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My Montage!

Hey everybody long time no see. Anyways I got bored over the weekend and decided to piece together some of my random Halo 3 clips and make myself a montage. I think i have some pretty cool kills, definitely room to improve but hey its my first one. Anyways heres a link hope you enjoy! :D

R:FoM Tournament

Well I figured I should post something about this especially since my large absence from blog posting so here it goes...

My clan and I [KOR] participated in the tourney and got the to sweet 16 before losing out. We had a pretty good time but it kind of sucks knowing we could of placed higher if we would of had the whole clan on the team rather then the random nubs they stuck us with. Hopefully we can be in some tourneys in the future and actually come out with a prize ;) If your interested in joining hit up



Well I have finally got more time to post on here it has been a while. Anyways recently I have gotten a PS3 actually I have had it since December but what ever. I have resistance, MLB 2k7, NBA 2k7, and motorstorm. So you guys can hit me up online PSN:papasmurf786 


Well the reason I have not been on recently that much is because I have been working on my website. I just got a forum with it now. And I would really appreciate it if you guys would join. Here is the link to my site and you get can to the forum from there.

Cabelas and then cabin

Well I am going to cabelas and then my cabin today I might be on a little later today but maybe not, I will be back on Monday night. So sorrry can not post in unions, talk to you soon.


p.s. sweet level 13

God of War

Well I just got the game the other day and I have almost beatten it on Hero Mode after that I might try it on god but I don't know yet. I hope I beat it soon.