the NYC comic con.

comic con

"yes this is last year's logo I can find the recent one"

So I went to the NYC comic con on its last day. I am not into comics and I really didn't want to go my friends went all 3 days (Friday thru Sunday), yet they had an extra ticket and forced me to go. Let me tell you going to these conventions will make you feel better about yourself these people dressed up as their favorite super hero or anime character and the amount of effort and money spent on these things is just sad. Yet the one thing I did really like about the convention is it had demos or previews of some upcoming games coming out very soon or next year and I want to share with you my findings.


Basically (as most of you predicted) this game isn't that good it's a cover based shooter with very flashy visuals. Imagine GOW mixed with crysis and Fear and uncharted. I say ignore it and play the games they stole the ideas from.

Sonic colors:

Didn't play it, but we watch a couple of people play it and it doesn't look awful, yet since we didn't play it I don't know how sonic handled.

Dead Space 2:

It looks like the same game with revamped graphics, yet is that a bad thing? It also has a cool Left 4 Dead multiplayer game type. Its 5 Isaacs Vs player controlled monsters. The Isaacs have to grab a core and return it to an area the monsters have to stop them.

Donkey Kong Country Returns:

I was excited for this game and my friend played it and it looks great. It really pushes the graphics of the Wii and the controls are great. It is literally Donkey Kong with amazing graphics. The only thing that really changed was the health and Diddy and the main boss. There is now a health system in place Donkey Kong can now get hit twice. When he gets Diddy all Diddy does is ride on his back and gives Donkey the ability to get hit 2 more times. Also Diddy has a jetpack that gives Donkey a bit of a boost but honestly it didn't help the demo stages. Also we don't think King K. is the boss anymore instead it's a tiki guy.

Kirby epic Yarn:

I was extremely impressed by this game the visuals, and gameplay I almost wanted to kick the kids who were playing in the face to steal the Wii motes from them. Sadly no one in my group played it, but it really looks fun and I can't wait to play it.

Golden eye

You know I was really looking forward to this game a lot. Yet I then noticed the line to play wasn't very long and I was watching the beginnings of a multiplayer match. The game started and me and my friends almost cried the game is awful just awful. After such amazing visuals with Kirby and Donkey Kong this game should be ashamed of itself. The visuals don't even use like 25% of the Wii capabilities. I know graphics don't mean anything or someone will say "it was made that way on purpose." I don't want to hear it because it's a horrible COD clone. Yes before you defend this game saying "it was made that way to remind you of the first one" they completely changed the gameplay. From special "load outs" to a aim down the weapon sight thing. Ugh they literally just stole everything from COD. This game was so disappointing I think even the people presenting it saw the looks on our faces. There was a reason why the line at a PACKED convention was short for this game.


Honestly I have no idea about this thing. We saw some demonstrations because the line was just too long and the presenter was very I don't know confident? About Kinect. One of my friends told me they tried it on another day and said it's just too sensitive. Also the games they showed off don't look that much fun. You physically have to move around too much. I mean from anything shaking, jerking around ( to having a seizure like movement. Also the presenter kept telling the people trying out to "move here now here... ok now you are too far... ok this is perfect." So I don't know if Kinect is really worth it.

DC online: (I made a mistake and labeled it marvel online)

Honestly I didn't even know the trailer for the game was suppose to be a MMORPG. The trailer is amazing and I am not a fan of super heroes. It has lex luther killing Wonderwoman in a desolate and destroyed grim city while filling her up with kryptonite and super man running over punch Lex and run over to wonderwoman. He gets weak and Lex then stabs Superman. He dies? And next scene you see a huge ship floating over the ruined city. Then oddly enough you have batman, superman, wonderwoman, and the flash ( don't quote me on that) on a ship with lex luther taking orders from him. Then it flashes to "DCl online" I think some people were a bit disappointed I knew I was.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

All I have to say is this game looks punishing to people who never played the game. The line for this game was LOOOONNNGGG and the people playing were very very good. Their finger movement was incredible. The visuals were pretty good too. I think this game will impress long time fans of the Marvel vs Capcom genre.

Dragon Ball Z raging blast 2:

Honestly it looks like the first one with a bit better graphics and a BOATLOAD of characters. I wasn't blown away by it, but I am now interested in it a bit. I am definitely keeping an eye out for it.

Red Dead Redemption undead DLC:

Sadly I barely saw it I almost shouldn't put it here but I am. From the glimpses I saw of it imagine Red Dead Redemption. Now put zombies in it and that's it. I mean it could be fun but there is nothing radically different. Its John Marston Killing zombies with the same weapons and stuff like that.

Well that's about it I can't think of anything else that I saw worth mentioning there will be a warhammer movie though. So yeah thanks for reading if I remember anything that I forgot to put in I'll add it later.

comic con

" I wish it looked like this instead it was packed I mean 100x worse"

One of the best free games you can play.

Ok so first I have to apologize I haven't updated this blog since Starcraft2 came out and that is a long time. I also neglected your blogs so I am very sorry about that I have been commenting and reading on some though. Also I have been meaning to update I actually wrote like 5 separate blog entries but I just didn't like them. Yet there is a reason I haven't been on much (besides the generic school and work excuse) I have been hooked on a game that is free. Now I know what you are thinking "a free game? Those usually suck or have hidden costs at the end." Well thankfully this game is the complete opposite. The game is called League of Legends for the PC. Now before you make another tab to search for this game on GS or IGN let me tell you the review scores are meh at best. Yet that is because the game used to cost 30-45 dollars and has no tutorial how to play the game. Now the whole game is available free and will have free updates within the coming months. Now I should stop trying to sell you guys the game and explain what it is.


Introduction how to play:

Long story short did you guys play DOTA the Warcraft3 mod? If so then ignore this long text I'll meet up with you later. If you didn't then I will try to give you a crash course on how to play because the game is unrelenting to noobs and the community is very very very whiny. Also the game is hard to explain. First you pick what you want to do a 3vs3 or a 5vs5 then you pick a hero because you just played the game for the first time there are 7-8 free heroes and they change every week. You then pick a hero. You then spawn at your base with your teammates. Your main objective is to destroy the enemy base(the nexus), but they have turrets(so do you) and the other heroes controlled by real people. Also both teams have spawning minions that attack turrets and the heroes themselves what do you do? This is where the game is fun imagine a simplified RTS game where you control one unit and at the same time must level them up by attacking the other team's minions and the heroes themselves. Also picking what ability power (every character has 4 powers 3 are normal and 1 is their ultimate) to unlock or level up. Also there are something called inhibitors that both bases have. These things when destroyed by the other team lets them spawn super minions who do amazing damage towards both heroes and turrets. Thankfully though they do respawn if you defend your base long enough.


"an epic battle going on and behind them are the turrets and the small blue purple guys are minions"

So here are some tips on how to play the game:

1.) DO NOT rush the enemy's turrets by yourself ever!! These things will do massive damage and then if you survive the next hit will be 10% more damage and if you survive that the next hit will be 10% more of that and etc etc. Wait for your minions to attack the turret so they get hit first.

2.) Support your minions kill the other team's minions so your minions have a clear path to whatever you want to attack.

3.) Talk to your teammates since this is for the PC you can type to them and call out where enemies are or if you can't see them flanking in this game literally means death.

4.) If the enemy hero is right next to his turret don't attack him unless you know your attack will definitely kill them. If you do attack them by a turret the turret will automatically aim for you and ignore your minions.

5.) If your turret is getting attacked throw yourself at the attackers there is a good chance they will attack you and the turret will attack them. Yet don't do it if you have low health or they are a higher level than you.

6.) If you are a lower level than your teammates (everyone starts at level 1 at every match and the max is level eightteen) you should farm minions and there are creatures in the middle of both maps that give out good xp.

7.) Don't use real money to buy a hero that you can use forever. After every map no matter if you win or lose you get something called IP you can buy heroes with IP hell you can buy everything with IP. The only thing real money is mandatory for is to change your hero's skin.

8.) Play with a friend since this game is free and very well polished almost anyone can play and it's definitely better with a friend.

9.) Keep your cool even when everything is lost. I have seen matches where the other team is level eighteenwe were all 15 and we lost every turret and inhibitor and we did this massive assault and somehow won.

10.)Ignore the community they do nothing but cry and complain

Why is it so addicting?

It's addicting because you yourself level up. Like Call of Duty or Halo there is a ranking system in place. With every rank you unlock 2 things an extra rune slot and a mastery point. A rune slot is a permanent upgrade on your hero. You can buy runes at the store for IP only and they help your hero cope with their faults. So for example you have a very slow attack speed you can use runes to permanently increase your characters attack speed. It is really up to you the rune selection is very vast and it's almost like you customized this character to your liking.

Masteries are almost RPG like upgrades that you can reset whenever you want at no cost. Like for example one mastery is your character's death time is reduced by 3% or they get more xp when killing a minion and or your base defense is raise by 3% etc etc. They aren't as flexible like runes.

Also every hero is very unique. There are around I want to say 40-50 heroes and they keep adding more to the list. Some are only for support, others are tanks, other are mages, and etc etc. It is always fun to fight other players because you see and learn how to combat their heroes. Also it's really fun to fight the same hero you are using. You can adopt their strategy or see how they play as the same character. Almost every character has another character that can fight them or superior to them. It's almost like the team fortress 2 rule pyro kills the spy, but the spy can still kill the pyro easily type of thing.

The IP system in place also makes the game addicting. You will find yourself saving the IP for runes and heroes. I already have 3 heroes who all play differently and have their own rune configuration and I am saving for one more. If you really are curious I play as Sion, Mordekaiser, and Urgot and saving for Dr. Mundo.

Problems with the game:

The game isn't perfect though. One of the main problems is that some rounds last over an hour easily. When you do plan to play this game make sure you have a LOT of free time or nothing to do. Another problem is there isn't really a tutorial well there is, it just isn't that helpful. Also there are only 2 maps right now, but it really didn't bother me that much because almost every game we played was different.

You can download the game here (or at the beginning of this entry at "league of legends") and trust me the game is a lot of fun to have.

Oh and thanks for reading this jumbled mess of a review/how to play. I know it sounds confusing and I promise next blog will be A LOT easier to read it's the type of game you need to play to understand what I am talking about. I promise I'll be more active or at least try in the very least.

PS. There are also items in the game you need to buy every round but those are self explanatory and I'll let you guys figure out what's the best combo for your methods because adding it here it just too much and too confusing.


"nooo my Nexus!! once this is destroyed its game over"

StarCraft 2 my first impressions.


Sadly I was suckered into the whole SC2 hype thing. I never liked Blizzard or any of their games I don't know why I just don't. Yet my computer is still newish and I played C+C, company of heroes, supreme commander 2, and some total war games to death (can you tell I like RTS games?) I wanted a new RTS and sadly this game was coming out so I bought it. Honestly this game…is well mixed for me. I love and hate it at the same time. I can tolerate it much better than star craft 1(I bought the battle chest last summer, but I just couldn't get into it.) Yet overall with games like supreme commander and company of heroes raising the bars of the RTS genre(supreme commander has a amazing path finding engine and COH has smart units who if being shot at will dive into fox holes or cover w/o being told to.) I honestly don't know what to say about this game. I mean I like simple like C+C(command and conquer), yet this game is more complex than C+C, yet dumber than supreme commander and company of heroes. It is almost as if the game itself is trapped in time between the RTS games of today and yesteryear. Also on a side note both the graphics and sound are amazing. The graphics are overall very nice and the sound is just wonderful. You can actually hear metal crack and creak when destroyed. But I am getting ahead of myself I need to do a mini review on the game don't I? Well for you guys who don't want to sit thru this wall of text I am doing you a favor I will split it up between multiplayer and single player.

Well first before I can do that please insert your account info here and then I will check the servers to see if you have access to this impression..initializing..contacting server..please wait a don't have access please check customer service who won't get back to you until 2-3 days.

Sadly I had troubles with the whole DRM thing luckily thru GS forums I was able to fix the problem…sorry I had to write that..anyway onto the review.



Well here's the thing first you need to access your account and then you can play. No I am not joking you need to have an active internet connection to just access the main menu of the game every time you play. This is a MAJOR problem I had with the game. It is uncalled for and 90% of the time DRM only hurts the people who paid for the game. Yet when you finally get on and sort things out and get to the single player it is very enjoyable. As you read before I like RTS games I like the whole base building defending thing. This game in terms of SINGLE PLAYER is revolutionary. Yes I know that sounds fanboyish but you need to let me explain. See most RTS games tell you what to do like for example "commander the enemies are here we need you to kill them dead…yup says right here kill them dead." In this game though it puts you in the shoes of Jim Raynor (from the 1st game) he is the leader of a rebel group that wants to overthrow the oppressive government for basically the betterment of the people living in the sector. He is met by an old friend who had help from a company to break out of jail and in return must find artifacts for them. Long story short the Zerg emerge after 4 years of just not being around and the story takes many twist and turns and overall very enjoyable.

Now what makes this revolutionary is many things. The first is you decide everything. What I mean by that is in between missions you have a hub on your ship as Raynor you pick where to go and do on your ship. There are four sections on the ship (cantina, bridge, armory, and lab) each has their own research/perks to help you fight in the next mission. For example every mission you do you get money. You then go to the armory and spend money on permanent upgrades to units or buildings. One upgrade is having a turret gun on bunkers, or having your flame units have a larger area of effect. Also the lab is very interesting. During missions you can collect usually 3 alien techs on the map. They are either zerg or protoss and when you have a certain amount of techs you can build/produce buildings or units to combat that alien species. One example is I had enough zerg research and I got the ability to make flame turrets. The protoss tech usually makes your units more powerful in some way like faster shooting or whatever. Yet the thing is the research tree is very unique meaning you can only learn one thing. So for example again you need 5 zerg artifacts to learn a new flame turret OR you have the ability to make your bunkers have flamethrowers on them. You can only choose one the other will be obsolete even if you have 5 more artifacts it will go to the next research item up on the research item on the tree. Also both the protoss and zerg have their own individual research tree.

Another thing is there are side missions. From collecting artifacts to helping colonists each with their own benefits and awards. You need money or want a certain unlock for a unit? You should do the side missions. Don't worry though the side missions are fun and some are even very challenging I found myself quitting a side mission and doing a main mission to get money to come back to it later with bigger and better units. Speaking of units the single player has unique units meaning you won't see them in multiplayer. Some are very useful like a "diamond back" which is a vehicle that shoots a laser while moving. Hell even the basic unit like a medic is only for single player. Overall the single player exclusive units are fun to use and you will rely on them a lot.

Finally what makes the single player fun are just the missions themselves and their objectives and side objectives. One mission was to defend a colony from zerg…that's it. Now I know what you are thinking "how is this fun?" Well here's the thing the zerg I was fighting would only come out at night and in the day light they would die. You had to defend the colony at night and during the day burn/destroy over 130 structures to prevent them from overtaking the whole planet. Yet I was then beeped by my scientist on my ship. There are 3 rare zerg creatures that only come out at night and if I kill all 3 I am awarded 3 zerg research points, yet they aren't attacking the colony instead they are in 3 separate far off locations. If I send my units out they will fight an endless respawning of zerg what do I do? Do I really need the tech? Its things like that, that made the single player missions a lot more enjoyable. Also the game is pretty long I have heard it has over 30 missions and it also has a skirmish mode with literally almost an endless supply of maps. Also you can replay any mission and get any tech missed during those missions.

What I did have problems with though in the single player are only 3 things. 1.) The path finding for some units are just awful…I mean it made lego battles for the DS almost look good. 2.) Some missions are just too long. Thankfully you can save at any point, but some can take up to 40 minutes or longer. Now I know you are thinking it's because I suck or something, but there is a mission where all you have to do is guard a mining laser and have the laser cut through 3 ancient doors. The whole mission took over 40 minutes that laser took forever. Finally 3.) Which is the game is only terran. Now you can play as the protoss (and I am guessing the zerg) in the single player game, but they aren't campaigns, but side missions. They are actually the weakest of the missions, but they are still enjoyable.



If I can sum it up in one word….frustrating. I played with my SC vet friend and his friend from 1:45 AM till like 4AM. We played 3vs3 matches and guess what? We lost every match. We tried everything from all being the same race, to trying to spam the same unit. The matches end so quickly and I have no idea how the other team amasses so many units so quickly. I saw my whole base literally crumble in the matter of less than a minute. The player had so many units that me and my friends' combined units were no match for one player. What I discovered is literally every match starts out the same the players we fought literally memorized tactics and strategies. If we played against the protoss we got destroyed by their massive carriers. If we played against terrans we were spamed by both their airforce and their massive walkers.

Thankfully though Blizzard did do something cool there is a co-op mode. Basically that mode is you can play with friends against the A.I. and towards the end we were so frustrated that we just had to face a medium A.I. and get our butts kicked again by the A.I….it just wasn't a good day for us. Yet interestingly enough I had little to no problems with pathfinding on these modes.


Now this is new, but I just have a list of complaints about both the single player and multiplayer that I just have to list here. First and foremost why aren't some single player units in the skirmish/multiplayer games? There is no reason why the flame thrower infantry unit is not in the game. Hell there I no reason why the flame turrets are in the skirmish/multiplayer modes. Also another is resource gathering….you guys couldn't fix it from the old game? It just takes too long you need 2 different resources minerals and gas. Yet here's the problem some units or upgrades take over 100 gas, yet your units only take 4 gas from the gas station thingy and deliver it to your base….yes only 4 gas. You need to spam your collector units. Another problem is when you put the game on "normal" speed it just takes too long. There is no reason that the basic units like marines or templars take soo long to produces. Also your defensive towers/buildings for all races are pretty useless. I usually use the turtle approach when it comes to RTS games, but this game that is almost impossible since they aren't useful at all.

Another problem is the multiplayer seems almost dated maybe? Compared to other RTS games it is very basic and restrictive. You only start out with 50 crystals (which is only enough for your resource/builder unit) that isn't enough. Also People are using strategies from the 1st game and they are working very well. It bothers me that Blizzard did very little in terms of improvement to the multiplayer. Zerg rush is still a common attack you would think they would have added the flame turrets to give terran players ahead start on the zerg rush since their marines take so long to build. I thought RTS meant Real Time Strategy not spam spam spam spam spam.

Finally what bothers me the most is I read an article that hinted towards paying for maps and units for multiplayer. So I was complaining the terran single player units aren't in the multiplayer game, well they might be for a price. Think about that for a minute if this is true game balance will be thrown out the window. If the player I am fighting against purchased let's say the diamond backs and flame infantry unit I am screwed those are powerful units. So if you want a even playing field you need to purchase these units…ugh. Also the game's three races are split up into 3 separate games for their campaigns and they too are rumored to be over $60 …no thanks I'll stick with Wings of Liberty since I like terrans better than any other race.


Overall the game's single player is amazing. Yet the multiplayer feels dated or just not noob friendly. It luckily has leagues to separate the noobs from the elite. I do think $60 is a bit much for this game. Don't get me wrong free multiplayer, map editor, long campaign, a looonnngggg list of maps to play skirmish modes on, online co-op, and interesting story. Yet since it only has one race to play as in single player and did little to improve the multiplayer and will continue the story in 2 other expansions it's a bit steep. I don't know what to say if you enjoyed SC1 you will enjoy this? Honestly I don't know if I can say that. It doesn't have 3 separate race campaigns and didn't improve much in multiplayer so it could make the game feel a bit redundant. Yet noobs of the franchise like me will probably like this game a lot. I rarely played the first game, yet I am oddly drawn to this game. The only thing I can legit say I really don't like is the multiplayer it just feels so restrictive in terms of units when compared to the single player campaign. So basically what I am saying is…try to get a guest pass from someone you know who owns the game (I got 2..sadly I am saving it for my other friend) and see if you like the game. If you like RTS games and interested in this game franchise then yeah I probably recommend it, just don't complain later on about the multiplayer..or zerg rush. Thanks for reading.

zerg rushargg!!!!

My crackdown 2 demo impressions and a underrated RTS game.

So this is going to be a mix of two things 1.) A Crackdown 2 demo impression and 2.) a small couple of lines of a RTS game I feel is totally underrated so let's begin this with Crackdown 2 demo. WARNING: there will be crackdown 1 spoilers…but honestly there was literally no story to that game sooo yeahhh.

crack down2

Let me tell you something about me. I always since the xbox and PS2 days wanted a sandbox zombie game. I wanted a LARGE city that was infested with zombies and rebel/bad people. You had to fight both humans and the undead and unlock safe houses which act as a save point, ammo, weapon cache, and vehicle depot. The more you would play (my fantasy game) the more you would unlock and get the most epic tank in the world. Also there would be a day and night system where in the day there would be zombies, but very slow and easy and the gangs would roam the streets to rape and pillage (argg avast scurvy dogs), yet at night the zombies got stronger and had special zombies like the tank (from L4D) and some cool other ones. Sadly this was only in my head…luckily Crackdown 2 almost captures that game.

The crackdown demo literally starts off with no introduction you pick your character's face and color body armor and they shove you out into the middle of a fire fight between the agency and a group known as "Cell."There is also a 20-30 minute timer called "demo time."(Basically how long until the demo just ends) The cell looks like normal people like the rebels from HL2, but with more numbers in their ranks and vehicles. They seem to be a rebel gang or terror cell (ahh I see what you did there) that hates only the agency. Yet that makes sense I guess since that at the end of crackdown 1 you were working for the bad guys all along and that your agency funded the gangs and gang leaders and the people of pacific city gave the agency power out of fear. Now it seems the people want pacific city back after the 2-3 years the agency owned it.

the cell

"just an idea what the cell looks like the game's graphics are 1000x better than this"

Now to be honest this is where I was like "oh the noes this is boring." The gun play is literally unchanged they just tightened up the auto lock. I was so excited for this game, yet it played like the same exact thing as the first game not worth the 60 bucks. I killed all the cell members and I called in for reinforcements and I saw peace officers (your comrades) coming down from ropes off pretty cool looking helicopters. Then the cell had reinforcements and then something amazing happened I leveled up and got an awesome looking helmet. I could jump higher and run faster. The game took a complete left turn from mundane to pretty engaging. I then started to only melee my opponents (however you kill someone affects how you level up you kill with explosives your explosives are bigger and do more damage, you kill with melee you get more strength hit harder and can pick up heavy objects, you jump in the air and shoot someone you level up your agility and gun skills at the same time.) I leveled up my strength and picked up cars and made the cell crumble over my immense strength. I also could pick up a gun emplacement and use it to my advantage. I leveled up my guns and the announcer (yes he is back) told me I can call in for an ammo/better gun drop from strongholds we capture.(which was the mission I was doing)

Then the sun went down and "freaks" as the game calls them emerged from wherever then come from(which if you played and beat the first are related to the mad scientist gang leader.) They were very fun to kill because of this sweet auto shotty I had. I then had a mission to go inside a "freaks" dwelling and plant a sun bomb like contraption and hold it off from attacks until it detonates. I held it off while 100's of zombies tried to attack me and the device. The device went off it was a sight to behold. 1 freak dwelling down and a couple more to go. It seems the side missions/main missions (I am not so sure) are to take care of both the cell's strong holds(which will become yours when you take it over) and destroy zombie's dwelling since the announcer said the zombies won't come back in that area.


"I love killing zombies"

Also interestingly enough the night and day mechanic is a vital mechanic. From what I could gather it's better to attack the Cell at either night or day (I know helpful right?) during the day they have more units out patrolling the streets and at night there is less. I forgot what the announcer told me I think he said attack them at night, but I am not so sure.

Another interesting thing is the city itself. It seems to have taken a turn for the worse. The city seems war torn and has nazi like propaganda things promoting the agency and condemning the cell. Also there are hidden transcripts that have a reporter reporting on how something is hiding the truth. I have to say its pretty fun playing the bad guys for once. (yet you can't kill civilians you lose exp if you do luckily the game makes it hard to kill them it takes a decent number of bullets it seems they are making the bullets miss on purpose in case they are caught in between a firefight) There was something refreshing being the well funded and armed oppressive military. Your guns are pretty fun from auto shotty to machine gun to submachine gun to a gun that fires a wave and melts enemies. Your suit has a shield system and a health system similar to Halo CE. Your shields drain you still can take a decent amount of hits before you die. Hell your shields can take a nice amount of hits before it goes down. You almost feel bad for the cell, yet that doesn't mean the game is easy. The game likes to make your enemies weak, but a ton of them. I had my shields drained because so many cell members were shooting at me. Also the game has some humor to it. Talking about the transcripts again the announcer goes" um oh agent that's such old news this isn't relevant." Just the way he said it I laughed and really enjoy the announcer again.

So in conclusion if you liked the first you will definitely like this game its fun and the more you invest in it the more fun it will be. Leveling up is kind of addictive and I have to say the more you level up the more impressive the game becomes from performing new moves and jumping to new heights to having your armor look more awesome. I at first found the armor very bland and bleh. Yet the more I leveled up the more detail it had. I know people are complaining about the graphics, but honestly they really push the detail of the suit and they really didn't bother me. I remember the makers of the game said crackdown 1 was known as the game that came with the Halo 3 beta and they wanted to change that. From what I played so far ( I didn't play around with those physic bomb things or fly around or even experienced co-op or multiplayer) the game has impressed me and I think it can become more than "that game with the Halo3 beta." Also as a side note you can unlock 5-8 achievements from the demo if you perform them I didn't unlock any, but it's a nice touch.

monthy pyhton

"Now its time for something completely different" (I love monty python)

Ok now it's time for my underrated RTS game and that game is:


Yes Command and Conquer 3 and the expansion Kane's wrath. Now I know what you are thinking "but payne they are rated pretty high and most fans are happy with it why bother mentioning it?" I will be glad to tell you…fans hate it because it has the EA logo on it. I have read countless times on the C+C fanpage on facebook and some reviews right here on GS that the command and conquer series died the minute westwood was bought out or abandoned it or whatever. I will be honest and say yes EA destroyed the Red Alert Franchise (but not THAT bad) and completely ruined Command and Conquer 4. Yet C+C3 and Kane's wrath are the exception. They really worked on it and had a decent story, amazing units, and a brand new faction that fit into the tiberium universe. The expansion did something that no other EA expansion has ever done before….keep the balance. Yes if you played the Red alert 3 expansion game balance goes right out the window ugh. In Kane's wrath each faction gets one mega ultra PWN unit. Yet the thing is they don't dominate the field and can be brought down with some strategy. Overall these two games are totally underrated and definitely worth your time and money and proves that EA didn't ruin everything it touches.


That's it I hope you enjoyed my impression and quick underrated RTS game thanks for reading…btw you think this game is underrated too? or am I insane also did you enjoy crackdown 1 or the demo? because finding a crackdown fan is kind of hard to do.

E3 summary and how Nintendo won E3.

Now before I begin this I want to say a few things:

1.) If you know me I bash Nintendo any chance I get so this writing is surprising even me.

2.) This is my opinion you could have been blown away from the M$ conference or the Sony I for the first time in a VERY long time have been blown away from the Nintendo Conference.

3.) I hate to use words like hardcore and casual gamers, but it has become the norm and I will use them in this blog..ugh hypocritical I know..

4.) I know I am probably missing some games announced at each conference, but I don't want this to run on for hours.

5.) Sorry I know this has to be like the 1000th E3 thing you read today.

So as E3 is at a close and I really think Nintendo was the hands down winner of E3. I think it should go something like Nintendo took first Sony took second Microsoft took dead last.(EA and ubisoft were omitted because to me they aren't as big as these companies and most of their games were multiplat soo yeahh.) Yet why did Nintendo win? Well first let's look at their competitors.



Sony at first was a tad bit boring. After showing the semi cool semi generic same looking Killzone 3 they then ran over to the play station move. It was pretty boring. The games they showed were meh at best. I am sorry to say this but it looks like a Wii mote painted black with a light bulb glued on. Then later on the good stuff happened liked twisted metal, portal 2 with steam, and uncharted3. Yet to me and other gamers this comes to no surprise to us (besides steam and twisted metal) I called this a "safe" press conference. We all knew that there was going to be a Killzone3 and a follow up to uncharted 2 we just didn't know when. Sony had a amazing idea to pool all their mascots together for a game (and I know people were dying for a Jax and Ratchet spin off) but it looks like it's going to bomb...why? Well because its only for the playstation move..ugh not what we were expecting. Overall though Sony had a slow beginning, but brought out their big guns out in the end overall second place isn't that bad.



Oh Microsoft what happened to you? I claimed you were the king of E3 last year (ugh made me sound like a fanboy and I supported Natal? WTF was I thinking??) Your E3 was strong last year only to crumble this year. The whole conference was a "casual" fest. The games we "hardcore" gamers wanted to see (and mostly the only reason we watch E3) were shown for a brief half an hour to less than an hour. "You want to see fable 3?? Well you won't here's a trailer." "Halo reach has SPACE COMBAT!!" Whoa..amazing..*rolls eyes* Gears 3 whose pumped! Now let's pretend to not know our own game and ask stupid questions that no gamer would even ask like "oh hey is a gun up ahead?"Granted Gears3 is a tad impressive they FINALLY added color and when you jump a chest high wall that an enemy is behind you can knock your enemy down. Then the rest of the presentation was for the kinect. Wow what a time waster. Everything they showed us for this thing I physically can't find a demographic for. The Nintendog..err kinectnimals or whatever who is that for? A 3-4 year old? To be honest I don't want to buy a 360 and the kinect for a 3-4 year hell not even a DS or Wii they are too young for that stuff they would eat it or just slobber all over it or just ruin it. What about Wiispo.. I am sorry Kinect sport no seriously can someone tell me what is the point of that? I already showed it to some of my family because they are truly casual gamers. They said exactly what many gamers have said "what's the point we already have Wii sports this looks like a copy with better graphics."


"yeah totally rad!!!"

Also all those other "games" looked like a tech demo more than anything. I doubt these games will ever appeal to both casuals and hardcore gamers. See in my honest opinion I think the casual market is tapped out. The Wii got that demographic early back in 06-07. If the kinect came out earlier I would say maybe, but it didn't. This kinect device won't do well at all plus knowing Microsoft it will be overly priced. Why would/should the casuals shell out more money if they have a Wii and a Wii fit board? Finally at the end they released a new "slimmer" xbox 360 console that has built in wi-fi adapter and supposedly sexier (I think it looks like an alienware put in a trash compacter), but no price drop. Yes the 360 finally caught up to the DS in terms of being wireless, but no price drop for either the slime or original 360 But that makes me wonder is the original still on sale? Also I heard reports its not compatible with the original 360's hard drive so you need a transfer cable which says there is a small small percentage that your data can become un-transferable or corrupted. Also Microsoft you gave everyone at the conference a free slim console, yet does anyone know why? Microsoft knew they dropped the ball. I am pretty sure kinect was a amazing idea on paper, yet when acted out in terms of games it's no better than the shovel ware on the Wii. You get dead last just because you shoved kinect down our throats more than anything and truly abandoned your main audience.


nintendo and you never got along very well this gen have we? I still to this day don't see the appeal of Mario galaxy1 or the "sequel" galaxy 2. Also I don't see the hype in Other M. I am still a tad upset over the punch out remake because it feels so lazy, and so does animal crossing Wii. Also your hardware just sucks unresponsive controls, very limited hard drive and at times underwhelming visuals. I wasn't even going to watch your conference today. Yet I did and I first thought wow this is bad when Link appeared and the creator himself Miyamoto couldn't control him due to the motion controls. Yet I continued and rolled my eyes at the shovel ware like dancing game or mii party. Then when I saw Kirby I knew something epic would happen. That's when the conference started to get good. Epic Mickey was finally played. I have to say I am impressed, but I still want some more info first. Then more announcements!! like a remake of golden eye (the game never thought possible to ever come back), Donkey Kong!! Oh man what else oh yeah…the 3DS..if the video game gods were real I would praise them right now.

I will be the first to admit that I was totally against the 3DS. Yet when Nintendo showed it at E3 and spoke of it capabilities AND had 3rd party developers talk about MGS or resident evil I almost shat myself in excitement.(yeah should deff get that checked out by a doctor) I was comparing the 3DS to things like virtual boy and saying the 3DS is going to be a flop. Honestly Nintendo did their homework. From customizing the 3-D ness(??) with a dial on the side (I guess to prevent headaches) and the ability to play 3-D movies without the annoying glasses is amazing. Also having the 3-D on the top screen and the touch screen separate is a brilliant idea. I rarely ever saw a Nintendo handheld fail and I doubt it will now. It seems Nintendo finally got on the technology ball and seems to be one step ahead of Sony since we don't need 3-D glasses. Also even as I write this small announcements are coming from Nintendo saying what games will be on the 3DS. From new titles like kid Icarus, MGS, Resident evil, to remakes like star fox 64 and ocarina of time and Mario kart. It seems to have an already strong library and it's not even out yet unlike something else *cough* kinect. The only thing that worries me is there was no talk of launch date or price point. I hope its $199 or below I can't justify spending anymore on a handheld since Nintendo's console is only $200-$250 I am sorry.

Finally (just one more thing and then I am done) this might sound like a raging fanboy rant, but I have to say this is what I WANTED from Nintendo. See they were known as the "innovators" or just "creative." Sadly I never saw that in any of their Wii games. Yet with this new Kirby game I finally got happy from the innovation. Just s simple change in graphics and some new gimmicks add a old character and BOOM excitement from me. Also a remake of Donkey Kong a REAL one amazing it has been far too long.

In conclusion Nintendo won almost every announcement was better than their last and the best thing is they had their fans in mind. From Zelda, Donkey Kong and Golden eye this is for the hardcore crowd. Yet I have to say I find it so ironic though both Sony and Microsoft are known as " hardcore developers who know and understand their fans." Yet most of their conferences were for a motion control peripherals aimed for the casual crowd. Then there's Nintendo known to support only casuals with a game as epic as goldeneye for its long time fans Mere babies (TF2 reference btw) would not understand or even care about goldeneye. It's almost poetic? Badass? Or just epic?….I don't know. Thanks for reading. So did you guys enjoy Nintendo too or did I finally lose it?