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why do so many games I want have to come out near each other.... especially when im trying to save money for gamesday & golden demon 2010 *facedesk* seriously though! Final fantasy 13, lost planet 2, battlefeild: bad company 2, monster hunter Tri GGGAAHHHHH!!!!!! Curse you money!!!!

BTW i'm getting real sick of chain mail from people... YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING FROM SENDING ME F**KING SPAM! I honestly can't believe people are this stupid or desperate to get add-ons for their games >_>

P.S. got extra pissed off today after finding out that europe doesn't get a MH3 demo though america and canada do seeing as capcom said it was impossible to make a demo disc for america and europe :roll: once again we in europe get treated like crap to the gaming industry >_>

8005010f... or something like that :P


oh well at least i'm doing coursework cause of this lol, college has been pretty good though exam results are in two weeks and my IT classes tend to be mentally scarring goddamn lol train all that can be said about that is that which has been seen cannot be unseen XO

so how's everyone been? Cause as you can tell I'M BORED! xD

love the blue screen


my laptop recieved the blue screen of death a few weeks ago so sorry for my inactivity... and I will most likely continue this way til I can get a new one which may be a while >_> oh well hope you all had a great christmas and new year!

bah! Bloody router!

My router keeps mucking about, so now my PS3 won't connect and if it does it lasts about 5 minutes and just after I make my MGO characteroh the irony sorry ras. You'll have to wait a bit.

The weird thing is my laptop is alright o.o though I dont know why its working and myPS3 isn't... oh well now if you'll excuss me Ive gotta hit my router with a hammer

New PSN account (please read!!)

Ive made a new PSN account under the name of paelkeizah so in other words if you recieve a message from some stranger called 'paelkeizah' dont block it's me!! also if you want to add me nya sure

see ya in a week!

going to france tomorrow, at 5 in the morning for 5 days, yeash i need to get coursework done oh well, so yeah won't be active etc... too lazy to think of anything else so until saturday folks!

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