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#40-nobody knows, the trouble ive seen.

Thats a total lie, just thought it would sound cool as a title :D , anyways, i guess i can make some time to come on gs every-once-in-a-while meaning at least once a week, and i will acctually try, and also, my sisters living with me now, BUT, i have a laptop so i can just go on the computer in my room now :D , well, i guess thats it for this blog, now to do crappy freschman summer homework :roll:

#39-herro dar??

hello everyone, and by everyone, i mean the people who sadly still look at this page, i havent been on for over a year, just thought id stop in and say hello...

#38- back again!

Hullo! Guess who's back (again) and this time, Im determened to visit EVERY(other)DAY(andI dont have the 2-month-flu anymore!! Ask MR. J if you want to know)!!

Anyways, i ususally wont be on on every other night, thats why i am detemened to come every other day, because i usually wont be on mondays, wedsdays, fridays, and sundays(i know, sunday and monday are next to each other).

So, expect to see me alot more ;) (and yes, i have been going on the past few days for testing)

#36- starting to make me mad

You know that Luma on Super Mario Galaxy 2, the fat purple one? Well its starting to make me mad that every time I go to talk to him he says S**T. somtimes he willbe like S************************T and others just a quick S**T. If I went parading around saying s**t to everyone who talked to me, I would get in trouble. I know Nintendo did not mean for it to be that word, mabey they wanted him to say sit or somthing, but it just sounds like s**t. There are other things in the game I think are really wrong, but im not gonna go into it. Thanks for reading this rant. ~Paggigalo~

#35-Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

Yes, I got this the first day it came out,and it was awesome!!

Good points:1. YOSHI!! 2. cooler power ups 3. easier to get Luigi 4. EVEN MORE...

Bad points: 1.The luma captain ocasionally saying s**t


heh heh heh......

yet again i say heh heh heh.... problems

2.parent been using to much


i hope you understand...

i am sorry, again...