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Shameless advertising

I just decided to stop by gamespot again, I haven't wrote a blog in almost a year, and haven't really visited the forums much at all ever since the interface changed.

Anyways, I just wanted to plug my commissions thingy going on in deviantart. Please check it out if you're in to that kinda stuff (especially if you like landscapes, and sci fi, and lil' hahbits!). Teh linky

Here is some of my recent work:

Wow I dunno how that format works. Whatever.

OK SO I'll stop being a shameless whore now and talk about watch dogs.

Watch Dogs is pretty fuckin awesome.

Ubisoft you are forgiven.

Abstract Fever Dreams

So I was just watching a bunch of youtube videos related to dreams and dreaming, as it is a very interesting topic.

I remembered that, when I was ~11 and below, and had dreams, or nightmares when I had a fever, very consistent, oddly terrifying nightmares. They were always abstract, without concrete figures or beings, just "feelings" expressed in a visual form (although not actually seen, obviously). 

I remember having several nights with a fever, or maybe even without a fever. having a consistent nightmare with what I remember to be dinosaurs laying eggs, and I would come out of the eggs, and I was confronted with mortality somehow. Like, in that recurring nightmare, I was confronted with the idea of mortality. I remember everything looking oversimplified, with earth like colors (green, blue), and somehow "things" (I remember them as dinosaurs for some reason) were informing me that things were going to end. I would normally wake up screaming and crying. That might seem like something not so abstract, but it really was completely abstract, unfortunately I don't remember it to well... It's just a very vague memory now. It could have been aroung the time when I was actually confronted by the idea of mortality when I was probably around the age of 4 or 5. No one had told me about death until one night when my mom's now deceased and ex boyfriend told me something about someone dying, I proceeded to cry and I think I said something along the lines of "you mean there's an end?" something like that. heh.

I also had nights (these ones were always while feverish) when I would have nightmares with hundreds of thousands, millions, maybe even billions of machines, gears, and pumps running, almost like an extremely coomplex interior of a piano. Everything always moving, with the feeling of, well, a fever (warmth mostly). It was so wierd. I guess it could represent confusion. But I think fevers influence your sleep (and how you dream). In another nightmare, possibly the most recent  one I had with a fever consisted of very video game-y kind of feeling, I distinctly remember it resembling the original starcraft and diablo, having not played diablo at that age (I was probably 11 or 12) it was probably something having to do with me playing starcraft when I was like 8 (not that that's a bad thing). I woke up screaming a looot and I remember just waking up and still feeling the dream in my thoughts, like I was half in reality, and at the same time inside this red hot dream filled with pixelated aliens (though they were not exactly zerg like, they were just shapes, but my brain associates it to the zerg). I was still int he dream and panicking while in my mother's arms lol. funny how I can remember it so vividly.

I know that we all dream every night unless we're snoring (apparently humans are not able to dream if they are snoring, so people who snore while dreaming constantly do not dream at all), but I rarely remember them nowadays, my sleeping patterns got all messed up during the summer because, well, dota 2. Now I rarely sleep for more than 7 hours, and I normally go to sleep at 2 am-5 am.

If anyone actually bothered to read this, tell me about your recurring dreams and nightmares, and maybe the ones you had when you had fevers, if you remember them!

Travelling to the US next week!

So, this came as a surprise, but I'm actually going to the US thia next week, for about 2 weeks.

The circumstances are a bit "grim" though... My grandfather died a week or two ago (I don't even know when it was, that's representative of my relationship with him lol) and so the rest of our family who resides entirely in the US is asking us to come there for his memorial... Lawd that is certainly not why I want to go, I just want to see that beautiful countriside again, to speak with people in English and not feel awkward... The US is more of a home to me than Portugal ever has been. 

I hope it doesn't come across as a lack of sentiment that my grandfather died and I don't seem to care much, but I really don't. He was a a hugely religious man, full of bigotry, my mom has known him for her entire life (which is normal :P) and yet she HATES the man. The reason why she has decided to actually go is because of the family pressure, they just don't know that my mom doesn't really care about her dad's death. 

We are also the only members of the family that are agnostic/semi atheist. And we don't live in the US anymore too. We are very different people... I hope we can travel around to other states too, we're going to Georgia, btw. 

Welp, aside from this news my mouse got slightly broken, now it hurts my finger to play DOTA 2 . >.>

Maybe I'll see some of you there? Right? The US doesn't have that many people or anything. :P

And so the International 3 begins

So last Friday was the beginning of TI3 (The International 3) with a few wild card matches. For those of you who don't know this is the biggest e-sports event ever... EVER. And it just so happens to be starring DOTA 2. The teams will be competing for a total prize pool of 2.8 million dollars, that's a lot of moolah. :O


So on the first day, at one point there were almost half a million concurrent people watching The first matches, which starred Rattlesnake VS. Quantic. Rsnake ended up winning, this was an Asian team vs a French one btw, I think you can make a logical assumption here as to who won and come out correct. lol

So ummm, yeah. I've watched like 10 matches so far... been watching with some dota friends that I play with a lot, discussing the strats and stuff that happens is a lot of fun. What's also fun is the fact that the strategies being used in this event will definitely be used in public matches afterwards, people like to copy the pros lol. So it's good to know what's gonna happen and how to deal with it.

Lately I've been playing through some games I haven't finished yet and also games I got in the steam sale, I recently finished Sleeping Dogs which is an awesome game, with some awesome wet surface light reflections! :o Before TI3 started I was actually not playing barely any DOTA 2 at all, since less of my friends play it now too.

Anyways, anything that Valve does ends up being awesome, this is one of those things. Yes, TI3 is Valve's doing, just like how the LoL devs sponsor and support their own tournaments, this one is completely held by Valve, which is why it is such a gigantic event. 

If anyone wants to start playing DOTA, nows the time!

New CPU Heatsinki!


30º idle, ~55 while playing games. :D

Now I've noticed some issues with my GPU though, the fan is running extremely high and it's temperature goes above 80, sometimes 90 when playing certain games. I'm gonna have to improve the air ventilation in my case, maybe organize the wires a bit better.

CPU Cooling Issues

So recently I noticed that my cpu was being very loud, running at max speed whenever I played any sort of game with decent graphics, so I checked my temperatures, turned out my cpu was at 85º celsius. I had a spare third party cooling setup that was sitting around, so I decided to replace my current stock heatsink/fan with the third party one. Well, turned out that the fan was deffective on the third party one, so after 3 hours of messing around I did nothing but loosen the contact between the thermal paste and the cpu/heatsink. So now I literally CANNOT play Sleeping Dogs, Total War Shogun 2, Crysis, hell even Black Mesa. Because my cpu temp went up to 95º which can permanately damage the cpu. I don't know what's wrong with my set but I can't continue like this. 


I'll be getting a new cooling system as soon as I can, but unfortunately there is no extra money for literally anything, at all. even 50 euros right now is not available for spending on stuff like this.


I feel pretty shitty right now... I tried to fix something and my luck made things worse.


45-50º celsius at idle temperature... 80-95º at 35% load. :| F*ck me.



So much stuff to show you guise. Been doing stuff every single day. 



^(photo study)



(also photo studies)

1050 hours in DOTA 2!

Have I gone insane? Maybe. 


If you're wondering why I haven't been doing much here it's simply because of DOTA 2. Once you start playing that game, there's no going back, you have to keep playing, YOU HAVE TO.


Is this Valve's next evil mastermind plan to take over the industry? Perhaps, but we already knew that that was inevitable anyways, right guys? 


help me I've been brainwashed



The curse of defeat

I now have a 2:1 L/W ratio in DOTA 2... yeah.

I had a 3:1 ratio in my first 20 hours, but then something happened. SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL, SURELY.


Now, it takes me a lot of effort to win! :P So I've been losing the majority of my latest matches. Though now it's been getting better.

I'm not kidding though. And I don't consider it to be my fualt, because I'm rarely the worst player in my team, it's like I always get 1 or 2 BR or maybe a feeder etc. etc. While trying really hard to counter the op characters.

Anyways, doesn't stop it from being fun though! ;)

EDIT: won 4 matches today, nvm