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Aw screwwww it!

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After 3 months without internet, I solved my problems with the company, and got it back, last week, yaaay.

But just now my xbox got the error 74. AW SCREW IT! In october 2008 it got RROD, and now this? I need to hurt someone, badly!

OnLive... The future of gaming? I'm scared!!!! :'(

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For those that don't know what OnLive is supposed to be...

OK, it seems fun, and if it works properly, it will completly change gaming as we know it. But this gen already strikes fear into my heart. Where I live, there's no good internet technology, and gaming is still very overlooked. (It's still seen as a kid's toy for most people, not to mention the absurd price consoles and games have around here).

Sure, OnLive is said to be cheap and all, and I'm sure I could buy it for me (note that an Xbox 360 where I live costs around 800 dollars, a game costs 100, and minimum wage is around 2 dollars an hour). But the main problem is that it's all online, and my internet conection is awful, I can barely play on xbox live. (250 KBps, 1 MBps here is a rich people thing).

I'm scared... I was afraid I wouldn't be able to catch up this gaming gen, and I did, very late but I did. But now... I'm even more scared of the next one.

Sure we still have to wait and see how this will play, if developers will help it, if gamers will aprove it, if it will work properly... We have many things yet to see.

However, I'm not the only person scared, there are many people that will probably suffer much more then I am right now. Think of all the game stores, how will they keep their business if it will work online?

It's a step up for technology, but I am very afraid of this step...If it works, it'll be great for most gamers, and will completly suck for others...

Game developers will probably be pretty happy with the huge decline in piracy this will bring though.

But me... I don't know what to think, I'm just afraid... *hugs xbox 360*

Edited to add on a link for those who don't know what OnLive is.

My "play different games when bored" game pile

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This is something I suggest every gamer should do.

In this generation, I'm mostly playing shooter games. It doesn't matter how great Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty, and other games are, even though I can play them over and over, sometimes you just want to play something different. I'm not saying different like getting Dark Sector, Army of Two, or other shooter games, mostly because even though they are different, they are shooters at their core.

What you should do, is create a little completly different game genre list for the days when you get bored. Who hasn't felt the need to play something but when looked around the games you have, you didn't feel like playing any of those?

Check my gamertag or my game collection (here in gamespot, it's updated) to see how many shooters I'm playing lately, and how some of the games I have are completly different.

Examples of different games that I play when I'm bored: Ace Combat 6, Burnout Paradise, Geometry Wars, Castle Crashers, Fallout 3...

It's always good to leave the routine, I always had this pile, and always kep my interest in videogames, the only difference is what was my main game genre in each generation.

PSone -> RPGs was my main pile

PS2 -> Action Adventure

Xbox 360 -> Shooters

Get out of your traditional games once in a while, in order to broaden your horizons, keep things interesting, and keep the flame of gaming burning inside your heart.


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Before I got my Xbox360, I was always hearing how awesome Bioshock was, but I never got to play it, something about it didn't really get my attention.

So I decided to buy it, since it got so many great grades, what could possibly go wrong?

In fact, Bioshock really is a great game, it has a good story, good graphics, deep gameplay, and does a great job at sucking the player into its world.

In fact yes, it's just as good as everyone else said, but strangely, even though I liked the game, after finishing it, I felt like something was wrong, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

It's strange, how good the game was, how many different things it allowed you to do, the huge variety of ways you could approach the combat, it really was a different experience, which I recomend everyone. I dare even to describe it's flexibility as an "NOT RPG, fallout with a different setting".

It is a fantastic game, but maybe it wasn't for me. I guess I prefer the straightforward action game, (Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War). I love the thrill of battle.

That being said, how good the game actually was, I'll probably pick up bioshock 2 as well, and put it on my "Play different games when bored" game pile =p

Next blog post:

My "Play different games when bored" game pile.

Resident Evil 5 full review (no story spoilers)

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My previous post was made when I was about halfway through the game. But now I can talk about it with 100% sure of everything. I'm posting this in my blog because the game hasn't been officially released yet.

Like mentioned previously, the game plays a lot like RE4. If you haven't played it, then go do it right now. =)

The inventory system now is real time, but only has 9 spaces, which you can choose 4 items as to hotkeys to your D-pad. This real time system is a good idea, but it has it's flaws, sometimes it's annoying to get an item when your inventory is full (In RE4 you could automatically use a healing item when you picked it up, now you can't). This is particulary annoying when your inventory is full, and you see a red herb on the ground to combine with your green one... But if you drop an item in order to get it, the item is lost forever, what the hell capcom? In between stages you can buy and upgrade weapons, as the game goes, new weapons are unlocked, and after fully upgrading the first weapon of each category, you unlock new stuff as well. The game has a pretty good weapon variety, despite the fact your starting options are very slim.

The story can be completed in less than 5 hours (doing so unlocks infinite ammo for the RPG), but on your first time through, expect to take 10 or more, depending of your ability and difficulty level played on.

RE5's pretty focused on tight situations, most of the time you'll be attacked by waves of enemies, to the point that you'll have to use some strategy with your equipment to avoid running out of ammo and health. Puzzles take even an even bigger step back, being mostly about pulling levers to open paths, finding multiple objects (exotic keys) to open a door, and aligning mirrors to make the light hit a target (this is probably the only real puzzle in the game, and it's ridiculously easy). And boss fights are very exciting, some of them are even quite long.

Sheva AI isn't bad, but it could have been better. She helps you when you ask her, and sometimes scavenges items on her own, but however she'll also forget picking up some items, which you'll have to tell her to do so. If she gets ammo for a weapon you have and she doesn't, she'll automatically give it to you, and I don't think she can throw grenades, or use her knife. She has a really great aim, however she aims mostly at their torso. Sheva also has 2 comands: Cover and Attack. Cover makes her stay behind you, and use the handgun (or whatever weapon she has in case she runs out of ammo), and Attack makes her stay ahead of you, using stronger guns at her disposal. Some people complain that when you're getting grabbed by an enemy, Sheva doesn't help them at all, but it's their fault mostly, simply tap the "come here button (B or O) and she'll run to your aid.

The sound is great, the songs that play during the battles are among the best I ever heard in a game, they really keep your adrenaline going. I won't comment about voice acting, because it's really a personal preference, it's cheesy, but good. It's kind of annoying hearing Sheva saying "thanks partner" almost every time you give her an item, or help her though.

Content wise, RE5 is loaded. After you finish the game, you can go on a new game +. That means you can finish the game on one difficulty, and carry over your stuff to a higher one. This will be useful to unlock the large amounts of weapons, and if you want to upgrade them all, you'll probably need many playthroughs (there's an achievement/trophy for doing so). There are also treasures to be found, and meddalions to be shot (treasures give you money, and meddalions give you unlockables).

As you play the game, you get points regarding your performance, which can be used to buy more content, like character figures, infinite ammo, and many other goodies.

Chris and Sheva have also 2 bonus clothes.

And there's of course, the amazing "The Mercenaries" mode from RE4. You start with standard Chris and Sheva, and only one stage, but you can unlock 2 more different characters, and some clothes for each character (each outfit comes with a different weapon setup), and several other stages.

That's quite a large replay value huh?

I love the game, it has great graphics, an OK but highly predictable story, and amazing replay value. The core gameplay while is a great fun, seems dated, some extra tweaking (*COUGH*Being able to walk while aiming, improve the real time inventory, and just a liiiitle more the partner AI *COUGH*) would have made this game even better than RE4 was.

My score: 9,0/10,0

So I got RE5 today... Wanna know what I think?

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RE5 is good, very good, and very similar to RE4 just like you guys thought. I've been struggling with the controls for a while, because even though it plays a lot like RE4, they changed the buttons a bit... (I played the PS2 version, and they swapped the reload/run/shoot buttons) But the gameplay is exactly the same, even the laser sights, quick time action... you name it.

I miss silly things like the merchant from RE4, you can still buy and upgrade, but only between stages, I haven't unlocked many guns yet, but they are pretty cool so far, I hope for more variety.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that many people complain that Sheva eats up all her handgun ammo. And she "does", but that's because she has 2 orders you can give her. Cover and Attack. She starts the game in cover and most people don't bother changing.

Cover -> she stays mostly behind you all the time, healing you, and covering you with handgun shots.

Attack -> she stays mostly ahead of you and goes crazy, but instead of handgun, she'll use a stronger gun (Submachinegun,shotgun...)

Sheva isn't that stupid, but not bright either. She rarely misses an enemy, but she mostly aim at their chest anyway. She's good at breaking boxes and finding supplies on her own, giving you ammo and health when you need and such. I had a shotgun, she had a SMG. So whenever she got Shotgun ammo, she gave it to me, without even having to ask her, and so I gave my friendly AI her SMG ammo as well. My only real problem with her is that sometimes she doesn't get the "I'M GONNA SHOOT THAT EXPLODING BARREL, GET AWAY FROM IT!" action (Capcom should have made her run away when you get your aim on a barrel...), calling her to your side is useful, but she'll often shoot enemies on her way so... she might not get away from the barrel in time. (hey the boss was near the barrel, and I had really low health)

Inventory system is real time, you only have 9 squares of space (each item takes 1 space, doesn't matter how big or small the item is, ammo box, herb or gun). Maybe it is just me, but I haven't found a way to organize my inventory in real time yet. Why would I want that?

The inventory is like this:

1 - 2 - 3

4 - 5 - 6

7 - 8 - 9

the items located in the numbers: 2, 4, 6 and 8 can be auto selected with the D-pad, so it would be a good idea to ocasionaly keep a herb in one of them =)

Everything else is what you'd expect from an upgraded RE4, there are even more melee moves, and even some "combo ones" Example: Chris punches, and Sheva kicks before the enemy hits the floor.

The enemies handle a lot like the Ganados in RE4 (think ganados in Africa, but their monster versions are uglier and meaner)

I'm enjoying it, but I can see why some people don't.

Bottom line: if you liked RE4, you'll like this game. It's faster, more intense, plays pretty much the same way. Think of Sheva as Ashley with guns.

I just miss the insane huge inventory system (this one makes the game much harder O_o, but more dynamic), and the super mega awesome merchant... :'( CAPCOM should make a RESIDENT EVIL: THE MERCHANT!

Ask me anything, I'll answer ASAP with a PM or here.

Resident Evil 5: Are you excited for it?

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I for sure am. I only get smart people to track here in GS, so I'd like to know what some of you smart guys think about it.

I don't expect it to be as amazing as 4 was to me, but still, it'll be pretty good. =)

I'll avoid game boards more often now.

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I realized that I spend way too much time in those, and I have to stop doing so. Most topics are pointless, repetitive, and end up in a stupid flame war, or troll hunt.

I'll still visit boards, but will spend much less time in them.

Crap crap crap!!

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Yeah, I have a crappy internet conection, damn it!! I have xbox live gold, and I lag horribly in most games, i can never put up a fair fight unless it's in Halo 3. Does anybody know why is that the only game where I rarely lag?

Goddamit I wanna have some fair competition!!!!

RROD nooo

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Yes... I got it last week...

I think I'm the next one to go...

I... Need ... My... 360... X_x

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