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New Dragonball z game

Well dis is a update im puttin up for those who are dragonball z fans. In v-jump magazine they have announced that there is a new Dragonball z game in development by namco bandai called Dragonball z sparkin omega and is a sequel to budokai tenkaichi 3 and while have the most chracters then any other games in the series. Just thought i share that since i just found out bout it myself so comment on your opinions on the game and what chracters you would love to see.

New to gamespot

Hello everyone my name is padraig and im from ireland and i have been a follower on gamespot for about 3 years now and finally signed up and join :D My prefered console is the PS3 and if you ever want a review of a game just message me the name of the game and if i have played it and give it a review and give it my own score from 1 to 10 and then you all can comment and give ur opinions on my reviews and put down names of others games. And since its just around the corner i might as well say cant wait for E3 even though im not going i plan to one day wonder what games will be there and what games might they relieve mabye since street fighter x tekken is finished mabye they might show a tralier for tekken x street fighter. Anyway thanks for reading :D