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Double Rock!!!

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Teh w00t! One of the arcades in my area updated their Guitar Freaks and DrumMania to V4 RockXRock!! This easily takes off my concern for not having sufficient funding for Rock Band next month, since I'll probably betting my fill with Guitar Freaks and DrumMania two games. I was kinda hoping that the people at the Mesa Golfland (the best arcade in Arizona) would just order a new DrumMania machine entirely, so we could use all the features of V4, but oh well; double rock is better than old rock either way. Even though I'm stoked about the new games, it kinda sucks that I'll be seeing more fat + smelly people there playing. *sigh* Damn nigerneys. In other news, I'm finally finishing up BioShock, since I'm starting to lose interest in Halo 3. If by the end of this week, I don't get the rest of the single player achievements, I'll probably stop going for them altogether. I have a plan to finish up the multiplayer achievements though :D. Also, The Orange Box hits store shelves in a couple days. I'll be sure to pick that one up after my classes. TF2 looks too fun to miss!

LOL Suspended!

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I was suspended these past 7 days because... someone found one of my secret racist comments in old-ass news comment boxes. Oh well. It's a good thing I had Halo 3 the entire time to keep me busy.

Ownage MGS4 Trailer

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Here it is. Man, this trailer has me so hyped for MGS4. It has racism, comedy, and lots of action.... not to mention is makes some new references to what the story for this game is going to bring us. Anyhow, it is to my understanding that Old Snake really isn't the star of Metal Gear Solid 4. It will either be a different Snake (the young one seen getting pooped on perhaps) or possibly a new character helping Old Snake out. The reason for this is because Kojima has been known to mislead fans into thinking one way, and bringing them to realize it is more or less the complete opposite in the fullness of time. Example 1: MGS2.... no one knew about Raiden until it the game came out, and he ended up being the main character of the game. Example 2: Kojima for the past couple years has been harking on how he can't put rumble in his game and his "rumble" guy on his team has nothing to do. Of course now with the revelation of the DualShock 3, Metal Gear Solid 4 turns out to have rumble support (as seen in the TGS Live demo station) so obviously Kojima's "rumble guy" has been working on something this entire time. Another reason contributing to my belief that Old Snake is not the star of the show is that during gameplay, the name of Snake according to his health bar is "Old Snake." Now this may or may not turn out to be something of importance, but I believe that this is hinting that you'll be playing as a different Snake.

Me is owned

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Just in time for the Halo 3 launch, my Xbox 360 starts to act up. First it just started freezing up when during a game, but now, I am actually getting the red ring of light every so often. There is no way that the Xbox has already overheated since I just started playing. I noticed that as soon as I changed my video resolution to 1080p, my Xbox started to slow down and that's when the game freezes started happening. I put it back to 720p but I have still experienced my game freezing up a few times now. I hope that this problem just goes away on its own. I want to play Halo 3.

The Game Plan

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Ok, so here's my plan for the remainder of this month and October as far as games are concerned. September 13 - September 24: Finish up playing BioShock and Gran Turismo 4 September 25 - October 25: Play Halo 3 exclusively October 26 - October 30: Rent and play through Tomb Raider Anniversary (Xbox 360) It's much too hard to play out November and December since not only will there be Black Friday shopping and tons of new games I know I'll be suckered into buying.... There is always Halo 3 to go back to.... and I expect my classes to get tougher during that time. I plan on getting Final Fantasy XII and Rock Band sometime during November, it just depends on how comfortable I feel with the workload from school and the amount of money I have. I am sure though that I am buying a Wii before December 3rd.... probably a Black Friday purchase (which was the original plan last year actually.... but I somehow ended up with an Xbox 360 instead that broke on me within the third day).

(Rez + Ikaruga) + Xbox Live = w00t

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A couple of awesome old school games are to be re-released for Xbox Live Arcade! I expect each game to be 800 points each, but I'll be sure to buy both. Ikaruga is the hardest classic shooter I've ever played in my life, but even though I continually got owned (even on co-op with a friend), it was still hard to put down. Microsoft says it will be released soon, but I hope their definition of "soon" isn't early 2008.

Lame. No update

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So I guess the four hour Xbox Live downtime was just for maintenance. There isn't any update yet. :( No xVid for 360 yet. :cry: