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Well... what the hell

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My blog header was recently replaced by a pornographic picture. I think I may have been hacked. I changed my password but if this persists I will have to make another account. I will notify you guys if I do so.

If anyone have any information on who could have done that, please PM me. Or if the stupid bastard who did this wants to admit it, which I doubt he will, then I promise I won't be too hard on him.

I hope not any of you saw it, it was really vulgar. Well, I was supposed to blog about something else but I'm not quite in the mood right now, I think you can understand that.

Happy *burp* Easter

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Yaaay, Easter! Chocolate! Lots and lots of yummy chocolatey goodness \(^o^)/

Who, Jeebus? Ressurected uh? Good for him...

Soooo, CHOCOLATE! You know, I'm a sucker for this. I'd sell my sister for a bag of Cadbury eggs. Well okay, my sister isn't a good example since I'd probably give her away for free anyway, but you get my point, uh?

The whole family came to an Easter dinner at our home. Wet aunty kisses? Check. Awkward school conversations? Check. Hyperactive 10 year old cousin who wants to play with you? Check.

Nah, seriously it wasn't all that bad. I got 20$, plus cadbury eggs and other unhealthy chocolatey treats. And once I plugged my cousin on the Gamecube he stopped being annoying. It's weird how parents spend hundreds of dollars each year on Ritalin and crap when a 120$ console have the same effect.

Aside from that, I'm doing pretty good. I'm having weird dreams about something I'm trying to forget, a little trouble to sleep, but I'll survive. So, had a Happy Easter?

Stuff about me (I can do this too!)

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There seems to be a kind of plague spreading, with people posting facts about them on their blog, making Gamespot kind of a nerd oriented Myspace. I think that's awesome, so I'll just jump in the bandwagon.

  1. - I'm a music addict
  2. - I once had a pet rock, I have no idea what happened to it. I think it ran away.
  3. - I used to have HUGE glasses when I was little. I blame these to be the cause of my somewhat antisocial behaviour.
  4. - I stopped wearing glasses when I was in my first highschool year, because I wanted to start a new image in my new school. Then my ophtalmologist told me I didn't need to wear them anymore.
  5. - My hair is long. I'd say say roughly 15 centimeters.
  6. - I'm a Canadian who dislikes hockey. Well, I dislike the unnatural attention that this sport attracts when Canadians should care about more important things...
  7. - I write poems, sometimes, but I'm not emo...
  8. - I like cheese. My sister does not. She's an heretic.
  9. - I like that Japanese pop crap they play in animes. There, judge me...
  10. - I was always one gaming generation late, so while my friends were playing Ocarina of Time on N64, I was enjoying shiny polygons with Starfox on the SNES.
  11. - My friends consider everything I listen to as Indie. My friends don't know $hit about music >_>
  12. - I never notice how boring a list of facts about me can get.
  13. - I have a Vampirefreaks account. I'm not goth, I just enjoy stalking weird people's profiles.
  14. - My first language is french, so that's why every time you read my blog you probably notice a grammar error or two.

You know, I could go on and on about this, but you guys got tired of it already... Or did you? Should I post more? Please leave an answer in your comment.

"Yes, please tell more to us creepy internet stalkers" or "Dude, why should I care if you like cheese? I like hitting people with sharp objects, do I tell you abou... Uh, just forget about' that..."

Music you should check out, take two

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Sooo, let's try this again with no annoying siblings around, shall we?

Since I already talked about Auf Der Maur and Lady Sovereign in my last blog, I'll just post some links about them.

Melissa Auf Der Maur
Lady Sovereign

Lemon Jelly
That stuff is just... so catchy. Reminds me of Katamari Damacy's music, for those who had the pleasure to play it. Multi-layered, produced with quality, you'll love that duo, I'm sure of it :)

She's from Quebec, so I feel like a wonderful person talking about her in my blog since I'm promoting the local music industry. I should get paid for this... sheesh... Anyway, Jorane is a cellist/singer with a very distinctive sound. The video I posted (click the name) is one of her more conventional songs, most of her music is more experimental than that. But it's a nice introduction to Jorane nonetheless

Aaah, such a great singer. I have to thanks Peter_Panda for sending me some songs from him, I was hooked. If you're into Alternative, then it's a no-brainer. I'm getting his Viva Hate cd soon. Oh, and yes, I do realize he looks uh... slightly homosexual, but quite frankly, who cares?


Music you should check out

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Okay, first I know my avatar got owned by teh internets. It pisses me off to no end because it looked awesome. Anyway... That's not what I want to talk about today. I just want to share the new bands and artists I've been listening to. By "new" I don't necessarily mean recent, but more "recently found about".

Auf Der Maur
Melissa Auf Der Maur, ex Hole bassist, played with The Smashing Pumpkins, solo album released in 2004. Tight riffs, awesome voice, plus she got the looks. Well, I always had that thing for redheads, so...

Lady Sovereign
The things that kept me from liking rap were the gangsta crap and the shallow lyrics. Lady Sovereign brings me a step closer to liking rap, since she's not gangsta. And while her lyrics are still shallow, they're quite witty.

I have to go now, my sister want the computer and I can't finish this... But I'll update with more artists and Youtube links later.

Finished BG&E. Yaaaay!

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When I bought Beyond Good & Evil and Mercenaries, I was expecting I'd spend a lot of time with Mercenaries and forget about the other for a while. I was mistaken.

As soon as the game started, I knew it was something special. The world of Hyllis is completely believable and full of details, the characters are great and supported by mostly excellent voice acting. Really, when a twelve hour game feels like half of its lenght, there's either something terribly wrong with your PS2 clock, or the game is just really, really good.

Beyond Good & Evil tries to blend a lot of types of games, and for the most part it succeeds. The fighting feels very Zelda-like, the sneaking parts are challenging, not frustrating and flying around with the Hovercraft and other vehicles feels just right. Also, the game keeps you challenged with some really err... puzzling puzzles, but not the kind you will give up after half an hour and use a Player's Guide. The difficulty is perfect : hard enough to please veterans, but then again not too hard to frustrate anyone.

I really don't want to spoil any of the great story, but the few plot twists are inserted at the right moment and it's the first game since Metal Gear Solid 3 I felt like I was going on a journey. Yes, epic. That's the word.

Now, do yourself a favor and check your bargain bin. You don't want to miss that one.

What a day!

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You know these kind of days. They don't start too well, but then they get better and better, and at the end you completely forget about the bad beginning.

This morning, I wake up tired,s if I did not sleep at all. No more batteries for my mp3 player. Painful way to remind me how much of a music addict I am. Then I get a bad grade in a completely useless school subject.

But then my friend tell me how easy the math exam was, so I don't have to worry too much about tomorrow. Then I get home, and I get a email I've been anticipating for weeks. Some kind of love stuff, you really don't want to know. But it was quite positive.

So then I get outside to buy some AAA batteries. I stop at Microplay, and I see Mercenaries and Beyond Good and Evil for 22$ + taxes. When I go to the counter, the guy told me one of the games had a price drop, so with the taxes I paid 22,79$. Awesome.

Then I buy my batteries, and on my way back to home my mp3 player, set on random, plays Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire, and the song fits the sunny, fresh day perfectly.

It was really an awesome day. Maybe it started wrong, but it ended up real good. I just thought I'd share the happiness with everyone :)

New kitty blog header

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You know, everyone likes kitties, and I think everyone on this site likes videogames, so I thought it would be cool :P

Do you guys like it?

Listening to : Pinkerton by Weezer
Playing : Jak 3, Katamari Damacy
Watching : Elfen Lied
Other distraction : Study study study...

You've got to be f'in kidding me...

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Soooo, I got badly pwnt in FFX. There's this boss, it has three forms. I get through the first one easily, since it only has 24000 hp. The second one took me some time, but I managed to get over it.

Third form. Not even a chance to attack. Mega Death, my 3 characters die at the same time.


Okay, I think the adequate question here is "What the hell was Squaresoft thinking?". Yeees, of course I can customize one of my armors with "Deathward" or some crap like that, but isn't that a tad too punishing?

In the boss's second form I was frequently turned into Zombie state... I guess I just had to keep my characters into Zombies...

And you know, there's this wonderful thing about most RPG's that you can't skip the cutscenes. Which makes sense after all, you don't want to skip the story, now do you? Well, if you just saw that 15 minutes long boss intro, odds are you don't want to hear it a second time.

Anyway, the frustration will pass, but for now I just feel like throwing the damn game out of my window... Which wouldn't be a good idea since someone lent it to me.

Geez... Mega Death... That really came outta nowhere. Why don't I have that spell?

The Greatest Songs of All Time (ripping off Splitterguy)

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Hehe, I steal blog ideas, I'm so witty.

Anyway, today I would like to talk about what could possibly be my favorite song of all time.

Tears In Heaven : by Eric Clapton

My dad used to play that song when I was a kid, so it brings back memories :). It's a nice acoustic song, really calm. The lyrics are incredible, it's Clapton at his best. Very sorrowful song. I began to learn it on guitar, but it's kind of depressing since playing it as well as Eric Clapton does is pretty much impossible. I manage to make it sound good, but when I listen to the real thing...

That song was written in 1991 after Clapton lost his 4 year old son in a tragic accident (the most sadistics of you will want to look it up on Wiki). He stopped playing it in 2004, stating he did not feel the loss anymore, and that the song was only bringing back bad memories.

I think Jimi Hendrix is the most skilled guitarist ever, but my favorite will always be Clapton. He puts his soul in every note he plays.

I think this song is perfect, and therefore I would like to make it the first in my upcoming series of Greatest Songs of All Time. Now do yourself a favor and listen to it!

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven
Will it be the same
If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong, and carry on
Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven
I'll find my way, through night and day
Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven

Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knee
Time can break your heart
Have you begging please
Begging please

Beyond the door
There's peace I'm sure.
And I know there'll be no more...
Tears in heaven

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven
Will it be the same
If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong, and carry on
Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven