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Winter City - A Graphic Novel By PattyP

Winter City Header

So after two years in planning, lots of penny pinching and searching for the perfect artists to help me, Winter City Issue 1 is finally in production.

Issue 1 will be released online FREE in 1st Feb 2011, but in the mean-time please check out the web-site for character art and background info. I also just finished up an animated intro for the web-site. Hope you think its cool.

I'll provide another update as we get closer to finishing Issue 1.

Feedback is most welcome!


Winter City Synopsis

During the coldest winter on record, in one of the country's most corrupt cities, seven men will die. Every sin has a price and Sam Winters is coming to collect.

No longer the man he was, no longer a husband, no longer a father. Sam has fallen over the edge of sanity and into a dark, twisted reality where he truly believes he is Death incarnate on a mission to claim the blood debt from the evil that is destroying the world.

As Sam Winters claims his vengeful retribution from the vile criminals who destroyed everything that mattered, Sam's sociopathic tendencies are revealed through a retrospective look into an abusive childhood, a violent adolescence, and a nurturing love affair that ends in a climactic tragedy.

The city has a new law and those who choose a life of sin will be brutally punished. Every sin has a price.


Playstation Move - Day 1

Yesterday I picked up the new PS3 320g kit with a Move Starter pack included... Also came with an HDMI cable and Red Dead Redemption... Not a bad deal. Woo Hoo!

So... am I really into motion gaming...? Hell No! Never owned a Wii, and every time I'm at a mates place and we get drunk and he says "Lets play Wii Sports/Mario Kart/Mario Sports/Wii Kart/etc etc etc... I play for 20mins and then wish I had a standard control and a game character with a gun or sword. Anyway... I digress...Not expecting much from the PS Move, but quietly hoping somewhere inside me there is a raging Motion Gamer waiting to burst free and get all giddy over cute animals, fantasy sports and jumping up and down in front of my TV...

So how'd it go...? My first Move experience...

The Move starter kit comes with a Demo disk containing a short version of pretty much all the games you may have seen played here on game spot. Unfortunately it seems to want to install all the games before playing as opposed to letting you play them off the disk... I guess this is why Sony upgraded the hard drives... They are gonna make us all install our Move games...???? Anyway, I only had time to try Sports Champions, Eye Pet, and Golf...

Sports champions lets you play Frisbee and Table tennis... To my surprise, they were pretty good. Will I now go to my mates and tell him his Wii-motes are crap and he needs to upgrade to a Move.... Unfortunately Sony fan-boys... No. Seems about same-same to me (But I really haven't clocked enough hours to be an expert on the matter).

Moving on from Sports Champions I played Tiger Woods Golf... This was also actually pretty good and I could see myself getting into it - for a little while anyway. But would I sacrifice picking up Lords of Shadow for Tiger Woods...? No chance.

Time for something different... Maybe something my 4yr old would like... I fire up Eye Pet... 2 words.. ABOM-INATION! Ok so thats one word broken in two. I just needed to emphasise it because it really is terrible. Controls suck, instructions suck, pointless game.

So.. Is PS Move the Sizzle-my-bizzle-kin-izzle? Hard to say it this stage... So I wont make the call just yet. There are a bunch more games on the demo and I'll get into them later today and update my blog if anything of interest happens e.g. Move explodes in my hand, horrifically scarring my face and setting fire to my lounge.


EDIT: One thing I didn't mention... The actual MOVE controller is pretty nice to hold and use. I thought it looked 100% whack when I first checked it on the internet, but getting it in my hand has converted me. Its kinda cool with that glowing bulb on the end.

PS3... Ylod... Hair Dryer??? Wtf???

So... Last night around 730pm my Launch Day 60g Fat PS3 got Yellow Light Of Death... Never thought it could happen to me.

As you may expect - I completely friggen flipped out! None of my thousands of hours worth of game saves were backed up off the PS3 HD. I was screwed... Cant put the HD in my other PS3 or PC... Sony software wont let me!

What to do...? I dont give a sh_t about having to buy a SLIM... I have been looking for an excuse to upgrade... But I need my data... So I pulled the PS3 apart cleaned every inch of dust, tightened screws, etc. Nope! D. E. A. D.

With nothing to lose... I decided to try the VERY far fetched HAIR DRYER trick you can find on youtube... And No F_KIN WAY my PS3 is alive again!!!!!!!WOOOOTTT!!!!

Im on borrowed time, top priority now is new PS3 and Data-transfer asap... I simply cant lose my Demons Souls, Bayonetta, and Dragon Age Saves!!!!

Wish me luck!

Does size matter... Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

MS Market Capitalisation: $224B

Nintendo Market Cap: $39.5B

Sony Market Cap: $27.5B

Nintendo does games and pretty much only games... Based on that fact their running an amazingly successful business.

MS has so much money, clout and power that no matter how broken their products are, or how anti-competitive their peripherals become, a few kick backs here and there, an expensive hype campaign, and constant propaganda, they can muscle their way into the consumers wallet.

Sony is the smallest, but their entire business is based around entertainment - So in all theory they should be the most innovative and in-tune with what we all like to do in our spare time.

All things considered... Size probably doesn't matter because all three seem to compete very well and we as gamers keep being treated to extremely high levels of quality entertainment - No matter your preferred flavour.

Naughty Bear - What tha?

Have been reading a few comments and forums discussing the Naughty Bear game.

It's very amusing to see how desensitised gamers are to brutally killing PEOPLE on their gaming screens... But as soon as they see a game with teddy bears killing teddy bears... Its all...

"OMG this game is evil and wrong. People playing this are sick! I'm going back to my GTA, God of War, Hitman, Assassins Creed where I can brutally murder some people with a clear conscience"

People and their hypocrisy never cease to amaze.

Game looks ridiculous, but I am somewhat interested in what the game will actaully offer the gamer.

Check out some of the previews (If you havent already)

Profiling a Demons Souls Hater

a) Never even played it - But loaded with opinion on it

b) Only have an Xbox 360 and PS3 couldn't possibly have any games worth playing

c) Couldn't get past Phalanx Demon because button mashing was ineffective

d) Game required too much practice and intelligence to play

e) Would have played it if it had guns, replaced the knight with a space marine, dropped the 3rd person part and went with 1st person, and then placed the story on rails.

f) Was not released in my home country

g) Only play games advertised on TV

Thoughts On PS3 Sales And Popularity Going Forward

Its unfortunate - Sony PS3 was/is a very good system and a complete high-quality package. The best of the Wiii, 360, PS3 group. PS3 outta the box you get everything you need, plus more, and there is no cost on cost on cost other than games.


Unfortunately, sony for some reason forgot how consumers operate and also forgot the age demographic of its core customers... Sony thought "Hey we will release the BMW of consoles". Consumers (especially the bulk age group of gamers) don't buy BMW, they buy Hyundai (Even if the dam thing breaks down endlessly). Consumers buy the cheapest price tag, so long as it is reasonably comparable on core functionality... As the consumer needs extra stuff they buy it. Consumers are completely unaware of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) its just spend, spend, spend in small cumulative blocks.

eg. "Feels" like 5x $100 is Cheaper then $500.

IMO PS3 new price point will put PS3 in front (period over period, almost definitely not in total life-time sales) IF and only IF M$ doesn't start ramping a new XBox720 within the next 18-months (Which they likely will because it makes sense).

The question for Sony is... Was BluRay worth sacrificing leader of consoles in this generation...? Or would it have been better to go in with a cheap gaming machine, with wide appeal, like M$ did...? I don't think the answer is is as obvious as it may seem... Time will tell all :)

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