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Wow, 15th of July was my last post?!

I did say I'll try. I do apologise for knocking several people down. I just wanted to quickly blog about my new purchase of Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii.

It's bloody awesome.

Europe 1 America 567, 002

(that's the score of the better games in our regions)

I mean seriously, though we're lucky to get one of the three Operation Rainfall games, Europe regularly gets shafted over games. We missed out on all six Final Fantasies, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger. Even Australia got a game that Europe never got a look in, Chibi Robo Park Control for the DS, which I have and is great.

I will say for the American friends I have, it's definitely worth fighting for and I recommend that you should get a Classic Controller Pro for it. But even using the standard Wiimote-Nunchuk setup is still pretty good but it's more intuitive and natural with a proper controller.

The Wii is sooo undernourished and having a game of this quality highlights that.

I might do a review of it soon.

PSP Update

6.39, go get it.

Speaking of PSP, Square Enix are amazing for releasing new titles for it since January. But it's definitely PSP's last year this year. Best game Square Enix released for PSP this year?

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Followed by the wonderful Final Fantasy 4 Collection.

Then Third Birthday.

But let's forget Patapon 3, the FINALLY RELEASED PAL Persona 3 Portable. Both from Sony and Atlus repsectfully.

I seriously hope Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets released this year for the West.

So what, if any, free games you getting from Sony?

I'm getting Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation.

I finally got the email from Sony!

Hooray! Exactly 8 days after the PSNgate Scandal, (groan), my email from Sony came explaining what is happening, exactly what got out of my Sony Account - basically everything - and what I should be doing now.

And then I got a follow up email, and there was nothing in that email!


On a lighter note, Portal 2 has since become my favourite game of 2011.

Favourite DS game so far this is Radiant Historia.

PSP Game so far this year is Tactics Ogre.

And it's still April! :D

Also, the royal wedding today.

I'm just grateful I have the day off because of it.

The future of

Good times ahead!

I bought the Alone In The Dark trilogy, my first time ever playing these games. I must say they're pretty cool. I was surprised at how simple the controls are. Switching from combat to searching is bit of a hassle, and so is the running. I'm still not sure how to do it, I think you have to double press the up arrow key. But they're still good games for a paltry price of £3.80-ish.

They're made me jump a couple of times, and I love the Frenchness - French games are awesome.

Shame I already own The Witcher though :(

I'm wondering what else is there to be released through April from Atari - well let's be honest, it's perhaps more from the Infogrames era. Can't wait. :D

I actually started this article as some sort of serious discussion on digital distribution and how I've been buying more games from Steam and GOG then from high street shops, but then I realised that I'm just advertising... so ehh.

Digital Distribution kind of rules.

Still no refunds though, my absolute main gripe with digital distribution. If I'm not happy with my product why can't I return it?

Oh, quickly on I've actually been buying games that I would normally overlook or know nothing much about. Septerra Core is one, a very cool RPG. Jagged Alliance 2 is such a sweet turn based strategy game with ridiculous depth. Plus I've finally been able to play Gabriel Knight and The Sins of The Fathers. Cannon Fodder (I miss the Amiga days) and so on. Great site in all fairness :D

Now I'm just waiting on my free game from them for doing this :P

[spoiler] RANDOM [/spoiler]

NIntendo really hates Europe

It's true. Such a piss poor release of 3DS games during April. I've not really touched my 3DS in a while. Been playing my PSP a lot though, been getting into the MGA games again. Such underrated gems :D

OmG! 3DS! 2 parts information to 1 part gloating. Mix with whisk.

Sorry for the lack of photos and what not but my phone camera is now kaput and I would use the camera on the 3DS except I wouldn't be able to take a picture of the system. I have the Cosmos Black model, along with Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter 4 3D Version and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

The 3D factor

It takes a few seconds to find that "sweet spot", but when you do it's actually pretty amazing. The depth and layer work going on is really impressive. I can't wait to see what the developers do with it! If you get the update for it, it also downloads a sort of 3D trailer to showcase the possibility of 3D movies and what not. It's pretty cool. I was expecting the "sweet spot" to be a bit more lenient though. It's very easy to lose it and make everything double. But on the whole, it's certainly a way hey moment.

The Buttons

Pretty much the same as the DS Lite (which is the closest in size, which I'm happy with). The D Pad feels a bit off to me though. A little too stiff and awkwardly placed, probably the first area they'll work when the inevitable 2nd model comes out. That and the 3D "sweet spot". Shoulder buttons are a tad too small. My main gripe are the start, select and home buttons. I like protruding buttons and pressing them can be a nightmare, in my experience. Maybe it's just me. The circular pad actually suprised me by being pretty cool. Imagine a bigger PSP nub and you're half way there! It just feels right. Plus it works with DS games! :D

DS Backwards Compatibility

Yep, backwards compatible with any regional DS game. The only problem is the screens are a bit blurry. It's not that bad to be honest. It has slight borders but it's not too much. However, you can correct the ratio of the screen by holding Start and Select as you select your DS game from the Home Menu. Trouble is, the screens are even smaller and the borders, to me at least, are extremely off putting. Kinda disappointed :( Least it's there, but I won't be retiring my DS Lite any time soon.

The AR Games and Face Raiders

Awesome. They're small, but they're incredibly fun little diversions and show off the functions of the 3DS wonderfully. Definitely worth playing! I hope they do more AR cards in the near future, this one has lots of potential.

The 3 3DS games

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Version
A great port of a game. Slightly awkward with the layout of the buttons and the touch screen buttons do feel cheaty but other than that, it's pretty cool. Not been able to get a solid connection online though :evil: The 3D is okay, it only really comes alive when you play in Dynamic Mode, but definitely won't be playing in that mode for too long. Worth considering as a first 3DS launch title.

Pilotwings Resort
This one is pretty good. The visuals are basic, and the gameplay is light but servicable. Lacking a bit in variety such as change of scenery, multi player and proper characters. I do have to say the 3D is good. The models of the vehicles is particularly awesome! It's like playing with a real 3D toy. However, with this game I find it takes a bit too long to find that "sweet spot" for the 3D to work. Landing is definitely easier with the 3D on.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
My favourite launch title. It may not use 3D too much, it's very subtle in the enviornment and menus, but it works fine. The gameplay is turn based (one of my all time favourite genre) and is really fun. My favourite Tom Clancy game by far.

So is it worth rushing out and getting one?

Not at the moment. While I'm glad to have mine, you can afford to miss out on this for a while, well until the much stronger titles come out later at least. The 3D is cool and the technology in it is very impressive, but if you're after games (personally speaking, I probably have the best of the launch titles), wait until June time onwards. Or if you can, wait until the next 3DS model.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I can't think of anything else to add!

Oh yeah!

The 3rd Birthday out next week! :D Can't wait.

Resident Evil Director's Cut on PSN. Yay. Late, Capcom/Sony - but never mind hey. I'll forgive you if you can manage to slide 2 and 3 into out European store as well. Oh that and the first Parasite Eve. You release 2 and 3 over here but not the first one? What gives!? :evil:

Anyways, typed far too much and my eyes hurt from the 3D.