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My personal GOTY

5: God of War 3. This game is epic and extremely satisfying to play on account of all the gore and blood. Story wasnt the greatest though especially the ending.

4: Demon Souls. Where to begin this game is a nightmare the difficulty is crazy but at the same time the game is very rewarding and very fun to play.

3: Fallout New Vegas. The game is a buggy mess but the fallout series is one of my favourites so it had to get a mention although its still a very good game and very enjoyable

2: Red Dead Redemption. Awesome game really fun story and great gameplay this has got to be in yhur collection

1: Heavy Rain. I chose this because it was the only game that stood out for me all year and was easily the most innovative game ive played in a long while

R.I.P March 23 2007 to october 19 2010

Im just writing this to tell everyone that my 60 GB ps3 has finally died, we had a good run but she finally gave in. The earliest I will a ps3 again will be in the summer but i still have my xbox so I think ill survive

Top 20 games this gen part 2

14: Call of Duty4. personally for me this game set the standard for FPS this gen and its online play is superb

13: Demon souls. This game isnt for the faint of heart it will punish you until you learn but its fair at the same time, I woulde recommend anyone looking for a challenge to go with this game

12: FIFA series. Im a huge football fan and FIFA is the king of football games, It has been truly outstanding how FIFA has made this come back to be pack leader and its not moving anytime soon

11: Uncharted Drakes Fortune. This was a slow burner for the ps3 and was passed on by word of mouth to most people an absolute gem of a game MUST BUY

10: Just cause 2. This is possibly one of the funnest games I played all gen its basically like a really bad action film where the main guy never dies and takes on impossible odds fun game

Top 20 games this gen part 1

20: Warhawk. This is a pretty good game considering i only bought it for the headset that came with it, fantastic gameplay and very competitive

19: Darkness. This is an absolute gem of a game but it has been over looked by many, I highly recommend people to buy this game as it is very cheap now

18: Fable 2. A very good game but beware dont be expecting a vert tight plot or a half decent story, perhaps one of its best attributes is the fact its very fun to play and theres plenty to do

17: Star wars the force unleashed. Im not a big star wars fan but this game was very fun to play and the boss battles were very fun aswell

16: Resistance fall of man. One of my first ps3 games a very good and fun story especially on co-op

15: GOD OF WAR 3. an amazing game woulde have benn higher on my list but its very short and lacks replayability

Bored of it all

Recently ive become very bored with games in general and I just cant seem to justify buying games at full price anymore either so im taking a hiatus and will probably not be around much for the next few months but i will still be on PSN and XBOX LIVE for anyone who wishes to chat. With being said I will definetly return for Fallout New Vegas and Dragon age 2

R.I.P again, again ( possible spoilers )

This is my final blog about characters who went to soon but this one is about the heroes

5: John Marston. Ive pointed this out in a previous blog that his death was unnecessary, but the time you have with him is great especially his dedication to get back to his family.

4: Zack. This is a very touching moment when Zack dies because all he wanted was to be hero and he never really gets to live his dream, one of the more touching moments is when zack passes his sword onto cloud and the rest is history

3: Kratos. He can be considered a villain but I like to think of him as a hero, in his final moments after the beating he gives zeus he has acomplished his mission and gives his life for the good of man

2: Steve Burnside. Possibly the most touchingof all the resident evil death scenes where he is transformed into a beast but his humanity is brought out by Claire and he reveals he loves her then sadly dies

1: Solid Snake. We never see him die buts its very much implied at the end of the game. Hereveals to otacon that he plans to live his last days makeing the most of what remains of his life

R.I.P Again ( Possible spoilers )

This is a blog about game vilains who met their end way before they should of.

5: Eddie Raja. This was a shame because he and drake complimented each other so well and it was a pity we didnt see much of him in the first uncharted.

4: Origami Killer. A very well written character who has a motive for everything he does and a great back story, his identity is very well hidden aswell a big plus for me

3: Sephiroth. Im not the biggest final fantasy fan but he is just awesome and is possibly one of the greatest game characters ever created. And what makes it even better he starred in arguably the greatest RPG of all time

2:Big Boss. He has been a hero and villain but it all came to an end in mgs4 when he finally confrontedSolidSnake in the graveyard scene and died.My personal favourite momment of this scene is when Solid Snake lights the cigar for BigBoss in his dying moments

1: Albert Wesker.He is favourite video game villain but i was very disapointed with his death because of the game in general he was perhaps the only good thing about the game. In my opinionResident evil 5 is without doubt the worst game in the series

R.I.P [ Possible Spoilers ]

This is a blog about game characters who have died or just shouldnt have been killed off. Some of my favourite characters have been killed off this gen so I made a list of those who went to soon.

5: John Marston. I thought his death was just uncalled for especially since it literally came out of nowhere and pretty much ruined the whole game for me.

4: Kratos. Another one out of the blue especially since he was one of my favourite game characters ever.

3: Albert Wesker. I know he was a villain but he was cool and the fact that he had too die in one of the worst resident evil games was a bit of a let down and for me was the only good thing about that game besides Chris punching the boulder

2: Solid Snake. We never see him die but its implied and he is possibly one of the greatest game characters ever created

1: The Boss. This is very emotional Snake thougth she was a traitor but in the end she was undercover and it eventually leads to snake killing her and for some reason the flowers turn red lol.

So Far

Its been a while since my last blog so I thought I would give a rundown of my top 5 games ive played this gen

5:Heavy rain

4:Assassins Creed 2

3:Uncharted 2

2: Fallout 3

1: Metal gear solid 4

Im back

I got my account back after some dick hacked it. So I changed my password and he wont be getting the account anymore.

So these are some games im currently playing or will be soon

God of War 3

Heavy Rain

Pokemon Heartgold

these are just some games im gonna buy very soon

Metro 2033:Xbox360

GOD of War collection: Ps3