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I Like The Update

just testing the new blogging feature to see what they are like ^_^

I've being looking for a place to blog since 1UP closed down, so I think I might start blogging here now.



Gaming Setup & PS3 Collection

I love having a video game collection on display, gaming is my favourite hobby and it's something I have never been ashamed of. Most of the people I knew growing up who played games have since "grown out if it", but I prefer to say that I matured because of it.

So last November I moved my home office (from one side of the house to the other). The first thing I did was get some shelves installed to put my games on.

So here's the end result:




I have a total of 9 shelves and use 3 for my PS3 games, though I think I'll be moving onto a fourth pretty soon. I also have all my PS2 & PSP games there, but I didn't feel a need to take a photo of them.

My PS Vita collection is pretty small at the moment but here's what it looks like so far:


I also keep my PSaccessories on one of the shelves:


I plan to pick up the Metal Gear HD Collection and Gravity Rush in the nect week or so.

So lets move on to where I actually sit down and work/play games.


So what I have in my office is:

I use a Sony BraviaKDL-40HX853for my PS3 gaming, which is just to the left of my PC, on the white desk with the blue cloth on it.


Back From The Park - Thoughts About Crysis 2

I finally sat down during my time off and both played and finished Crysis 2. I did play the first few levels of the game when it first launched but the DX10 version had some annoying glitches, such as a flickering effect that took place in any outdoor day time scenes. I recently found out that the reason for this glitch was because I am using a dual graphic card setup. So a patch was released and I downloaded it, and it fixed it.

So when I knew I had two weeks? vacation coming up, I looked at my PC pile of shame list and decided it was time to take another crack at Crysis 2. For those who are wondering, I played the game on the normal difficulty. I played it at 1920x1200 and all settings set to Extreme with DX11 and extra textures.

My setup is:

  • Intel® Core? i7 Processor 960(3.20GHz,4.8GT/s,8MB)
  • 12GB 1333MHz (3x4GB) Tri Channel Memory
  • Dual 3GB AMD® Radeon? HD 7970 graphics cards

From the outset Crysis 2 is story driven. Unlike Crysis, which has the bare basics of a story, which was purely for setup, Crysis 2 is set after an Alien invasion of New York City, and the heavy story hand of the game is played from the beginning. The first Crysis biggest fault was for about two thirds of the game, the gameplay was open and the story was slowly told to you. For the final third the game became extremely linear and the story was way too heavy handed and it totally spoiled the final act of the game. Crysis 2 finds a far better balance between story and gameplay, it?s not perfect by any means, but it?s a big step forward from Crysis.

When Crysis 2 was been previewed and promoted Crytek spoke about the game been set in an ?Urban Jungle? and would bring New York?s vertically into the gameplay. While there are moments in the game when you are about twenty to thirty stories above ground and you can see the war between the humans and Aliens been fought below you, I much preferred the open world feel of Crysis then the vertical world feel of Crysis 2. I do love the little details of Alcatraz grabbing onto a ledge and pulling himself up, or seeing his feet kick up when you are knocked down by an explosion.

The controls have evolved too. In Crysis you use the middle mouse button to access your suits abilities and while you can still do this in Crysis 2. The three main abilities have been mapped to the keyboard, Q = Armour, E= Stealth, Shift = Power. At first I found it a little awkward to get use to the keyboard mapping and continued to use the middle mouse button to access the abilities. That was until I was in the middle of a battle and then the keyboard mapping clicked with me. When I was using the middle mouse button I generally or naturally stopped moving to take a look at what I was selecting, but the keyboard mapping I found the battle sections became far batter and felt more natural as I was able to easy switch depending on the situation.

The main issue with Crysis 2 are the set pieces. The game pretty much boils down to you entering an three or four levelled area, and pretty much get from A to B, and sometimes for variety you may to do X, Y & Z on the way to B. Yes it is cool and impressive to run up three flights of stairs and then jump out of a window and deliver a crushing fist stomp to your enemy. But I much preferred the openness of the first Crysis that really allowed you to create your own path. Crysis 2 does give you a larger path to traverse then most first person shooters today, it?s just feels more linear compared to the first game.

3D Gaming Thoughts

I've mentioned before that I was interested in getting the PlayStation 3D Display, and since it is still unavailable in Europe, I decided to go out and get a 3DTV instead, I picked up a Sony KDL-40HX803.

So I thought I would share some quick thoughts on games I have played in 3D in the past few days.

Super Star Dust:
The best PS3 game to show off 3D gaming.

Ridge Racer 7:
Works best when viewing the car in a third person perspective.

Uncharted 3:

The 3D works fine, I recommend turning the 3D strength down to about 50%.

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus:

As the PS3 only does 3D at 720p, this game actually looks and runs better then at 1080p. Native 720p proves to be a phenomenal improvement over the original and frame-rate is very, very solid. While the resolution boost isn't quite as revelatory as it is in Ico (like for like, PS2 Colossus is pumping out twice as many pixels as PS2 Ico), it's remarkable just how much detail is resolved from the shift to high-definition.

Crysis & Crysis 2:

Both games look and play great in 3D. The best 3D FPS's out there.

Resistance 3:
Extremely well done 3D, but not as outstanding as Crysis 1&2.

Gran Turismo 5:
Works fine, but doesn't add much to the whole experience.

Killzone 3:
Same as Resistance 3, but the jet pack level (which is also the 3D demo bundled with Resistance 3) is far more exciting in 3D, also I find the jumping/jet packing to be far more accurate in 3D.

So there's my quick thoughts so far, if you want any further details on a particular game just ask.

Also has anyone else in the community tried their hands/eyes at 3D gaming on the PS3? What did you think of it?