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The time has come to say good bye

Well, I guess that this had to happen, so here goes...

I will not be active on GS anymore. No, it's not nothing to do anything with getting bored with it or anything (though I've been posting a lot less lately). The real reason being that I'm heading back to university after working for the past 3 and a half years. The university is in Germany, so I'm leaving to Germany on May 25. I should have left a lot earlier, but visa issues and delays in procuring it means that I will be able to leave only now. My course had started in april, so I'll have some catching up to do.

I'm really sorry that I couldn't post on your blogs regularly over the last couple of months, it's just that they have been really hectic and busy. Plus I've been going out with this really nice girl :oops: , so I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with her before leaving. It was fun being here for the last three years and I've really enjoyed my time here. This is mostly not a final goodbye, as I will come online when I do find the time, just mostly not for the next one or two months. Thank you all for reading this and helping me all this time. BTW, my birthday was on may 16, as my friends on facebook already know. Here is my facebook id for those who want to contact me:

Thank you all once again for reading this.

My Birthday. Two days before.

I was supposed to post this two days ago, but I've been rather busy and couldn't sit at my comp for the last two days. Anyway, May 16 was my 24th birthday. Wasn't much of a birthday, spent the entire day running around and getting some new tiles in the kitchen. Took him the entire day to do it.

When it was finally over and I decided to get some sleep, the voltage stabiliser of my AC conked out. So there I was, sitting in 43C degree heat, sweating buckets. Oh well, atleast the cake was good. I ate it before anyone could take any photos :P. A really tiring birthday, I must say. How was everyone else's weekend?

Austalian open quotes

For those of you who haven't been paying a lot attention to the tennis last week, here are some quotes uttered by tennis players when their tongues work faster than their brains. I got these from the Australian open official site, I'm just posting them here to satisfy my ego and to compete with foolz3h's blog. Enjoy.

- Serena Williams on her lapses in concentration.

"I have mental issues, too, so ... I think everyone has mental issues."

- Nadia Petrova explains that she doesn't know how Sara Errani plays.

"I've never felt her balls."

- Grand Slam celebration, Dinara Safina-****

"I'll go and buy chocolate cake. This would be my present for myself, that, yes, I can eat that chocolate cake."

- Roger Federer declines a journalist's request for one of his towels.

"We don't have that many. They're for my friends. I don't know you. But good try."

- Elena Dementieva sympathises with Melbourne Park's resident moths.

"Oh, I mean, it was hot for everyone, you know. They were like ready to die; not to survive a day like that."

- Serena agrees with Dinara Safina's high opinion of her brother.

"I idolised Marat, too (smiling). I can totally understand."

- Fernando Verdasco's plan to beat the heat.

"If you tell me now, I will go to the fridge. I will put myself in for few days."

- Dinara Safina on the benefits of being world No. 3.

"Now when I practice there is more people standing watching me, that I get better court, that I'm not anymore Marat's sister. That's different"

- Serena Williams describes her excitement over possibly claiming a 10th Grand Slam title.

"Maybe I'll get the special 10-plus bonus mail."

- Sorry Rafa, when exactly did you play?

"No, I played one day night, one day night, one day night, next day, day."

- Jelena Jankovic ignores a journalist's question by asking one of her own.

"Was it you there in the match, or was it somebody else talking to me during the match? When I was getting a towel, there was a man just like you. To be honest, it's for real. Maybe it's your clone or something … he was cheering for me. I don't know. He looked just like you. Now when I saw you …"

- Andy Roddick justifies his loss to Serena Williams in their early teenage years.

"When we were 10, I had to literally run around in the shower to get wet. I was this big. She was bench pressing dump trucks already at that time. I told her that yesterday, and she got a good laugh. Any chance she gets she just does it to get under my skin, and she does it very successfully… She forgets to mention that it was 1993."

- Williams stirs the pot.

"He just got jealous because my body was more fit and that my biceps are probably still bigger than his. Andy is incredibly jealous of me. You know, I just don't know why. I can't blame him really."

- Safe to say Roger Federer isn't a video line-calling fan.

"What do I think about it? It's horrible. I don't like it, no."

- Serena Williams reveals the secret to self-motivation

"Well, I was thinking, 'Okay, if you lose, you're going to fly coach all the way back to Florida', how uncomfortable that would be… I wouldn't allow myself to have the emergency row either. I would be so mad, I would have to sit like the last row, the tightest row."

- Marat Safin is less than impressed after being foot-faulted.

"Well, just unfortunately some people, they want to take five seconds of the camera and to show everybody that he's in the match. It's sad story. Just unfortunately it's the most stupid thing I ever saw in my life"

- Andy Roddick's advice for healthy skin.

"Red is a good colour. If you're out in the sun long enough, your freckles might connect and then you might get a good tan"

Roger Federer explains the secret to successful challenging.

"You need bad linespeople. They got to help you out."

- Jelena Jankovic reveals her futuristic footwear plans.

"I will tell them to put some air‑conditioning in [my shoes]. Especially with the technology growing and getting better, I believe in the future we will have these kind of things, too. It would be nice."

- Serena Williams, more than just a pretty face.

"I can do it all. I cook, I clean, I write, I make jokes, I tape (smiling). You know, I just pretty much do everything."

- Marat Safin looking forward to life after tennis.

"Enjoy myself. Enjoy myself. Enjoy being out of tennis. See it in a different way. Watch tennis on TV, for example. Cheer for somebody else. I don't know."

- Venus Williams on braving Melbourne's roads

"I drive everywhere. I drive to Fitzroy. I've driven to St. Kilda. I've driven downtown. I make that wide turn. I get lost. I take detours. I double back and I succeed. I want to try a drive‑through. That's next."

- Serena Williams on her superstitions at the Australian Open.

"There's just one shower I always use here. You know, I always want the same locker, but I can't remember for the life of me what locker I use, so ... I guess it doesn't necessarily work"

The way of the Human Brain

Don't worry, this is not a biology blog, this is an example of how different people's brains perform differently. Case in point :

Let's say a guy named Mark asks a girl called Elaine out. She accepts, they go to an movie and have a good time. Next week,they go out again, and this continues until they are seeing no one else except each other. So one night, while Mark & Elaine are driving home after a movie, Elaine suddenly realises something:

Elaine:"Do you realize that we've been going out for exactly six months now?"

There is a dead silence for 30 secs.

And Mark is thinking:

"Gosh, Six months."

And Elaine is thinking:

"Have we been going out for so long? Do we really have a future together?Do I really know this person?"

And Mark is thinking:

"Six months....Let's see, That was way back in february when I got the new braking system...Let me check my odometer,Whoa! I'm way overdue for an oil change."

And Elaine is thinking:

"He looks concerned. He probably wants more intimacy, more meaning in our relationship. Yes, that's probably what he wants."

And Mark is thinking:

"I'm going to have those morons look at those gears again. And they better not try to blame it on bad weather this time. It's 30C outside, and this thing is changing gears like a garbage truck!"

And Elaine is thinking:

"Yes, I can see he's angry and upset. I'm sitting next to a perfectly good guy, and my insensitiveness has made him upset."

And Mark is thinking:

"They'll say it's probably a ninety day warranty. That's what they'll say!"

And Elaine is thinking:

"I've got my head too far in the clouds about my knight in shining armour and horse that I can't see the goodness in front of me. I've been in dreamland all this time."

And Mark is thinking:

"Warranty? I'll give them a warranty!."



"I've been all wrong. There is no Horse, there is no knight."

"There isn't?"

"You think I'm a fool,do you?"

"No!" says Mark, glad to know the correct answer.

"It's just that...I need some time."

They drive in silence for some time until Mark gropes in the dark and finds some thing to say.


Elaine immediately says "Oh Mark, do you feel the same way about that?"

Mark asks "About what?"

Elaine says "About time. And how it changes people."

Mark doesn't understand a thing about the question, and the way Elaine is staring at him makes him nervous, especially if she starts asking him questions about horses.

"Yes, I feel the same way as you."

Her face lightens, and she finally says "Thank you."

Mark responds "Thank You."

Mark drops Elaine off at her home, where she crawls into bed, a tortured soul weeping into the night.

Mark, meanwhile, gets home, grabs a packet of chips and switches on the TV and watches a tennis match between two Czech players he's never heard of. A small voice tells him that there was something major going on in the car, but he finally decides not to think about it.

Elaine, meanwhile, calls her closest friend next morning and they both dissect the entire conversation of what Mark had said. They keep discussing about it for weeks, never reaching a conclusion but never getting bored of it either.

Mark is playing Tennis with a mutual friend of his and Elaine's when he pauses just before serving and asks "George, Did Elaine ever own a horse?"

I forgot my Birthday

It's somewhat embarrassing, but I forgot my own Birthday, which was yesterday. So here's for a delayed Happy Birthday to me *cheers*. Ok, so here's the cake...


Party Time!!!All are welcome!!! BTW, I'm 23 now. And we'll have the award for the lucky one who escaped moderation by the end of the month. I'll draw lots and decide the winner. Have fun!!!

The Monthly Interactive 'Moderation Evaders' Awards.

Some time since I have blogged, Because I'm too lazy too :P, OK, so this is waht it's all about...

I got this idea after seeing a lot of people get modded on the forums (Myself included). So I decided that I will hold a monthly award for those talented individuals who manage to go ONE FULL MONTH WITHOUT GETTING MODDED. Contest is open to all GS users. All you have to do is to submit your credentials. Proof of non-modding is also welcome, adds a bit more authenticity to this contest :P.

This is the official Medal For winning this contest:


RULES : 1) Only people who have not got modded over a month will be eligible for this award.

2) Moderators, Admins etc are NOT ELIGIBLE for this award (This is pretty obvious, I think)

3) My decision is FINAL and BINDING (I like to think of myself in control :P)

4) Anyone who does not agree with my decision will be disqualified :P.

5) Lastly, I do not take any responsibilites for damages incurred, egos bruised :P, etc. This is NOT MY FAULT!!!:lol:

OK, so the first winner of this contest after reviewing all users and comparing, is ....Hold your Breath... RAGHRAGHRAGH aka rags aka ruggy aka rugs aka raggy aka...You get the idea :P!!!!!*APPLAUSE*. So Here's to the first Winner of the Monthly 'Moderation Evaders' award, I present to you, Raghraghragh * More applause*.

Draws fo next month will start from today. Post your entries folks, who knows, you might just win something :P.

Cya all.

Back from vacation, Suspension, tagging and other stuff.

Hey people, I'm finally back from a lengthy break from GS (unintentionally,of course). First i was off for a vacation, second i got modded and suspended for a week. During this time, there's apparently been some tagging fad going on, so I was tagged by Bamdude. Now, I don't know a lot about this tagging stuff, so it'll take me some time to figure it out. For now though, I'm finally back on GS :D:D:D:D:D. See you all round!!!

Going on a vacation

Hey, So how is Everybody?

First, here's wishing everyone a happy Good Friday. I'm leaving on a short vacation tomorrow after all that work, and I really need the break. So I won't be here for a couple of days. I think that's all for now, All of you have fun on the weekend. See you all around.

Have'n t been on GS for over 2 weeks now + First Blog.

Well, It's been atleast 2 weeks since I've been on GS, so things seem to have changed a bit since then. I've been having some heavy workload over the past few weeks, and I expect it to continue all throughout this week, so I don't expect to be here this week. This workload consists of me and a couple others billing our clients (It's not that interesting as it sounds), anyway, we found out that the people before me had overbilled our client to the previous month, so all the operation right now is about settling those matters. Take care everybody, I may have less work from the next week onwards when this gets over, keep my fingers crossed. Have Fun!!!

P.S : Sorry to all thos people in whose blog posts I have'nt commented over the past few weeks, I'll start afresh from next week when all this gets over.