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Vampire Barbies & Hot Angels

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Well, it's certainly been a while since I posted here. Over two years if I'm right, and since I've been finding myself on here quite a lot recently, seeing if old members are around and that, I decided to post a new entry myself. I don't know for sure if many are still around, after CNET horrifically raped this site. But I do miss it and blogs (as dated as they are) are the best way to vent, post reviews etc.

Since it's impossible to post here, I'v followed another old member's example (maxpower03) and create a new blog.

maxpower03's is

I hope you can get the chance to read, I hope to post here again at some point, if the site would ever clear up it's bugs! It used to be a nice place on here, its a shame what happened to it.Drop a comment or send me a mail, I'd love to hear from some of you!

Reviews Much?!

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I know it's been a while since I last blogged on here, but this site really isn't what it used to be! I finished 1st year college last month. It was definitely a big year for me. Made new friends, but lost some old ones. But I guess that always happens...

End of Season Reviews
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2
T:TSCC Season 2
Season 2, though not as consistent as the first, was still pretty great! It had some VERY strong episodes and some weak ones of course. The season started off very strong, the first 7 or 8 episodes showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately things started slipping a little mid season. These weak episodes were still a lot better than some of the best episodes produced by some shows this year though! Thankfully the show redeemed itself in the last 6 episodes, with some of the best television of the season. Cameron, as per usual, stole the show. She is most definitely the glue that holds this show together. The story of the three dots was a little confusing, and at times a little silly. However the addition of Weaver was one of the best things about the season. She was played to perfection by Shirley Manson, who maintained that creepily cold feeling through every single scene. I'm devastated that the show was cancelled, but I can't say I didn't see it coming.
Best Character: Cameron
Best Episode: Born to Run. Easily the best season finale this year. Best episode of the entire series. That creepy bedroom scene between John ad Cameron! The ending showed what a great third season the show could have had too.

Smallville Season 8
Smallville Season 8
Smallville season 8 was a good improvement over the previous disastrous season, though not the best yet. I loved the whole new feel to the show, and watching Allison Mack take on lead female was a delight. Davis and Tess were great additions to the cast, and the writers dealt with the departure of Lana and Lex surprisingly well. Not being an Oliver fan, I was really annoyed by his constant presence this season. The first half of the season was consistent enough, though there were one or two doozies in there, like Toxic. I loved Bride and Legion which showed what great things the writers could come up with if they actually tried hard enough. The second half was a lot weaker than the first, but the Chloe 'Beauty and the Beast' story was an entertaining twist. The season finale was a bit of a letdown and lacked the power that Smallville finales usually have. That being said the season did see an increase in standard over season 7, though I have my doubts over their ability to carry it on into season 9.
Best Character: Chloe. Duh!
Best Episode: Tie between Bride and Legion

Desperate Housewives Season 5
Desperate Housewives Season 5
Wow. What a letdown. After an amazing fourth season, this show just became dull, repetitive and just plain annoying. Bree, once one of the greatest characters, became boring and b*tchy. Lynette's storylines just seemed to happen over and over again. Believe in your husband for God's sake! Susan's love triangle was completely ridiculous and dragged out. Despite that, seeing Gaby as a mother was hilarious, and I found myself enjoying her storylines a lot more this season. It was nice to have the old Gaby back by the second half of the season though. The Dave mystery was the most predictable one yet. Yet the writers had him featured in every episode, plaguing the show till the end of the season. Edie's death was a TERRIBLE loss to the show. I really hope to see a big improvement next year. Among those things, can the mystery be connected to Gaby or Lynette for once??
Best Character: Gaby
Best Episode: If it's only in your head. Solely due to the scene with Susan trying to protect MJ.

Thanks for reading! I've been checking up on a few other reviews posted by other users. Keep em' coming! Ttfn...( Get the Buffy Reference anyone?!)

3 Flowers in a Vase . . .

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Joss has done it again. I can now say that I am totally enamoured with Dollhouse. This weeks' episode was without a doubt the strongest so far. Some people may not have been as impressed as I was. However, IMO it kicked some serious ass.

Dollhouse 1.06 - Man on the Street


Starting with the best part: Mellie. Joss had me nearly screaming that she was going to die, and then pulled this one off. I'm totally psyched to see what's going to happen there. Then Sierra's plot which was almost as good. Although I'm sad to say it was pretty obvious who was responsible from the start. Still, it didn't stop my enjoyment of it one bit. I'm really curious to see where this romance with Victor will go, or if it will even go anywhere at all. I love seeing Echo develop more and more, and seeing here become more aware of the changes around her and becoming concerned about her fellow dolls. Her line "Sierra cries" just made me love her. I really can't explain why though! Also Joss' with was there too. Eliza's "Porn!" pointing at the bed, made me lmfao! Then there's the mole. Who the hell is it?! I have a theory it's Topher's little helper, but I'm not completely convinced. . .

Joss is back! I tried not to get too attached, as the show may not live for much longer, but I couldn't help myself. I'm hooked!

In other TV news: Heroes bad, Smallville good! Well, kinda good. Well, more like above average! The dark storyline with Davis is the main reason to watch nowadays. The news of a character dieing has got me toally freaked out for Chloe. I'm really not sure if I'll keep watching if the writers are stupid enough to have her killed. Desperate Housewives continues to bore. It's really the worst its ever been. Lost is great. It feels weird to say that, but it's true :P Medium still proves to be a very consistent show. I love the new season. Gossip Girl came back this week and I realised how much I had missed it too :)

To close this blog, check out this lonely island video if you haven't seen it yet. I doubt many people haven't by now!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Did I Fall Asleep?

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Why, hello there. Again, I'm back for a blog after a small absence, but just because I'm mute, doesn't mean I'm not around and reading blogs! Life is still crazy, but things are starting to settle a bit.

Right now, I'm being overloaded with a TV "must watch" list. I'm miles behind on Battlestar Galactica, and House. I'm just about up to date on Heroes and Terminator though. This week saw the return of one of the most entertaining TV shows out there right now, America's Next Top Model. Here's a rundown of the girls.

Allison - She has something special. Those eyes are spellbinding. She's definitely the Marjorie/Heather of the cycle! And I LMFAO when she went to the wrong spot at judging!

Aminat - Again, she has something special. Her height is both her strength and her weakness. I'm interested to see what she will pull out of the bag.

Celia - My favourite girl so far. I love everything about her. Here's hoping she'll go far!

Fo - She's gorgeous, and a great model. I can't wait to see a high fashion shot of her, just to see how she'll pull it off. She seems a like a great person two. She'll be my 2nd fave after Celia!

Jessica - She has an idea of what a model should do, and tries to imitate that. I'm not seeing a model yet.

Kortnie - The spelling of the name makes me roll my eyes, but she has a bit of potential. Let's see where it goes.

London - Definitely a strong contender. I'm liking her.

Natalie - Who? Nothing interesting at all.

Nijah - I see some potential, but I doubt she'll make it far. Then again, maybe she'll impress me next week.

Sandra - The b*tch diva of cycle 12. She'll be bringing a lot of drama during the cycle, so chances are she'll be here for a while.

Tahlia - Don't get me wrong, she's pretty, I just don't believe a designer will actually book her FOR her scars. She'll be lucky to find one that will go to the effort of bothering to hide them.

Teyona - She has a lot of potential to do well. I'll be keeping my eye on her.

Eliminated: Isabella - Not surprised. Her photo was one of the weakest, and I didn't see her getting far.


Tahmoh, Joss, Eliza

I was sooo excited for Dollhouse to begin. However, like most others, I was a little let down. The first episode was a 7/10, the second 8/10 and the third (solely for the expansion of the overall mystery) 8.5/10. The main component missing IMO is the characters. The main thing I loved about Buffy, Firefly and Angel, was the characters. Dollhouse so far, doesn't have characters that make the show interesting, though for me I see Sierra emerging as a likeable character. I do think it's a little unfair to compare the show to the other 3, as they are completely different, but I'm not as happy with it as I thought I would be. But I know it will get better as it goes along. I just hope people give it the chance it deserves, because if the ending of the episode is anything to go by, it's gonna be amazing. I have complete faith in Joss Whedon. Let's hope Fox feel the same!

Other Shows

T:TSCC is weakening, but I still love it. I don't think it has a lot of time left though, so I hope it can go out with a bang. Grey's season 5 is pretty blah, though Melissa George was a nice breath of fresh air. Medium is still a consisten performer. It's an improvement over the drab closing to the fourth season. Ugly Betty is still lots of fun. Season 3 is a lot better than the previous season. Lost is getting confusing again. It's gonna need a bit more of an explanation to keep me motivated. Heroes: Fugitives is as weak as ever. Not surprising though, I wasn't expecting much.

Thats it for now. I'll be around to try to get onto me! I miss some of the people on here...TTFN!


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Hey guys, so I guess its been a while. Again. Like I said in my last blog, my life is a lot different now. Im getting used to it though.

VM Movie News
VM Movie

As you've all probably seen by now, the movie is getting more and more likely. This is great news. I'm trying sooo hard not to get my hopes up, but it probably won't work! Though, Im still adament that a TV movie or mini series would be better. But hey, as long as its Veronica I'm game!

Clana - Again

I was pleasantly suprised by season 8 of Smallville, as things started to turn around. The show got less ridiculous, and started tidying itself up. Plus, all that Chloe screentime is just the bestest thing eva! Unfortunatley after the brilliant 'Legion' things just spiralled out of control again. Power was one of the most ridiculous episodes I have seen of the show. Ever. I'm not goiing anywhere though. I've been rewatching the entire series, and loving it. The first four seasons were amazing.

I loved the 100th episode of Desperate Housewives! It was so sweet. Season 5 is still kinda boring though. Im still waiting for Terminator to return. I feel so lost without it! Ugly Betty season 3 is really great, and just as funny as ever! Battlestar Galactica is really great, but I much preferred 4x13 over 4x14. And also ANTM is back in less than a month! yay! And Medium is back this week! Yay-er! I hope that Season 5 is better than the weakness of the second half of season 4.

In other news, Diana Vickers got signed with RCA. Bring on the album!

Sorry about the shortness of this blog. I just wanted to let you all know, I'm not dead! Have a good weekend everybody.

Top 10 of 2008

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Well 2008 is nearly over. So to commemorate, here is a list of my favourite shows of the year.

Top 10 Shows - 2008
10. Hollyoaks
Im not a big fan of the show, as I only just got into it a few months ago. It got extremely addictive. Niall's Revenge is what got me interested in the show in the first place. I love how light it is compared to a lot of other soaps. Carmel is Hilarious!

09. The X Factor
I'm putting this one on my list only because of one thing: Diana Vickers. I'm still angry at her elimination. Hallelujiah is her song,a nd does not belong to that other, ahem, girl. Its way too over performed. I hope to see a lot from Diana in the new year.

08. Rome
Another new discovery. It has superb acting, some of the darkest stories ever seen on TV, and a brilliant finale. Overall this series had it all. The second season was far superior to its first. I have to say though, I will never get over Irene's death *cries*!

07. Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls
This was definitley the year of Gilmore over in Ireland and the UK due to E4's decision to air it. I can see that a lot of channels are probably kicking themselves for missing it in the first place.

06. Bones
Bones Cast
I finally got a chance to see the tail end of season 3, and I was blown away. The show is still strong. I was a little disturbed by the finale, in a good way though. I will miss Zach :(

05. Gossip Girl
GG Cast
Gossip Girl is really starting to get the regegnition it deserves. Season 2 is still great. The end of season 1 still is leaps and bounds over it though.

04. House
What can I say. Season 4 was probably the best the show had. If not for someone ruining the end for me, it would have been even better! The first half was great fun, with him choosing a final team. One member just annoys me to death though. Amber was one of the best characters ever! The bets in the show without question.

03. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I got the chance to rewatch the entire series and I now have even more appreciation for it. It will never be forgotten. People still talk about it and its been over nearly 6 years!

02. Desperate Housewives
This is nuber 2 not because of S5, but because of the 4th season, which was probably the best season yet. I hope 2009 will bring about better episodes and pull the show back up to this standard.

01. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The show of the year for me. I've loved every episode that I've seen so far. Summer Glau and Lena Heady OWN the show!

Happy New Year ;)

4 Months Gone

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Hey all, it's been a while I know. There are a few reasons why I haven't been blogging, or on here much at all.

The first is college. When I last blogged I was just about to start, and now the first term is over. It's been a crazy few months. It's a lot different to school, but I'm getting used to it now. I haven't made many friends in c lass but where I'm living I have made a few. Some a pretty crazy, so that suits me fine! I love the independence of living alone, and I feel like I have really grown up. I have also learned about my new best friend, vodka!

The second is this new design, which blows. It just isn't the same this way. I can't get used to using it. Though TV[DOT]com is still my religious TV bible. A lot of people have disappeared also, which doesn't surprise me at all. And those who didn't, are threatening too, or aren't happy. I seriously do not know what the CNET team were thinking!

And now a quick rundown of the TV season thus far.

Been even worse than the second season and I was so looking forward to a redeeming season. The majority of plots have been all over the place. I feel lost in a mess of formulas and evil, yet not so evil villains, and weird alternate realities. Just when I think things couldn't get any worse, they go and get rid of Kristen Bell, literally they're only redeeming quality, aside from the wonderful Daphne (who needs a far better plot than the one she has).

Desperate Housewives
Season 5 has been a letdown. Though not abysmal, it just isn't as amazing as the first four seasons, and it lowered back down to season 2 standards. The Dave mystery isn't as intriguing as season 4's. I still love it though.

Ghost Whisperer
Mel & Jim
This show would be better of cancelled. The writers, after 3 years of greatness, have destroyed the show so fast, I almost didn't see it coming. I was proud that such a soft show could do something so hardcore by killing off a main character, and then they go and spit on what happened. In a show about moving on, this really doesn't sit well with me.

Chloe & Jimmy
I am pleasantly surprised by this season. Though not half as good as season 4 or earlier, the show is heading in a good direction. I think it can leave TV land with some of its dignity intact. And the abundance of screen time given to Chloe this year really helps :)

I was never too keen on this show, but season 4 is its best. It has gone in a very brave direction and is one of the few shows that stick to its master plan. I hope it gets the fun it wants.

Gossip Girl
Season 2 had a slow start, but has been consistently entertaining throughout. I still miss Georgina though :P. The show is still as good as it was. I hope it can keep this up.

Ugly Betty
A huge step up on the previous season, helped by Linlo's appearance on the show. The episodes get better and better. I just wished that Amanda and Marc would get more to do.

America's Next Top Model
Cycle 11
Though cycle 11 was dullsville, the winner was the best they've had in ages.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Save the best for last. This is the only amazing show on TV right now. Every episode has been 100/10. My love for it grows and grows. I just hope it isn't given the Fox treatment and sent packing.

In DVD land, I have finally caught up with Bones season 3, thanks to a friend. Its as enjoyable as always. I also finished House season 4 (also thanks to the same friend!) which was the best season ever, regardless of what everyone else says. I should be getting a few new sets for xmas . . . Yayness!

So, I do hope this is read by a few of my old commenters. It would be nice to hear from you all again :). And I'd also like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas!

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Sorry about the absence over the past week or so. My internet did that thing where it wouldn't work! Its just about working now though! I've got a few blogs to catch up on, so bear with me.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11
TyraI really liked the premiere this year, there are some really great models, and of course some BORING ones. Firstly, Isis is amazing. She handled all the critisism, and mocking about being physically male very well. She even pulled off a stellar photo. I also love Sheena (so funny!), McKey, Marjorie and Joslyn. Nikeysha was also good aswell. Elina is soooo modelly it's not even funny. She'll go far. The others are mostly dull. Clark was a full on b*tch, as was Sharaun (Good riddance). Lauren, Hannah, Analeigh and Samantha faded into the distance. The wholle "Beam up fiercly thing" was ridiculous though! I think moving back to LA was a mistake though. I always like it in NY. Hopefully for cycle 12.

Gossip Girl Season 2
Overall, it was a good episode. But not as amazing as the promos made it out to be. I liked Blair and Chuck's banter in the episode. Its fun to watch. Jenny's outsmarting of her boss was c l a ssic. I'm not sure where the writers are planning on going this year. This episode didn't really tell me much. I am however worried that it will in fact suffer a sophmore slump.

I'm still waiting on a few more premieres, like Smallville & Ghost Whisperer.

TV General
The first part of the season 4 finale of Grey's Anatomy was good enough. Not as good as I thought it woud be though. Hopefully the final episode will be a good one. The channel it shows it on have postponed it for two weeks and have put Prison Break in its place. Bullsh*t! Dexter continues to amaze me! Every episode is better than the last. Can't wait to see how the season ends.

Buffy, WillowI've been rewatching Buffy like crazy, and loving it. I finally upgraded my VHS sets to dvd for seasons 3, 4 and 6 (already had 5), seasons 2 & 7 left and I finally have them all! Anyway, I realised how much I love the show. Season 3 is better that I remembered with some great episodes. Some I forgot about like 'Homecoming' and 'Earshot' were fantastic. Graduation Day was great as usual. Season 4 was just as fun as it usually was for me. I liked the lighter atmosphere early on in the season. The show did however have some of its best episodes this season like Hush, Restless, Primeval, and New Moon Rising.

I had my orientation day yesterday! University is a scary place. Very big! I have my first lecture on the 22nd. I'll be missing the Dexter finale :(, I'm sure I'll get over it though!

Sorry again for missing all of your blogs. I really do enjoy reading them! Have a great weekend.

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd

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As promised, I have made a whole new list! Hope you like it!

10. Lorelai & Luke - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and LukeOne of those couples that you knew would get together, but didn't know when. It was one of the highlights of the otherwise drab fourth season. Their moments together were the sweetest ever. It's funny that everyone else could see how well matched they were except Lorelai and Luke themselves. Best moment is their first kiss. Runners up are Lorlelai singing to Luke, and the proposal.

09. Syd & Vaughn - Alias
Syd & VaughnThe tension between the two during th first season is unbearable! And when they finally kissed it was such a relief. It pained me to watch them separated in the third season, and more when he "Died" in season 5. They made a great, cute couple. Their best moment was the kiss from Phase One hands down.

08. Zoe & Wash - Firefly
Wash & ZoeI love them so much. An odd couple at first, but you quickly grow to see how much they love each other, and how well suited they are too. With them calling each other 'Dear' evey five minutes, you just can't help but see how much they love each other. One of their best moments was when they first met. Who can forget that mustache!

07. Dexter & Rita - Dexter
Dex & RitaAlthough I'm a Lila fan (And I'm clearly in the minority with that!), I love Rita more. She and Dexter are perfect together. Dexter is clearly full of darkness, but so is Rita is a different way. I loved watching their relationship develop over the course of the first season. Their breakup in the season 2 was painful to watch. Their best moments together are any of those that they spend with Cody and Aster. So cute!

06. Starbuck & Lee - Battlestar Galactica
Lee & StarbuckThough not officially a couple, you know that it is inevitable. I wish they had gotten together again after their short lived night together in 'Unfinished Business'. They have had a few moments since then, but nothing major. I really want them to be together officially, so why do I have to wait this long?! I know people don't really like Lee that much, but you can't really deny that they make a hot couple! Best moment, as I've already said, their night together in 'Unfinished Business'.

05. Brennan & Booth - Bones
Brennan & BoothI'm a little behind, but I'm fairly sure they haven't gotten together yet. But it's killing me that they won't just do it, and let us all breathe! Once they do though, I fear the show will lose one of its best aspects. They have had so many great moments together, so I will never be able to pick just one! Like other couples it's only them who don't see the attraction between them. You can feel it every single scene they share together.

04. Izzie & Denny - Grey's Anatomy
Izzie and DennyThe only great couple in a show all about couple and it ended in death. Alex, no. George, God no. Denny, perfect. The writers built up their relationship so well throughout the season. It's no wonder that it attracted so many fans. Dizzie are the greatest pairing to come out of the show. The overly annoying Meredith and Derek don't even come close. It's hard to pick a best moment out of all of them, but if I had to, they would probably be Denny's proposal and Izzie's breakdown after he died, that just broke my heart ƒ¼

03. Anya & Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Anya & XandAnya and Xander went so well together, why it didn't work out really saddens me. I loved all of their moments together all up to that heartbreaking episode in season six, when Xander leaves her at the altar. I really wish she would have survived in the end, and that her and Xander were still together. I am happy things ended well before she was killed. Best moment is probably when Xander proposed in the Gift.

02. Allison & Joe DuBois - Medium
Allison & JoeThe best married couple on TV. They are written like the perfect well oiled marriage machine! Though they have had many spats over the course of the show, you just can't help but smile that they have survived it all! You can' mention them without mentioning their family as they are almost part of the couple too! Their best moments include the season 2 finale, and the very end of the season 4 finale, two very cute moments!

01. Willow & Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tara & WillI defy anyone to find a single person who dislikes this couple. So it comes as no surprise that they are the top of my list. They are romantic, beyond cute, sweet and it kills me that it never worked out. Kennedys great and all but, she certainly isn't Tara. Your heart shattered to see Willow lose her. From her first appearance, you knew Tara was the one for Willow. They had so many great moments together; the entire episode 'Family' is probably the best example. I don't even have to mention that kiss from the Body. Nobody will ever forget this TV couple. Joss, why did you end it like you did?!

Comic Book Land
I finished The Long Way Home. I have to say, though I did like it, it was a little strange at times. Not just because of the comic book format, but because the story itself was a little too "Big". I see Joss loves not having a bidget, but an army of Zombies is a little overkill. I loved that Joss has retained a lot of his trademark humour in the comics. And it was nice to see Willow, Buffy and Xander together again. The twilight plot is interesting, though it's not making a lot of sense right now. I'm sure that it will soon.

Private Practice finished this week. The season finale was as slow as the rest of the season. The only character I really liked was Violet. She was played to perfection to Amy Brenneman. The rest are quite annoying. Pete and Naomi are very wooden, very rarely showing any interesting traits. Sam falls into line with them. Dell is a silly character with hardly any place in the show. Cooper is one I actually like, he's probably my second favorite. I'm against all Charlotte King haters, she has really grown on me. A lot of the stories seemed like recycled Grey's Anatomy some of the time. I will give the show a break as the writers strike cut it short before it realised it's potential. I might return if it is shown in the summer when I have more free time!

Grey's Anatomy has climbed up my list. It's back to great episodes again. It seems with Prvate Practice off the air the show benefits! I want more Izzie though. Since she has been ignored by the writers, Cristina has overtaken her as the best character on the show. Lexie is also underused. She has to be given more than sucking up to her moaning b&tch of a sister.

I just received a new editorship for Dania Ramirez. I had submitted and hadn't gotten them sorted so must have moderated them and retired the editor. Since they seem to have been gone for a while, I decided to go for the guide. It's nice to have it since I am one of the few fans of her on Heroes.

It's been a slow week really. Not much has happened. I'm just waiting until I get an official start date for university. Ahh, scary!