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Prince of Persia

So I beat Prince of Persia today. (the new one for the 360) I thought it was pretty good, it kind of got repetitive after a while though. The same old wall jump and stuff was kind of boring. *SPOILER ALERT* I have to say the ending was awesome though, how they left it open for the second one. It makes me want to buy the second one when it comes out *SPOILER ALERT* all in all I enjoyed it I would recommend it to anyone who like platformer games


Part of the reason I haven't felt like coming online anymore is football. I have to get up at 6:15 AM to get there at 6:45 AM. I finish up at 1:30-2:00 PM. So by the time I get home I am so tired most of the time I get home eat then take a nap and play some games. By tha time it is dinner time then I go to bed at like 9:30 b/c I am so tired. I am having fun playing football though even though it is really tough. . .

It has been a while

Hello gamespotters, long time no see. I have not been on GS at all this summer, I just didn't feel like it and I had lots of other things going on. I want to say sory to all the unions I am in. I don't think I will be posting much but I felt like coming back and sort of posting a little bit. But don't exspect me to post in any of my unions. demote me if you must I really don't care anymore. I will probably blog some. The only place I will probably post is the SCU

Birthday gifts

Well my B-day was Saturday. Here's what I got. 1) A call phone not really sue what kind, but it is pretty nice 2) 8GB iPod Nano. I am so glad to finally have a iPod :D 3) Then I just got a bunch of Movies, Iron Man, Hot Rod, School Of Rock, The Bourne Ultimatum, and I think I got some other movie but I can't remember :P. So I got pretty much everything I wanted. I had a pretty awesome birthday. Oh I had two baseball game on Saturday and we won them both :D. Baseball is over now, finally :P I was getting kind of tired of it. Well guess what Football started today :P. So I'll be playing that until like November :P. Later!

Really busy (sorry)

Hey guys, long time no talk. Ever since E3 I have been having so much fun off line and stuff. I've been going to a bunch of partys with friends and stuff. watching movies. Playing baseball. So sorry to all my unions for not being there and posting I still have lots going on his week so I don't know how much I'll be on. Oh and my birthday is Saturday :D. Later!

My friends of Gamespot - B

Time for the the B's. I don't know many of the B's so this one will be short. bak1234567890 - Bak the guy with way too many numbers in his name :P. I see Bak at the SCU union a lot but not so much anymore since he really liked the COTUAY thread which we don't have anymore. bigd575 - I think bigd is in one of the unions I am in I can't remember. What I do know is that he comments on my blogs a lot. Thanks bigd :). blizzvalve - I used to be in his food union but that died so I don't see him anymore. Bloodbath_87 - He is a cool guy I really liked talking to him in the Achievements union. I think he moved his profile though and made a new one. Told you it would be short :P

Some new movies/magazines

I went to Moviestop today (I love that store). I got King Kong which was only 2.99 so I said what the hell it was a pretty good movie might as well get it. I also got Nacho Libre, one of my fvorite Jack Black movies :P. And I got Oceans Eleven. All of those movies for only $11. And I went to my library they where selling some magazines in bundles for only $1 so I got some GamePro mags. They are from 2007/2008 but I don't care and it will look cool for my maginze collection :P.

1984 (finished) Shadow Prey, Children Of The Mind

Well I finished 1984 yesterday. I didn't like it at all it was boring weird and just not interesting. I am almost done with Shadow Prey too five chapters left I'll finish it today. I am also going to start Children of the Mind which is the fourth Ender's Game book I think. that is 17 book read for the year :D, I am trying to get to 50

My Friends on Gamespot - A

Time for names starting with the latter A :). aaronmullan - Hmm what to say about aaron? aaron is a cool, he comments on my blogs a lot. Which I appreciate :). I enjoy posting with him when I see him which isn't that offten. Oh and he has a badass avatar :P AddictedGamer50 - I don't think he comes on much anymore, I used to be an officer at one of his union. But that died so I haven't seen him in a while. agentfred - I really know absolutely nothing about this guy :P agordplayer's - Don't really know much about him either accept that he likes Halo. He hasn't been online since April. . . ajarbuckle - ajar what an awesome guy I first met him at the Achievements union where he is a officer and I later became one too. I've botten to know him well. He got me into Metallica (he is a big Metallica fan :P). I enjoy talking to him Thanks ajar :D aliblabla2007 - All I know about blabla is that he posts in OT which I don't, and he really likes the COTUAY thread's Allwhitez - He is in a couple unions I am in I can't remember which ones though Altiar25 - I don't think he comes on GS much anymore. He used to always comment on my blogs. :) alz619 - I don't see him much but I used to post in one of his unions before it died. I know he is a hugh music fan. americanhellyeah - Well he got banned. It is too bad cause I liked him, he had a cool avatar :P. Andrew_Xaviar - He was actually one of my first friends even though I have never seen him post :P anihimrox222 - used to post in this union that kind of got out of hand :lol: Also I know he likes Kanye West. aOldDog - I don't know about him cause I just tracked him two days ago :P He likes Wolverine I know. asian_pride69 - AP69 is a nice guy. I've seen him a few times around here and there. But I don't think I have actually posted with him. He does comment on my blog every on and then, Thanks. awesomejdude - Haha jdude is awesome :P. Best friends with NFS. NFS made him come on the site. Seems tp ahve made the right choice :P. I see him all the time in SCU. He also loves Animal Crossing. Azure-Supernova - First met him at optiows Off-Topic Legionnaires. Don't really know him. Hope you guys enjoyed