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Wii's Successor

Well it looks like that time again. Nintendo's gonna be having fun messing with all our heads, the theories, secrets, and guessing games have started. I think back on my life seven years ago when I first started getting really excited with the Nintendo Revolution, I remember how appalled I was when I first saw that Revolution's name was changed to Wii. I fully expect to be just as surprised by Nintendo this next coming gen. So What do I think is in store for us? First of all, graphics will be a bigger deal for Nintendo this time around, but I think they are going to fully take advantage of every aspect of being entertained, this includes great visuals and artistic style, action and movements in the form of motions and touch screens, and pure classic fun. It seems the world is moving in a backward forward direction, the future is taking elements of the past and putting them in HIGH GEAR. I expect to see this concept in the design of the system, Very sleek and futuristic, but with an element of retro in it, or nostalgic tie-ins. All in all, I expect it to be amazing, something I never could have expected, and I'm really hoping to be wowed by Nintendo, and have my positive prediction come true. I loved certain things about Wii, but there are a lot of things I had trouble with. Nintendo has made a lot of money, and have learned from past mistakes, and even though I fully believe that Casual gamers will like the Wii's successor, I believe that ALL gamers will be included this time around, and now that Casual gamers are gamers, I think Nintendo is going to make games that EVERYONE together will enjoy, now that they have all these Casuals turned into gamers. It was a good plan by Nintendo, they single handedly boosted the gamer population and therefor sales potential. When gaming was dying they totally revamped it and reinvented fun. Now they're going to take it to the next level. I can't wait to see what's in store.