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I'm really enjoying the Beta, but I'm also a big DC fan - Not too many bugs for me... Unfortunately my mate cant play for more than 2-mins without a freeze up... Devs should have it fixed soon I'm sure.

I would definitely love to own the full game, but if there is a monthly subscription then I wont bother. I CAN afford it, but I often go 3 weeks without playing games (Life/work/kids/etc) so I don't want to be paying when not playing. I don't work so that I can donate money to Sony for nothing.

Make it free for PSN+ and I'll grab a copy of DCUO 4 sure.

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Nothing to do with bad luck - to do with poor/cheap hardware. PS3 HW is better than 360 but its still cheap cr8p. I recently had YLOD and fixed it with a hair dryer... LoL. First generation of consoles where if you buy one, you gotta expect it to break before you have finished with it. DISGUSTING IMO!

If your Ps3 is well past warranty, then I suggest you open it up (Lots of guides on the net) and give it a good clean out. The external attempts to clean only do so much. But like that other dude says, prolly time to think about either sending it in or buying new.

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That sounds a bit like over heating... Can you hear the fan start when you turn it on...? Have you cleaned out the dust from the vents *ever* ?


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Why do i always get trolled. :( 10 seconds of my life that wont come back.blabbyboy

ROTFLMFAO - Now that was worth the post :)

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Oh ok thanks for the reply, I think I will get this game then :D. Probably around January tho, broke right now T_TBloodseeker23

I lost a controller to Ninja Gaiden Ghost piranah fish... Demons souls only got one control throw and that was Dragon God and even then it was not necessary... I was just not playing it right :)

Demons is not very hard - just think about what you are doing...

Cheers and enjoy!

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Bwa ha ha ha hah ha!!!

Takin' the pss or serious - Doesn't matter - The cross-over fighter is getting ridiculous and if you satire LoL, if true LoL!!!!


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Hmm.. question here, I've played a lot of hard games and I've beat them too, what's harder, This game or Ninja Gaiden Sigma? And i know NJS is not that hard, but I just want a comparison, thanks.


Ninja Gaiden WAY harder imo...

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I'm plannin' on buying this game, but I've heard that it's very hard. It's either this or MW2. I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND HELP!!!! pidokennies

Dude - Demons Souls is no-where near as hard is it becomes for some people... Follow the Demons Souls Rules....

1) Hold your shield up at all times

2) Walk don't run

3) Let the enemy attack first, then counter

4) Always explore your surroundings first before running straight in

5) Keep health handy as number 1 and 2 item

6) Have Warding / Total Protection as your number 1 spell and cast before each encounter (This is for later in game).

Go Demons Souls - Its friggen amazing experiance - IF - You follow its rules :)

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Pleeeeez! Someone must know that i'm..

a) Correct. No more ranked servers

b) Doing something wrong

c) Playin an old game and should not expect much


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All the Bad Company Hype got me playing Bad Company 1 - Except seems like no matter what (Even when selecting ranked games) I dont get any experience or gain in rank...?

What is up with that...?